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Is Westsan Japanese

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  • Is Westsan Japanese

    Maybe I missed this fact in the past but I read something he wrote that made me think he is Japanese. I should not even start this thread.


    This is what I saw -------------

    Author: westsan (
    Date: 10-08-03 11:01

    I met one chick.
    She was an Assie that likes shy Japanese boys. So we all went out...

    She was a cute little girl with a nice round plump ass and a cute smile.

    It was the funniest thing tho... she loves Japanese boys alright... because after drueling over all the Japanese guys in the club,<b> she went home with some OTHER Japanese guy half her size.(^^)</B>

    The poor Japanese guy never even seemed to know what was happening


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    Re: Is Westsan Japanese

    good question....but why would he be studying for the JPLT level 1 then??
    ...Maybe he is a asian american boy...?


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      Re: Is Westsan Japanese

      he also calls himself West-SAN, although he writes almost perfectly Japanese...., too obvious...a bit Japanese would never ever call himself ----san, TOO obvious "mistake" (it is not even "funny", intentional "mistake", when you have the Japanese level of Westsan, unless he likes Osaka-humor).

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        Re: Is Westsan Japanese

        Maybe you guys are disecting his posts a little to carefully. Westy makes
        spelling and punctuation errors just like everyone.
        Besides he seems to have a little too much US political savy to be
        Japanese. No offence


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          Re: Is Westsan Japanese

          Either way, he's usually pretty entertaining...


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            Re: Is Westsan Japanese

            Pretty adept research skills!!
            <Please not that the dates on those posts, duh>

            I just wanted to say in response to this that my theory about Americans once again proves true. All Americans ever think about is race. It occupies their mind until it festers and boils over. This was probably the burning issue within macrojapan's mind for the last 3-4 months

            macrojapan>> You are truly an kentuckyhead Americano.
            ...but now that you know more about yourself dont you feel disgusted?


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              Re: Is Westsan Japanese

              You're right westie. Americans are obsessed (I think) with ethnicity more than race - actually Americans are obsessed with difference.

              If you're different to white Americans, watch out because Dubya has your number. I genuinely fear that in the last few years, America has actually regressed twenty years in their tolerance and attitudes.

              I know it's offtopic but this thread has little point. Westsan is not Japanese!


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                Re: Is Westsan Japanese


                I was just wondering ---- when your famous like Westsan--- then your private life is stripped away..just like Bill Clinton.

                It was actually a Joke. I knew he was`nt Japanese.

                I do not think I am obssessed with race because I never ask where anyone is from / and I normally do not participate in racial or ethnic discussions on this board. I have even stated in some threads that participating in such topics is bad and should be avoided.




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                  Re: Is Westsan Japanese

                  Can't agree more.

                  I must confess that recently, I have come to think that race issues, like politics or the abortion issue are best left out of discussion boards. If a politician came to the board and posted "I think all gaijins are criminal lowlife. Discuss" then that's not an invitation to have a discussion. That's an invitation to have a flamewar dressed up as a discussion.

                  It's like calling the Jerry Springer "PUT THAT CHAIR DAHN YOLANDA!" Show a 'talkshow'.

                  I'm didn't mean that you personally are obsessed with race or difference, most intelligent Americans aren't. Just do America a favour and don't vote for someone like him again, (wait .. actually you didn't ... ). Hmm.


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                    Re: Is Westsan Japanese

                    Here, here, Bongo,

                    and speaking of racist stupidity:

                    Ishihara said the Chinese were ignorant .
                    Kanagawa governor Matsuzawa said this one:

                    For you that dont a rough translation would be:
                    中国なんかからいろいろ就学だとか学生だとかといって ビザを使って入ってくるけども、実際はみんなこそ泥。 みんな悪いことやって帰るんです
                    Chinese enter Japan saying various reasons like apprenticeships and to study to get a visa but in actuality they are scum. They all do something bad and then go home.
                    Another "hatsugen mondai" hot off the press...(^_^.)


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                      Re: Is Westsan Japanese

                      I have been told he is Japanese by my friend from the UK, she met hime once.. maybe he knows who? ops* haha.. and I have been told he also goes by a name of celtsan as he lived in Scottland..