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mind expansion!

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  • mind expansion!

    how are you? well this may not be the place to post this but here it goes!

    I posted an add recently.. and that explains my situation here! but what I have noticed since living here is that I have more time to think an have more interest in my hobby. now.. I dont think I am weird, well defiantly not in a bad wayc some people tell me I am, like back home in Aust but my friends also are basically the same as me.. and we all feel (my friends and I) that being original is better than being a clone! I suppose I have lived a normal lifestyle, but then again whatfs that?
    Definition of a normal life style for western;
    Drunken mother or farther or both, broken from divorce?
    Abuse from family that would either be physically or sexually?
    Drugs every where you look.
    Or Christian family that has always scorned at you for saying the word F..K.!
    Personally, I donft know what is normal anymore but like I saidc all of the above maybe normal and of-course, unthinkable for others!!!
    But here I am in other country where thinking is different..
    I love my home.. but at the same time I want to be here because I my love.. You may all say.. go home and you will find another but I am already 30 and even being alone for one day with out a love is sooo hardc

    I will leave it there for now.. I want to type more but its late.


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    Re: mind contraction!

    "defiantly"; a bilious Freudian slip if ever there was one... the HOT AIR sustaining your muumuu as you flit away....

    ... waiting eagerly for the "mind expansion" bit...a point.. gist.. punchline.. prophecy.. ANYTHING.

    ahh, I'm just jealous. Masterfully pointless, it was. All hail The Claytons Thread!


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      Re: mind expansion!

      Mind expansion in that you have more time to reflect on your life and get all nestalgic right?

      Looking back at your life back home, choices, friends, jobs - wondering "How the hell did I end up HERE!?!?"

      I have noticed that too.


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        Re: mind expansion!