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BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does not st

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  • BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does not st

    One of my resolutions for the New Year is to take more stuff on the chin, turn the other cheek and just smile and all that jazz. Whether matters that seem to smell of racism or not.

    Just got back from my second trip to Pakistan. Left on Xmas day and stayed for two weeks. Both times I have been here I have only ever seen other black people thrice or so, I get stared at whereever I go. Should that mean I should be treated badly? I do not think so.)

    On my way back this is what happened at Iqbal Int'l Airport,Lahore,Pakistan.

    First check point.

    My tightly packed luggage is checked more thoroughly than others.When they take out a knife and are about to take the heel of one of my favourite shoes apart I firmly but politely say there is nothing in the heel of my shoe. Luckily for me he puts the knife down. (I bet there is something in the law that says even if they had gone ahead and taken my shoes apart I would not be entitled to any compensation) Other passengers are being waved through without having their luggage checked at all. It takes me a while to repack my belongings meanwhile the guy that did the checking is telling me to hurry up. I really do keep smiling; I respect and see the logic of such security checks. IF APPLIED FAIRLY.

    I have repacked everything. I am given my passport back and pick up my bags to proceed. The very same guy that had just taken all my bags apart asks me for my passport back and asks me to put my bags down. To me it really was like the twilight zone. I politely tell him that he had just 'cleared me'.

    I put my bags down and give him back my passport. I get asked to drop my bags and go with the guy to a side room. He asks me to reveal my bare stomach and proceeds to press deep all over my stomach; looking for lumps that might be hard drugs or mini-bombs that I might have swallowed I guess. I am still smiling. He asks me to drop my trousers. Luckily I am not asked to drop my underwear.

    This is only the first check point. We could call me being the one that is checked this thoroughly at this first point a 'random check'. Not based on race.

    Second check point

    I see people before me being passed through with no fuss. The man there asks me for my passport and I pass it over. He then asks for sthg. else with my picture on it. I tell him my passport is all I have and ask if a credit card will do. He says 'no' and informs me that he is not letting me board the plane. I have been in this kind of situation enough times to know that if I start a verbal exchange with this guy it is likely to result in at least these two things: 1. I will show him how much of a racist/idiot he is and 2. He will then take revenge by delaying me even further. So I stay silent, step to one side to let the other non-blacks that are being waved through with no hassle,take out a book (Sex Slaves: the trafficking of women in Asia by Louise Brown) and nonchalantly start reading as if I was not bothered by his racism. While reading I notice that he is randomly jotting down and then adding up a series of numbers that he is apparently reading off my passport; I put it down to him trying to convince me somewhat that there was a logical reason why he had stopped me. I think I had been stopped purely because I am black. Just an opinion.

    He then throws my passport and ticket at me; I actually had to pick my ticket up from the floor.

    Third check point

    The guy here asks me to take off my shoes so he can inspect them. Meanwhile others around me are be passed through with no hassle.

    The question:

    From a statistical point of view lets look at these four 'independent parameters' (three separate check points and me being the only black person at the airport) and see if what I went through here was random: Racism; pure and simple.

    Meanwhile SOME people wonder why a black man like myself sometimes exhibits such anger at such treatment.


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    Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

    Mistakenly removed some good comments with the nasty ones we were trying to remove...our apologies.


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      Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

      For GP Admin:

      It is understandable and you did great job, I do not want to be rude but next time you do not need to apologies.


      Post Edited (01-20-04 14:41)


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        Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

        The way people seem so incapable of seeing the wood for the trees is one of the reasons why so much of the world is in a mess today.

        I get told that what I have posted here is OP; not to do with Japan.

        Let me tell you what is OP and help you look at the more important bigger picture: poor American soldiers - black,white,latino what have you - that signed up to honourable serve their country and then get sent to their death as a result of a pack of lies concocted by George Bush & his business cronies,Tony Blair (the UK Prime Minister) etc.

        I am not for one second saying Saddam did not deserve to be ousted but the way it was done was dishonourable. These soldiers are dying as a result of what is OP with regards to what they signed up for; dying to fulfil the whims and wishes of Dubya`s private agenda as opposed to defending America honourably.. That is real OP for you. Meanwhile Dubya and his cronies i.e Halliburton are getting richer off the blood of these soldiers.

        If I was living in one of these countries where military service is compulsory i.e Israel, and it is governed by people like George Bush or Ariel Sharom I would definitely be a conscientious objector and refuse to serve. And then get thrown in jail for it. Recently a few helicopter pilots in Israel did just that because they were being sent to shoot at innocent Palestines. Meanwhile the American government keeps helping the Israeli government`s racism against Palestines with billions of dollars every year.

        Using innocent Americans`s tax dollars in this way is what is OP, to say the least.

        Meanwhile Glenski is concerned that I have gone OP for writing about racism here. Look at the whole picture; everything is linked to everything else.

        For whatever it is worth the GP Admin person did not remove my original thread that some see as OP. There are a few possibilities I know; however it could be that the GP Admin does not think it is OP.

        I should be wiser to the ways of the world but it still amazes me how apathetic some are to the troubles of others. Suppose,say, a white woman posted the above thread of mine above complaining about racism or rape, the very last thing I would do is tell her she should clear off because it is OP with regards to this forum.

        But then hey that is just me thinking the world could be a better place. Presently Dubya has put paid to that.

        9/11 will revisit. I will not be surprised. Sounds like Glenski will.



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          Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

          I have to disagree with your logic. You are saying that because you, a black man, were inspected 3 times, the system is racist against blacks. Am I correct in my summation of your premise?

          I am white. Caucassian. On average My luggage and I are inspected 75-85% of the times I go through customs and or immigration.

          I am 6foot 2inches. I am white. I am clean cut. I am a also a lawyer.

          By your logic, I could argue that the system is anti-white, anti-six footer, anti-clean cut, anti-lawyer. Correct?

          Now, of course, post 9/11, people with dark complexions are going to get the short end of the stick. This is unfair, but it is true.

          You can thank Osama bin Laden for that.

          PS: I have recently been successful in awarding a client a judicial decision in a racial profiling case, so I know from what I speak.



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            Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

            Chairo, I have to agree with your remarks about America and Israel (the real "Axis of Evil" in the world today). And that is not to denigrate the peoples of these two countries, but rather the right-wing fanatics who have taken control of them, and snuffed out all dissent. After all, Bush Jnr was not even democratically elected, and it is only fitting that he has done so much to destroy democracy in the United States, and gradually transform it into a police state, with the help of media fascists like Rupert Murdoch (who once visited my newspaper office in Australia -- and I swear he looked just like Mr Burns from THE SIMPSONS!) These days, to criticise the war in Iraq means you are anti-American (the second worst crime in the world today), and to criticise Israel's treatment of the Palestinians (which I have witnessed with my own eyes, and it is cruel, believe me) means you are anti-Semitic. And we all know that anti-Semiticism is considered the worst crime in the world today -- nobody is allowed to criticise the Jews!

            The amount of apathy in the world is truly shocking (and this includes Japan, but it is much more unforgiveable in the US, because Americans have a special duty as the world's only superpower to practice what they preach). Humbleservant claims that Osama bin Laden is to blame for the security paranoia which now greets you everytime you go to an airport or any public space. However, I think he is mistaking the sympton for the disease. Osama bin Laden is just a sympton of the complete collapse of democracy and freedom in the world today, the takeover of the world by corporate capitalism. It seems only natural to me that Islamic extremism would arise to answer the Christian extremism of Bush Jnr and his Bible-bashing buddies, and the Jewish extremism of Ariel Sharon, and the capitalist extremism of Mr Murdoch and all those who think that making money is the only reason for living, even if it means our environment and lifestyle gets completely trashed in the process.

            In the 20th century, the ultimate weapon was the atomic bomb, as witnessed in the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

            In the 21st century, the ultimate weapon is that of the suicide bomber, as seen in the attacks on New York and Washington. Well, there's more to come, because it is only 2004, and the 21st century has another 96 years left before it is over!


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              Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

              Dear all, i think you misinterpreted glenski's response.
              He did not mean in any way that he did not care about your issues chairo, he just said that he failed to see the relevance to a forum dedicated to japan.
              Gaijinpot admin did not remove your thread as you did not break any rules apart from not keeping the topic related to working/living in japan but nobody does...

              You may choose to ignore what i am going to say...

              Your thread is supposed to be about your experience in pakistan, however, (as i predicted) you quickly changed to another topic: (i.e: the american government and the war on terrorism) which (i'm sure) will lead to a whole xenophobic/racist war issue.

              Hence, once again my skepticism for your intentions appear to have been right.

              My point is, (an i sincerely hope you can answer me this) what do you wish to achieve with this thread?
              is it to:

              1) increase people's awarness on racist issues
              2) start a war on racism
              3) change the world
              4) pass a well known message across (<for whatever reasons)

              Whatever your reason(s) is/are why doing it on gaijinpot when you experienced a failure last time you tried?
              The reason why you failed passing your message across last time is because of your approach and attitude toward the issue not because people did not care, so please get that right.
              you are not the only person concerend about racism in the world.

              However, please bear in mind that their is a thin line between frustration, anger and fanaticism.
              Last time you crossed that line, hence people gave up on you.

              Now i am not saying that you should not do or say anything about those issues, i think it's great to have people fighting racism but please do it with wisdom.

              and to finish, please also bear in mind that it is sometime possible that people abuse you for other reasons than your skin color (i.e: your citizenship, your attitude, your posture, your way to express yourself...etc).

              Post Edited (01-21-04 06:11)


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                Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                Thank you for clarifying. You said EXACTLY what I meant.

                Moreover, Chairo, I think you have no idea what OP means. You wrote:
                "Meanwhile Glenski is concerned that I have gone OP for writing about racism here. Look at the whole picture; everything is linked to everything else."

                OP usually means "original post(er)". What did YOU think it meant?


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                  Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                  As was deleted, I still think it's hysterically funny that this OP was put in a forum dedicated to romance, or did Chairo not understand that was the meaning of the title Relationships?

                  Why is he posting anti-racism comments about an incident in Pakistan on a Japanese discussion forum on romance? Weird.


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                    Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no


                    re·la·tion·ship ( P ) Pronunciation Key (r-lshn-shp)
                    1. The condition or fact of being related; connection or association.

                    2. Connection by blood or marriage; kinship.

                    3. A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other: has a close relationship with his siblings.

                    4. A romantic or sexual involvement.

                    Possibly in your world the word relationship carries only definition number 4, but to others it encompasses a varity of human interactions, including racism. Maybe if there were a Racism forum or even a General forum there would be reason to complain. If you can recommend a more suitable forum, please enlighten. Frankly, I prefer this topic over the "Where can I find a mistress" and "Why don`t more J-girls shave more throughly." So let there be a disussion on racial relations.


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                      Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                      we can all post sympathetic and patronising words on the evils of racism and discrimination, but what does pakistan immigration have to do with japan? what is the point of the post?a rant - maybe, sympathy - maybe not, awareness - we gaijins have enough problems trying to solve discrimination from japanese.
                      get over to blacktokyo, or try complaints!
                      agree that trouble with family registry, juminhyo, resident visas, even rejection from bars and onsens are preferable to mistress and j-girls teeth threads, but unless this topic is relevant to japan, it should not be here.
                      picked on by japan immigration, OK, scribble away!


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                        Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                        Ask yourself this. How would the average Pakistani manage at JFK?

                        Firstly, he/she'll probably never get the chance. Too poor. Secondly he/she'll be fingerprinted and photographed upon arrival as are many nationalaties now. As for baggage checks, we can fairly safely assume most from middle eastern countries will be taken aside at least once.

                        Land of the brave, home of the free.

                        Maybe the Pakistani who dealt with Chairo is getting back at Americans (are you American), ala the Brazilians recently reciprocating airport pleasantries. This is difficult to determine as Chairo hasn't mentioned the nationalities or colour of the 'other' passengers. I assume many of them may have been from Pakistan itself, therefore as a foreigner, particularly an American, and possibly because you're black, you were subjected to 'special attention'

                        Arabs and muslims are suffering more from institutionalised racism now than anyone. All in the name of expanding American militaristic and economic hegemony, of which black Americans, to some extent, directly benefit from. As for black Africans, that's a whole different ballgame. If they're Christian and accomodate to American hegemony they're treated better than most Middle Eastern muslims, aside from the accomodating Saudis etc. Otherwise they're bombed to unnewsworthy deaths by American funded cronies with American provided weapons in accordance with the state-sponsored terrorism so well orchestrated by Reagan among others, and most recently George W.

                        Maybe I've been reading too much Chomsky lately.

                        Blacks aren't at the bottom of the pile. Actually, they're spread throughout the pile, from Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice to the ones whose names I do not know. What is more accurate is that the peoples of Western countries, and some key allies such as Japans, are at the top of the pile, hence it is less and less skin colour and more and more the skin of your passport.



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                          Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no


                          Look at the other threads for this section. They include posts on dating gaijin to using vibrators. Yours is the only attempt to make this section one of international racial discussion. Live with the majority. It's not MY decision to use this forum for romance; it's the web site's.

                          Want an option for another section to post?
                          How about International/Travel or perhaps even Legal?


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                            Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                            In my travels to non white countries I seem to notice that Americans get singled out a lot more than others.Could this be the case here?


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                              Re: BLACKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PI LE:Like I said it does no

                              It isnt only blacks!. When was leaving the US with my hubby and 2 kids. 2 of us travelled on non US passport and 2 did. Let me ask you WHICH two were pulled over despite Military orders stating that we were excempt from the *big* search. I wanted to SCREAM discrimination. I DID scream it and I was nearly arrested for it. Let me put it to you this way, two white faces ( one a minor) in a line with nothing but Asian faces. Please DONT tell me you are the only one discriminated against because you are black, I am white, I am just not American.