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Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

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  • Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

    I went out to a large disco last night and I realized that
    Japanese girls are for the most part better accessorized than
    they are cute.

    * Push-up bra's
    * Ass-up jeans and panties
    * Tons of make up and sparker
    * Psychedelic make up colors and glitter
    * Glue on their eyes to make them *pachiri* (open wider)
    * Trippy dress-up fashion with major accessories
    * High heels up the ying-yang
    * Tight ass clothing

    Sure it may be better than the average gaijin chicks in Tokyo
    (well maybe not better than the Russian chicks ) but.. it is
    all fake

    The wake up after reality is:

    * The titties are never what they appear to be stuffed with waterbeds and underpads, etc.
    * The ass is just a sag flat bone gone once she steps out of
    her jeans

    * The skin is all spotted with dark spots and nasty moles
    * Not even half as cute with normal colors and no glitter
    * Eyes may seem big and cute but they are all overly curled,
    overly painted, eyebrow-less slits
    * Take them out of their clothes and they are flat as a tree
    * short
    * Even soft blubber looks good in tight clothing

    The truth is they are never *that cute* just
    [extremely] well accessorized !!

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    Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??


    I have read all your posts and I've bitten my lip........until now.
    Why do you have so much resentment towards Japan and everything you come into contact with here? If its not ugly women, its terrible architecture, money grabbing and selfish wives to name a few, its some else.
    Liviing in Japan is not perfect I know but wherever you live you have to make comprimises. If you are unwilling to do that then you should go back home country where I am sure life is not as pleasant.
    Stop putting up absolute s"""e on this forum. You may think you are a laugh but believe me, you ain't.



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      Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

      CU my sentiments exactly,but ____e isn't harsh enough.____ off back to la la land westy and choke your chook to death there loser.


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        Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

        It is just a topic ladies and gentlemen.

        Consider this:
        Your on topic opinion to the contrary of the opinion expounded above would serve much better to negate the negativity.

        Do not assume that I actually believe what is written here or anywhere.

        Let me give you a hint about life (that I live by):
        Anything you hear is probably Bull____.
        Anything you see is 50% Bull____.

        Anything you read on the internet is absolute crap
        ...until you check it out yourself.
        So leave me the F alone and ebb with the flow.


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          Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

          i think u r a VERY confused young man who needs some help as i have stated previously.nothing i have read here recently would persuade me otherwise.get a life.


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            Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

            The question is......
            Are you cute?
            Why don't you show us a photo of yourself so we can scrutinize you. Should be


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              Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

              I think Westsans postings create a lot of great discussions...and some even more entertaining name callings!

              Many times when I was over in Japan I would argue with my male co-workers (who were constantly going ga-ga over the girls) "It's all fake you know! Take them back home, spend a day on the beach swimming and you'll see all the beauty stripped away in front of your very eyes! You're being fooled!"...but then that just made me seem bitter and resentful (who me?? nah!!)

              But I think I enjoy looking at the J-Girls more than what the guys do. They're like a walking piece of artwork, and I can appreciate how much effort they put into their appearance. I just hope they also put as much effort into improving their mind.


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                Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                CU and Andrew, loosen up a bit men......!

                Sure, Westsan does write some drivel but don't tell us you don't read his posts - of course you do. Come on, admit it.

                Westsan is almost like a one-man marketing department for GaijinPot and you know it.

                Let's assume that the majority of people using this board have more than enough braincells to separate the bad apples from the good. It's not hard - you believe what you want to believe (according to what you already know) and just (mentally) throw away the rest.

                Water off a duck's back!

                Sure, Japan isn't perfect - what country is?

                At the very least, Westsan's words are opening up some eyes to his reality (whether Westsan's reality is close to reality is another story) but he - just like you - are entitled to place their opinions on this board.


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                  Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                  I think he is actually admitting his own faults. He apparently fell for a fake jwoman ok well accessorized. He picked the wrong reason for marrying. He liked what he saw initially but he truly doesn't love her. It is a pity. Why don't you just get out before it is too late? It is apparent with your posting that you treat her like ****. The best thing you could do is admit to your wife that you aren't suited for each other. Let her meet someone that will truly love her and accept her fully and maybe the same can happen to you.


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                    Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                    I have a one line explenation to the original post that i believe sums this all up...

                    "You don't sell the steak; you sell the sizzle"


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                      Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                      Just to clear the air I think J-girls the best at accessorizing. I think they have surpassed even LA chicks thanks to their ultra-cosmopolitan culture. Even w/o this I think they are beautiful but the truth is there are lots J-chicks that are just doctored up. to look as good as they do.

                      > "You don't sell the steak; you sell the sizzle"

                      I was at this club the other night and the J-chicks were awesome.
                      It was definetely feeling like Benihana's! (^E^)


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                        Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                        I think the analysis of Westsan is correct.

                        I know some Japanese girls who spend 3 hours of their lives every day to make up (and maybe approximately the same time to take off the massive amount of powder). If they read an English book every day for the same time they will speak perfect English and then most of you on this board will not have a job.

                        CU, Andrew, please leave Westsan to voice his opinion freely. I enjoy his posts.


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                          Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                          I enjoy Westsan's Japanese women bashing. It makes me laugh, because most men are fooled by the good packaging and the demure demeanor. Look at Japanese culture-packaging is everything. How long does it take to get your Big Mac wrapped up at McDonald's? Why should the women be any different? The funny thing is that when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, my friends in the US, both female AND male, used to make fun of me for being "too girly" and ladylike, and spending what they felt was too much time on my appearance-doing my makeup, hair, and nails, caring about my clothes, etc. While I still try to look nice, I've lightened up considerably on the beauty routine, mostly because I don't want to get up two or three hours before work. Now, however, I'm in a country where western men exalt the women who do the same as they used to criticize me for doing. Go figure! I think looking nice is great, but it's not the only thing to which women should aspire. How about being an intelligent person, or at least a nice one?


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                            Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                            We've got to keep these gaijin on their toes and acute!


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                              Re: Are J-girls cute??? ... or just well accessorized??

                              Lots of people complaining for some reason about Westsan's post but it is just a simple, a) I agree with the comment, b) I disagree with the comment or c) I agree with some parts and disagree with others.

                              So getting back on track; just from simple observation, I agree that J-girls are accessorized very, very well. And for the most part, look great doing it. They might be in debt, but as they say (whoever "they "are?) Fashion Hurts.

                              Regarding bra sizes, I personally don't favor one over the other, but I would like to see the approximate size you are, when I meet you. Some of the most beautiful women are smaller cup sizes eg. Kate Moss, but they don't wear a padded 88cm bra. Be proud and confident of what you have. Confidence is the most important thing. It should be anyway.

                              So there is my little contribution to get this post flowing smoothly again.

                              Have a good day.