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  • jguys and sex

    hello!! i'm a little embarassed to write this because it's something i would never tell my friends...but since this is an anonymous goes:
    i live in the states and i've recently started a relationship with a guy from japan. he's been living in the states for about 7 years. we've been seeing each other for only about 2-3 months and have had sex a few times. i'm confident that he likes me as a person and that he finds me sexy, but we haven't had any sort of "where is this relationship headed" type talks, so the relationship is loosely defined. this is the way i prefer things to be. i hate getting all bogged down in thoughts about whether it's going to result in marriage or serious commitment or anything like that. i prefer to live in the moment.
    i'm a little disappointed in the amount of foreplay involved in the sex. now, i don't complain too much because i do actually cum when we have sex--it's just that it's not really through any special effort on his part. his ____ just happens to be shaped perfectly to hit my g-spot. he seems to be uber-excited to play with my breasts, but it doesn't seem to occur to him to touch any other part of my body. i know that he's concerned about me having an orgasm, because he asks before he cums. but i'm just not sure what's up with this.
    i know that at some point, i'm going to have to address it, because i'll eventually get bored. but i'm not sure where it's coming from...and i feel that there are different ways of talking about it based on whether it's say, a japanese cultural thing vs. him just being clueless.
    i hate stereotyping and generalizations, but was wondering if any girls who have had sex with jguys have experienced something similar? i thought that perhaps it was a cultural thing in the way that jguys learn to have sex. comments please?

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    Re: jguys and sex

    where is the bent ____man when u need a definitive response????


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      Re: jguys and sex

      In my experience, Japanese men pay a lot more attention to foreplay than western guys. But as with any relationship, after the initial excitement of the first time, you'll get less attention paid to it- unless you speak up and TELL him about it. It's not a cultural thing, it's a guy thing. (^^) Be assertive and you'll get what you want. Or, go out and find a guy who will give it to you.


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        Re: jguys and sex

        You mean driving back to her place isn't foreplay?!!
        Just kidding


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          Re: jguys and sex

          the jguys ive been involved with..lets see theres only two, a one night stand and my now serious boyfriend. my boyfriend is the best....i think it depends on your relationship. if your relationship is based on sex and just a friendship thing then intimate things that involve feelings might get brushed over a little... just get to the sex...?


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            Re: jguys and sex

            You need to use a finer fishing line.

            Your current fishing line is too thick and the fish can see it. That is why he only nibbles at the meat and doesnt bite the whole lure.


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              Re: jguys and sex

              ..."a cultural thing in the way that jguys learn to have sex".

              ..."his ____ just happens to be shaped perfectly to hit my g-spot".

              They don't just "learn" lady. Nothing "just happens". We here at "The Brockman School of Coital Transmission" gotta get em' trained up.

              Your jguy was one of our many graduates. I have his transcripts right here in front of me. C+ student. (Closet Harmatophobian if you ask me...)

              Oh, and by the way, sorry but the office twerp that lolls about here next to the "madogiwa" has taken the archipelago-sized liberty of using your ISP to run a trace on "jguy" and has enrolled him in some more classes. It is for the best. You'll thank us later.

              Not many places left for next semester's courses...
              Leaky Transmissions, Alibi's and Safe Havens 101 (Course materials included; 25 sqm of polyprolylene sheeting)
              Braycubian Muntery: A Case Study.(Course materials included; ONE 3-minute hourglass)
              704 Throatlocks with Dr Phil (Course materials included; "704 Throatlocks with Dr Phil" text)
              Agenobiosis Embezzlement 101.
              Power Violence: Respect through Fear 101 (A waiting list longer than Augusta's...hey, this IS Japan you know?)
              Advanced Axillism Incorporating Barosmian Teachings 101. (Course materials included; ONE Gillette speedstick and ONE 44 gallon drum of formaldehyde)
              Homilophilian Denial; An Oedipal Overview 303
              Intermediate Toggle-Pulling 201
              Coprolasagna: Breakfast of Champions 101

              Shannon, the root (pardon the pun) of your problems lies in the painful truth do I break this to you gently...well...your jguy..he.. he's a ..a Furtlist (references noted below). I`m sorry. Knowledge is the key to understanding this (very) peculiar malady.

              Studio handwriting/forensics analysts came up with these diagnosi (made up word) for other gaijijpotters-

              Phil... or should I say"Philthy Phil" HyperPhiliac.
              Westsan aka Jack Gagger the Pareunasthenian! Outed!
              Shonai Ben: Displays all the classic symtoms of a chronic Iantronudian. Fair jumps off the page.
              Wang: System meltdown! Matched up with no less than 15% of the following afflictions/fetishes. Hell, some of them didn't even have names before he put a face to them...

              Acomoclitic - Preference for hairless genitals
              Acrophilia - Arousal from heights and high altitudes
              Adultery or Extramarital Sex - Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than his/her lawful spouse
              Agalmatophilia - Arousal from statues or mannequins
              Agenobiosis - Married couple that consent to live together without sex
              Agonophilia - A person who is arousedby their partner pretending to struggle
              Agoraphilia - Sexual arousal from open spacesor having sex in the public
              Agrexophilia - Sexual arousal from others knowing you are having sex
              Albutophilia - Arousal from water
              Algophilia - Sexual arousal from experiencing pain
              Aliphineur - Person using lotion or other ointment to arouse partner
              Alloerasty - Use of nudity of another person to arouse partner
              Allopellia - having a orgasm from watching other people in sexual activites
              Allorgasmia - Sexual arousal from fantasising about someone other than your partner
              Allotriorasty - Sexual arousal from partners of different nationalities or races
              Alphamegamia - Sexual arousal from partner of a differnt age group
              Altocalciphilia - High heel fetish
              Alvinolagnia - Stomach fetish
              Amatripsis - Masterbation by rubbing labia together
              Amaurophilia - Prefered to be blindfolded or preference for a blind sexual partner
              Amomaxia - Sex in a parked car
              Amelotasis - Sexual attraction to a absence of a limb
              Amychesis - Scratching partner during sex
              Anasteemaphilia - Attraction to shorter or taller partners
              Androgyny - Having both male and female characteristics
              Androminetophilia - Sexual arousal from female partners whom dress like a male
              Androsodomy - anal sex with a male partner
              Anililagnia - arousal from a older female partner
              Anisonogamist - attraction to either older or younger partners
              Amommaxia - Sex in a parked car
              Anomeatia - Anal sex with a female partner
              Anorgasmy, Macrophallus - Large _____
              Antholagnia - Arousal from smelling flowers
              Anthropophagy - Sexual gratification from consumption of human flesh or blood
              Apotemnophilia - Sexual arousal from someone whom has lost a limb
              Arachnephilia - Arousal from Spiders
              Asthenolagnia - Sexual arousal from being humiliated or from weakness
              Autogynephilia - Sexual arousal from crossdressing
              Automysophilia - Arousal from being dirty or defiled
              Avisodomy - breaking the neck of a bird while penetrating it for sex
              Axillism - _____ penetrating an arm pit
              Barosmia - Arousal from smell
              Basoexia - Arousal from kissing
              Belonephilia - Arousal from use of needles
              Bestiality - Sexual relations between a human and a nonhuman animal
              Bigynist - Sex between one male and two females
              Bihari Surgery - Cutting the ligament above the _____ to make it appear longer
              Bisexualism - Find a member of both sexes erotic
              Bivirist - Sex between one female and two males
              Blastolania - Person aroused by younger females
              Botulinonia - using a sausage as a dildo
              Bouginonia - Female masturbation with the aid of a dildo or other objects that stretch the vagina
              Brachioprotic Eroticism - A deep form of fisting where the arm enter the anus
              Braycubia - Slow movement during penetration
              Candalagnia - Spouse who watches partner have sex with someone else
              Capnogalia - Arousal from watching others smoke
              Catamites - young gay male lovers
              Cataphilist - A male submitting to a female
              Cathterophilia - Sexual arousal from instering a catheters
              Chezolagnia - masterbating while defecating
              Choreophilia - Dancing oneself to orgasm
              Chrematistophilia - Person aroused by having to pay for sex
              Cicatrization - Scarring
              Clitoridectomy - Surgical removal of the clitoris
              Coitobalnism - Sexual intercourse in a bath tub
              Coitolimia - A very tremendous sexual drive
              Coitophobia - Fear of sexual intercourse
              Coitus a Mammilla - Penetration of _____ between the breasts
              Coitus a Unda - Sex or sex games in water
              Coitus Intrafermoris - Penetration between legs
              Colobosis - Castration of the _____
              Coprolalia - Sexual excitement from hearing obscene language
              Coprolagnia - Sexual excitement derived from eating excrement
              Coprophillia - Sexual excitement associated with the act of defecation
              Concubinage - Use of female slaves as sex partners or living with sex partner without being married
              Coprography - writing obscene words or phrases, usually in public toilets
              Contrasexism - Compulsion to have the body surgically and hormonally changed to that of the opposite sex
              Cratolagnia - Arousal from strenght of partner
              Crurofact - Leg fetish
              Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Aniilingus, Contrectation - Sexual foreplay
              Cyprieunia - Sex with a prostitute
              Dacylagnia - Arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner
              Dame de voyage - Dolls designed for gentail penetration
              Defecolagnia - Arousal from Defecation
              Defilement - Arousal from seeing partner or self becoming dirty or wet
              Dendrophilia - Arousal from tree or fertility worship of them
              Depilation - Shaving, waxing, or other types of hair removal
              Dermagraphism - marks left on the skin of a partner by biting, scratching or sucking
              Dermaphilia - Sexual stimulas from the skin
              Deviance - Practice that deviates from the majority of society
              Doraphilia - Arousal from animal fur, leather, or skin
              Dysmorphophilia - Arousal from deformed or physically impared partners
              Ecdemolagnia - Arousal from traveling or bing away from home
              Ecdyosis - Arousal from removing clothing in front of other people
              Ecouteurism - Listening to others having sex without consent
              Ederacinism - Tearing out of the sex organs by the roots in a frenzy
              Electrophilia - Arousal from electrical stimulas
              Endytophilia - Arousal from partners who are clothed
              Entomophilia - Arousal from insects or using them in sex play
              Eonism - Cross dressing
              Episioclisia - Suturing of the Labia Majore
              Eproctolagniac - Person aroused by flatulence
              Erotophobia - Fear of sexual love
              Erotica, Pornography - Literature or art that is intended to arouse the sexual nature
              Exhibitionism - Exposure of the genitals to a person whom has not asked for such a display
              Felching - sucking semen out of the vagin or anus
              Fetish - Sexual arousal from inanimate objects
              Flagellation - Sexual excitement associated with the act of whipping or being whipped
              Flatuphilia - Arousal from having a partner pass gass
              Floritine Gridle - Chastity belt
              Formicophilia - Sex play with ants
              Fretrilagnia - Arousal from having sex with one's brother
              Frotteurism or Frottage - Sexual excitement obtained by rubbing against fully clothed body of another person
              Furtling - The use of fingers underneath cut-outs in the genital areas of photos for arousal
              Galateism - Sexual attraction to statues
              Gamophobia - Fear of marriage
              Gendolama - The use of sexual fantasies to hasten orgasm
              Genuphallation - Inserstion of _____ between knees of a partner
              Gerontophilla - Sexual arousal from sex with the elderly
              Godemiche - Dildo in the sahpe of a _____ with scrotum used for masterbation
              Gomphipothic - Arousal by the sight of teeth
              Graphelagnia - Arousal from photographs or nudity or sex
              Graophilia - Arousal from a older partner
              Gregomulcia - Arousal from being fondled in a crowd
              Gymnophilia - Arousal from nudity
              Gymnocryptosis - Females talking about their sex life of their husbands
              Gynelophilous - Arousal from pubic hair
              Gynemimetophilia - Person aroused by a male impersonating a female
              Haptosis - Non-consensual sexual touching
              Harmatophobia - Fear of sexual incompetence or making a mistake
              Harpaxophilia - Arousal from being robbed
              Hedonism - Act of indulging in pleasure
              Hedralingus - Licking someones anus
              Hemerotism - Fantasizing about sex
              Hemotigolagnia - Arousal from bloody sanitary pads
              Heterophilia - Arousal from members of the opposite sex
              Hierophilia - Arousal from sacred objects
              Hirutophilia - Arousal from armpit hair
              Hodophilia - Arousal from traveling
              Homilophilia - Arousal from giving or hearing sermons
              Homosexuality - Erotic feelings for members of the same sex
              Hybristophilia - Love of somone whom has commited a crime
              Hygrophilia - Arousal from body fluids
              Hymenoclasis - Surgical defloration of a virgin
              Hyperphilia - Compulsive desire for sex
              Iantronudia - Arousal from exposing oneself to a physician
              Iconolagny - Arousal from pictures or statues of nude people
              Idiosyncrat - Compulisve desire for sex
              Idrophrodisia - Arousal from the odor of perspiration, especially from the genitals
              Infantilism - Cross dressing as a young child for sex play
              Infibulation - Sexual pleasure derived from mutation of one's own genitals
              Insufflation - Blowing air into a body cavity
              Intergenerational - Sex between partners with 20+ years age difference
              Ipserotic - Narcissism
              Irrumation - Fellatio
              Ischolagny - Avoiding members of the opposite gender to avoid arousal
              Jack Gagger - A husband that procures men to pay for sex with his wife
              Jactitation - Those who become aroused from talking to others about their own sexual exploits
              Juvenilism - Dressing or acting out the role of a Juvenile, sometimes sexual
              Kegal Exercises - Exercise of the pelvis muscles that control orgasm
              Kleptolagnia - Arousal from stealing
              Klismaphilia - Sexual gratification associated with giving or getting enemas
              Knismolagnia - Arousal from Tickling
              Kokigami - The wrapping of the _____ in a paper costume
              Kolpeuryntomania - Streching of the Vagina
              Lactaphilia - Arousal from lactating breasts
              Lagnocolysis - Celibacy
              Lagnlalia - Discussion of sexual objects or subjects
              Lagnoperissia - Nymphomania
              Leptosadism - Mild form of sadism
              Lygerastia - Tendency to be only aroused in darkness
              Macrogenitalism - Arousal from large genitals
              Maieusiophilia - Arousal from pregant women
              Mammagymnophilia - Arousal from female breasts
              Manuxorate - A male using his hand to masturbate
              Maritate - A female masturbating alone
              Martymachlia - Group sex
              Maschalophilous - Sexual Arousal from armpits
              Masochism - Sexual gratification from enduring pain
              Mastix - Female Sadist
              Masofact - Breast fetish
              Matrincest - Sexual action with one's mother
              Matronolagnia - Sexual arousal from a older female partner
              Mazoperosis - Mutilation of breasts
              Mazophallate - Rubbing the _____ between breasts
              Medolalia - Talking about the _____
              Melolagnia - Sexual arousal from music
              Menophilist - Arousal from menstrating women
              Merinthophilia - Sexual arousal from being bound
              Microphallus - Small _____
              Miscegenation - Sex between races
              Mixoscopia - Sexual pleasure derived from seeing others in coitus
              Moriaphilia - Arousal from telling sexual jokes
              Morphophilia - Arousal from a person with a different physique
              Mysophilia - Sexual interest in filth ; Coprophillia, Klismaphilia, and Urophilia are all forms of this
              Nanophilia - Sexual attraction to a short partner
              Nasophilia - Nose fetish
              Naphephilia - Arousal from being touched or touching
              Narcissism - Self love
              Narratophilia - A person who is aroused by discussing sex with others
              Nasolingus - Arousal from sucking the nose of a partner
              Necrochlesis - Sex with a female corpse
              Necrophilia - Sexual gratification from sex with the dead
              Neophilia - Arousal from novelty or change
              Niddah - Abstaining from sex 1/3 of the time to create arousal during rest of the month
              Nomavalent - Arousal from traveling to new places, usualy impotent at home
              Normophilia - Those only aroused by acts considered normal by their religion or society
              Nosolagnia / Nosophilia - Arousal from knowing partner has a terminal illness
              Nudomania - Sexual arousal from nudity
              Nympholepsy - Trance state induced by erotic fantasies
              Nymphotomy - Removal of the inner labia
              Ochlophilia - Arousal from being in a crowd
              Oculophilia - Eye fetish
              Oculolictus - Licking a partner's eyeball
              Odaxelangnia - Sexual arousal from biting
              Odontophilia - Tooth fetish
              Oedipus Complex - Desire to have sex with the parent of the opposite sex
              Olisbos - Dildos
              Omolagnia - Sexual arousal from nudity
              Onanism - Withdrawing the _____ from the vagina before ejaculation
              Ondinisme - Arousal from urine
              Oneiropornism - Dreaming about sex
              Ophidiophilia - Arousal from snakes
              Ordune - Arousal from photographs of sex
              Organofact - Fetish for some part of the body
              Osculocentric - Arousal from kissing
              Osphresiolagnia - Sexual arousal from rank odors
              Pageism - A Male submitting to a Female
              Paraphilia - Sexual arousal in response to unusual objects or situations
              Parascopism - Voyeurism, like through bedroom windows
              Pareunasthenia - compulsive desire for sex
              Parthenophilia - Sexual desire for virgins
              Parthenos - Virgin
              Partialism - Excessive interest in only one part of the body such as feet, eyes, lips, ankles, buttocks, etc ...
              Patrolagnia - Sex with one's own Father
              Pecattiphilla - Sexual arousal from sinning
              Pediophilia - Sexual arousal from dolls
              Pedophilla - Sexual arousal from young children
              Phallolalia - Talking about penises
              Phallophilia - Large _____ fetish
              Philemanmania - Compulsion to kiss
              Phlebotomy - Arousal from bloodletting
              Phobophilia - Arousal from Fear or Hate
              Phygephilia - Sexual arousal from being a fugitive
              Pictophilia - Arousal from pictures, movies or video with a sexual object
              Picquerism - Sexual gratification from repeated stabbings or woundings of another person
              Pluralism - Sexual deviations in which groups of people participate in sexual activities ; sexual orgies
              Podophilia - Arousal from feet
              Polyandry - One wife with multible husbands
              Polygamy - One person with multible marrge partners
              Polygyny - One person with multible wives
              Polyiterophilia - Arousal only after having sex with a series of partners
              Polymorphous - Having several forms of arousal techniques
              Pompoir - Vaginal muscle control that masturbates the _____ when inserted
              Promiscuity - Indiscriminate sexual relations ( in female it is called Nymphomania, and in male it is called satyriasis)
              Prostitution - Exchange of sex for money or other goods in the absence of feelings of love or affection
              Psycholagny - Orgasm induced from psychic or mental stimulation
              Psychrophilia - Arousal from being cold
              Psychrotentiginous - Arousal from cold weather
              Pubephilia - Arousal from Pubic hair
              Pudendacure - Pubic dressing for females
              Pygmalianism - Sex with statues, dolls, or mannequins
              Pygophilemania - Arousal from kissing buttocks
              Pygophilia - Arousal from coming in contact with buttocks
              Pygotripsis - Arousal from rubbing buttocks
              Pyrophilia - Arousal from fire
              Queening - Sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of bondage
              Raptophilia - Arousal from only raping a victim
              Renifleur - Person aroused the smell of urine or by sniffing underwear
              Retifism - A person that has a shoe fetish
              Rhabdophilia - Arousal from being flagellated
              Rimming - Penetration of the anus with the tounge
              Robotism - Attraction to or use of robots in sex play
              Sadism - Sexual gratification from inflicting pain on others
              Salirophilia - Person ingesting human sweat or saliva
              Sapphosadism - Lesbian Sadism
              Sarmassophilia - Arousal from kneading flesh
              Scopophilia - Arousal from being stared at oneself
              Scoptolagnia - Arousal from seeing the genitals of the opposite sex
              Scoptolagnia - Arousal from looking at sexually stimulating scenes
              Selgolalia - Telling stories that include sex
              Sex Surrogates - People who are trained to help people overcome sexual dysfuntions
              Sexautism - Tendency to be preoccupied with sexual thoughts
              Sexologists - People who study the science of sex
              Sexoschizia - Bi-sexual
              Siderodromophilia - Arousal from trains
              Siphnianize - Anal Masturbation
              Sitophilia - Arousal from food
              Sleeping Princess Syndrome - Arousal from those that are sleeping or appears to be asleep
              Sodomy - Any sex act regarded as unnatural or abhorrent
              Somnophilia - Fondling strangers in their sleep
              Sororilagnia - Sex with one's own sister
              Sotadism - Anal sex
              Sounding - Insertion of an object into the urethra
              Spectrophilia - Either coutis in spirits or arousal from a image in mirrors
              Spermatophoba - Fear of semen loss
              Statuophilia - Sexual attraction to statues
              Sthenolagnia - Arousal demonstration of strengh or muscles
              Stigmatophilia - Sexual attraction from a partner whom is stigmatized ('s, piercings, scars)
              Strabismus - Arousal from eyes of partner
              Stupprator - Man who is aroused by virgins
              Subincision - cutting part of the glans _____ from the tip toward the base
              Suturing - Stiching flesh together
              Swinging - group sex or wife swapping
              Sybian - A vibrating dildo that sits atop of an object that resembles a saddle
              Symphorophilia - Arousal from arranging a disaster
              Syntribate - Rubbing thighs together to masturbate
              Tachorgasmia - Premature Ejaculation
              Tantalolagnia - Arousal from teasing
              Tantra - Sexual Yoga type discipline
              Taphephilia - Arousal from being buried alive
              Tea Room - Slang term for restrooms used for fellatio
              Teledildonics - Arousal from computer sex games
              Telephone Scatologia - Obscene telephone calls
              Teratophallic - Large penises
              Thalpotentiginy - Arousal from heat
              Thesauromania - Compulsion to collect objects or clothing belonging to females
              Thlipsosis - Arousal from pinching others
              Thygatria - Sex between father and daughter
              Timophilia - Sexual arousal from gold or wealth
              Tithiolagnia - Having a orgasm while nursing
              Toucheurism - Touching a stranger for arousal
              Tragolimia - Compulsive desire for sex regardless of attraction of partner
              Transgenderism - Cross dressing
              Transsexualism - Gender identity at odds with sex category
              Transvestophilia - Arousal from cross dressing
              Traumaphilia - Arousal from wounds or trauma
              Tribadism - Lesbianism : sex by rubbing
              Triborgamia - Wife who masturbates her husband
              Trichophilia - Hair fetish
              Tripsolagnia - Arousal from having hair shampooed
              Tripsophilia / Tripsolagnophilia - Arousal from massage
              Troilism - Arousal from being third party in a sex scene
              Undinism - Arousal from water
              Uranism - Arousal from someone of the same sex
              Urolagnia - Sexual excitement from urine or act of urination
              Urtication - The use of nettles to create extra sensation
              Vampirism - Consuming blood of a partner for arousal
              Vertugadin - Large hooped skirts that also act as chastity devices
              Vicarphilia - Arousal from other peoples exciting experiences
              Victorian Lace - Sexual disipline using crossdressing as punishment
              Vincilagnia - Arousal from bondage
              Virimimism - Adoption of masculinity
              Voyeurism - Sexual gratification from seeing people in the nude or in acts of sexual intercourse
              Water Sports - The use of urine for arousal
              Waxing - Removal of body hair by a sticky substance applied to a strip laid against haid and pulled off
              Weight Training - The use of hanging weights on the genitals for arousal
              Whipping - Striking or flagellating a partner for sensory enhancement
              Wife swapping - Exchanging spouses with another couple for sexual purposes
              Worship - Reverence of an object or a person
              Wrestling - A physical struggle between two or more people, used as sexual arousal by some
              Xenodynamic - Person who is only potent with strangers
              Xenolimia / Xenophilia - Arousal from strangers
              Yoni Worship - Worship of the female genitals
              Yosiwara - Japanese prostitutes
              Zelophilia - Arousal from jealousy
              Zoophilia / Zooerasty / Zoophilia - Sexual excitement from excessive fondness of animals
              Zwischenstufe - Arousal from a person of the same sex


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                Re: jguys and sex

                Ok, I did a "Ctrl ALL" right click "Copy". I just had to save your references noted ! Oh, where do you get all the info! ( I hope you do not mind)?

                Nice Read!


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                  Re: jguys and sex

                  ...Oh, just a few randon words that popped up in conversation around the studio...

        , they came from here -

                  Your final exam will require you write a fictional/non-fictional work using each and every word in the list.


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                    Re: jguys and sex

                    Oh no, final exam! Let`s see what I can come up with! It may take a while! LOL! Keep it coming, thank you for the link!

                    : )


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                      Re: jguys and sex

                      They missed "buggery".

                      Haha, look it up. It's one of my least favorite subjects, but it's absence was conspicuous.


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                        Re: jguys and sex

                        So, Confused, after all these highly informative posts, are you more confused than when you started?


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                          Re: jguys and sex

                          Brockman, you have way too much time on your hands.


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                            Re: jguys and sex

                            A subliminal attempt to stimulate my long dormant phobophilian side?

                            Your tantalolagnian taunts...pah! Consider your subscription to "Hemotigolagnians Weekly" CANCELLED.

                            Time? Hands? My life has been reduced to intervals between Teledildonics and the ensuing Syntribation. Nothing peculiar about that.

                            You sound like a "closet" phygephilian. GET IN MY WELL. After 3 months you'll be so horny we can do the "Ederacinist Horizontal Shimmy".

                            YEAH, BABY!


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                              Re: jguys and sex

                              With all those hobbies, I'm sure the Brockman has more than time on his hands.

                              I've got one they missed: 'Coprophagism', the arousal from eating turds.