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Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gaijin guys, Gaijin girls whichever! Of any shape, size, They think they are so much DAMN better than the Japanese.

    * So much more handsome or beautiful !?
    * So much more better eye color & hair !?
    * So much more equipped with a better passport !?
    * So much more better bodies (boobs, ass, schlongs, you name it) !?

    God's gift to the Japanese. Right?

    It really does not bother me... but I do wonder/suspect that it leads to too much OVERCONFIDENCE amongst gaijin.

    There are 2 points to consider w/in this topic:::::

    * One) It only makes them a worse (but arrogant) loser than they were in the first place.

    * Two) If they would ever stop to consider their Japanese lovers could find Japanese partners WAY better looking and otherwise endowed than they ever could be in their bloated self inflated minds.

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    Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    errrr... you are over generalizing 'gaijin'. I am a 'gaijin' and I have black hair..
    wtf are you talking about?


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      Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I didnt say what color hair.
      wtf are you talking about??

      You dont have to be blond to be a smug pug.


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        Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Have I found you making inflammatory posts for the sake of it? Again? With shoddy grammar too?


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          Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Stop trolling, westsan. Or at least use better bait.


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            Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

            You guys are so blind to the real meaning behind this post.
            This may be the most important issue yet -- for the sake of gaijin.

            The grammar misuse was intentional.


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              Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I think some gaijin seem arrogant because of insecurity, or because they really don't understand what is going on around them a lot of the time, and feel they have to brazen it out by putting on a super-confident pose. I know this because I used to do it a lot. Now I'm more relaxed, and don't feel that I have to be on top of things all the time. It took a few years, though.

              It is very tiresome when some people can't get over themselves, though.


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                Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                I agree with Lisa
                westsan, i can kinda understand what you are trying to say but you came off too harsh but maybe a different choice of words would get your point across.


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                  Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Sorry, westsan, i think you'd be hard-pressed to find any ___ that is better looking and endowed than yours truly Luke wrote:


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                    Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    Psychologically it`s an attempt (any conceited remarks) to boost self esteme back up to normal from living with the daily ostracization of foreigners in Japan.

                    For example: I was on a packed train yesterday with seats on either side of me and no one would sit next to me. I was just out of the shower, reading a book and in work clothes. The night before I stopped my good friends house with him to pick up his surfboard and he told me to wait in the car because he thought the shock of `meeting a gaijin` would be too much for them. I had to wait in the CAR!!! This is a buddy that I have know for four years and have been traveling overseas with. It doesn`t feel good.

                    This is glimps into my life as a foreigner in Japan. You gotta take the good with the bad.

                    But yes..... There are some guys who come here (SOME GUYS!!) who are popular for the first time in their lives and take advantage of this.



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                      Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      who cares?
                      this is the same back and forth crap.
                      both sides are true.
                      and gaijin doesn't mean white.
                      often it's the image conjured up, but hell, the vast majority of nonjapanese in this country are asian, and thus they don't stand out until they talk.
                      you get what you give and you give what you get,
                      there are chodes among both the natives and the non


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                        Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        JEV:My experiences in trains in Japan is the opposite for example when i have been on a train in Japan. Japanese people(boys and girls) often(10 or 11 times) just started talking to me, at first i was think that they are really strange but sometimes they turned out to be good people and then friends. One time i was in the train with girlfriend(japanese) on our way to her home and then this middle aged japanese guy just started talking(in english) to me like asking me where am i from? am i having a good time in japan? etc... you should have seen the look on my girlfriends anyway when we got her home towns train station she asked me what the hell was he going on about? etc... she said that is was really strange.

                        I must say i have had more negative experiences with gaijin in Japan than Japanese, for example when a gaijin see's me with my girlfriend or 1 of my japanese female friends in the train they often move to another car or if its on the street they just ignore me and keep going.

                        I agree with some of the things westsan was trying to say but this is how i see it( i might be wrong so correct me if im wrong)

                        1) gaijin men once they get 1 japanese girl they think are a stud and really handsome and can get any japanese girl they want(seen happen many times) but this is often just dream BUT for some guys it might be true.
                        2)its quite funny for me sometimes hearing gaijin going on about how they think they know everything about japanese girls(seen it on this website) but the truth of the matter is none of us know everything that includes me(meaning i dont know everything about japanese girls)
                        3)some gaijin men are tall and that is not common in Japan but when a japanese girl(or group of japanese girls) starts touching them and laugh alot about what the gaijin is says the gaijin thinks the japanese girl must love him BUT some girls do this to be friendly not to pick you up. i often had trouble thinking is she just being friendly or trying to pick me up how about you?
                        4) when i got to Japan last year, at first i lived in a guest house where i met many gaijin and japanese. I was amazed at how many gaijin came to Japan just to get a girlfriend and had no other reasons.

                        Sorry about my grammar.


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                          Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Hey JohnJ,

                          "This back and forth crap"...........
                          It`s called a conversation. Join it or not; your choice.


                          I agree with you. I have had some good chats on the train as well and have been here for two and a half years. I find that people are much more conservative here in the smaller cities. I have trouble telling if a girl likes me or not, but I`m at the stage where I`d rather wait for someone perfect for me. Who sees me as a person. Not this `us` and `them` stuff from either side. It`s stupid.

                          I think what we need to address here is the `Gaijin guy phenomenon`. O.k. I might raise a few hairs here but this is how I see it. The average Japanese Woman is better looking than the average Western Woman. But, with Western Women you get more of the extremes. There are more hot Western Women and not so nice women than Asian Women. With the hotter ones, yes, you get the big boobs but then you get them big ole booties too.

                          And finally, as far as the _____ issue which Westsan started us off with, I have never had so many strangers walk up to me and ask me about my sex life and _____ size as I have in Japan. I`ve been here for almost three years. I love it here. But it`s NOT ME who`s got the infatuation with MY Johnson.
                          "Oh, you American? You have big _____, yes?" I been asked more than a few times and even molest a couple times, by men, in broad freakin` daylight. Just the facts.


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                            Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            cuz they're insecure dorks. they let that "kakoi" & "kirei" **** get to their head, and THEN get pissed off when they see someone who might be any form of competition to that.
                            f'***in losers. I can't even count how many gaijin pricks i've tried to be friendly to in bars that see me more as a threat than just a dude tryin to have a couple of drinks and a few laughs. it's weird ****. they see me as a threat eventhough i would never try to pick up the same girls they're tryin for. only if everyone knew that i only go after girls with a licker-license maybe we could all just get a long!


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                              Re: Gaijin think they are so DAMN Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              i totally agree with you but a little harsh on the language dude!