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Sexy Gaijin Women

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  • Sexy Gaijin Women

    Ahh the eastern european women have invaded...and suddenly they are being chased by J boys and G boys...and we Western Euros/US/Can etc etc are even more out in the cold than ever!! No jealousy..honest. These Delicious looking Eastern Euro hotties are usually stick thin..and er..well shouldn't be _____y...but lets say share many similar traits with their J-Gyaru counterparts..Ahh it's a hard life finding a bit of passion on these shores and my pals and I were wondering after a Long discussion if you would kindly enlighten us on the following questions....

    Boys...We just gotta know...
    1. Is skinny, ala Japanese girls, the most preferred body shape? Why?
    2. Why are so many of you NOT interested in Gaijin girls out here?
    3. What is it about Japanese/EE airheads that so so interest you?
    4. Japanese guys: what type of Gaijin women are you most attracted to?

    Lets not get into the "inside is more beautiful" ramble...that is quite obvious...but at the outset, pure physical attraction is really what matters, especially if you only get to meet new members of the opposite sex on nights out in town. Don't you reckon?

    No judgements here...just wondering!

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    Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

    1. Not all J girls are skinny
    2. I have never had a Gaijin girl give me a second or first look in Japan
    3. Not all J girls are airheads - my wife is a doctor


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      Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

      can I comment?? As I am bisexul I think I can add something...

      1. too skinny isn't good, I love girls with curves!! Even slightly chubby is good, as long as they are fit and not flabby, if you know what I mean. As well, really skinny girls tend to be small chested. Not that small is bad, but I'm just not at all turned on by fried eggs.

      2. I'm mostly into Jgirls. . I don't know why, but even back home I was attracted to guys/girls with dark hair and brown eyes. Occasionally I find blondes attractive, but I'm mostly into very sweet looking, round-faced girls if you nkow what I mean, and Caucasians tend to have sharper features. I actually do have a caucasian girlfriend now, but funny enough she has brown eyes and light brown hair!

      3. I can't stand airhead girls! I was hit on by a VERY cute Japanese lesbian at a gay event, but she was SO dumb I couldn't even talk to her. It was such a turn off, I didn't even give her my phone number. Personally, I think guys who are into airheads are simply insecure...have to feel superior to a girl in order to not be intimidated by her. They get off on feeling all masculine and macho around her.

      But if they meet up with a strong girl........uh oh! She's not fooled, we can see right through that macho BS.


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        Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

        I can understand your frustration. Maybe my answers will make you feel a bit better.

        1. True, not all J girls are skinny, but they tend to be. I'm not so into that look. I like a little meat on the bones. The thing the J girls got going for them in the looks department is real nice skin and delicate features. But not so much going on anywhere else.

        2. I certainly am interested in gaijin girls!! woot woot! Come talk to me, lonely gaijin ladies!!

        3. True, not all J girls are airheads, but again, they tend to be! Those types absolutely do not interest me at all. In general, J girls irritate me to no end. I just about puke when a chick I'm talking to claps her hands and says "sugoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi". Every once in a while I meet one who's got a good head on her shoulders, though.

        4. I am not qualified to answer this question. Not Japanese and all....

        Hope that helps.


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          Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

          1. Is skinny, ala Japanese girls, the most preferred body shape? Why?
          Few curves dont go astray but ill take them skinny or an extent.

          2. Why are so many of you NOT interested in Gaijin girls out here?
          Like you said im more interested in the Eastern Europeans, South East Asians and South Americans. The rest are generally ugly, fat, hung up etc. etc.. Simple as that.

          3. What is it about Japanese/EE airheads that so so interest you?
          They are easy to get in the sack.

          4. Japanese guys: what type of Gaijin women are you most attracted to?
          No comment.


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            Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

            "I just about puke when a chick I'm talking to claps her hands and says "sugoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi". "

            Depends when she does it. If you've just dropped your trousers, no problem. If you've just demonstrated your knowledge of japanese by saying "mizu kudasai" to the waiter, then, yeah, it's pretty annoying.

            1. Is skinny, ala Japanese girls, the most preferred body shape? Why?

            It's kind of nice to look at, but there aint no way those hips are going to have my children.

            2. Why are so many of you NOT interested in Gaijin girls out here?

            Rarely meet them.

            3. What is it about Japanese/EE airheads that so so interest you?

            If she can barely talk, then she can't talk back.

            Just kidding. I'm not actually attracted to airheads of any variety.


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              Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

              1. Is skinny, ala Japanese girls, the most preferred body shape? Why?
              Go to the beach. Go to a niteclub. Go to an onsen. Watch tv. Read glossy magazines. I see a lot of beautifully thin, elegent women in this country, many in their thirties, who still have it. I think slim gaijin are beautiful too, but many(like us gaijin guys) quickly get fat, or were already, and we can't show you to our mates, make good home porn, or show good homemade porn to our mates.

              2. Why are so many of you NOT interested in Gaijin girls out here?
              See Q1. Also, one should always try the local delicacies when away from home.

              3. What is it about Japanese/EE airheads that so so interest you?
              They're too stupid to notice the camera.

              4. Japanese guys: what type of Gaijin women are you most attracted to?
              I'm guessing, but probably the skinny ones who like good homemade porn.



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                Re: Sexy Gaijin Women



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                  Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                  millie-ann baby,

                  The Eastern European girls are hotties, but they are dishonest, gold-diggers! Japanese girls are nice but like everyone says, are too impressed by little things we do. My off-the-chart-hot Western European wife and I will show ya a good time, so feel free to mail away!
                  Lookin forward to showing you what ya been missin babe!


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                    Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                    Heh heh!!

                    Thanks Jguy lover, Unky B, Ney, Bluedog, Markosonline, Dudie for answering the questions and not taking this too seriously...

                    Jguy lover: Sounds like you have a good time out here! good for you..I wonder is it easy meeting Gay Japanese girls..are many of them really gay or just lipstick lesbians...doesn't that ____ you off...I often get women asking if they can feel various body parts...HA! I was so shocked at first but have got used to it a bit wierd though..

                    Unky B... aah a real man...nice to know you appreciate a bit of flesh...

                    Ney...hmm yes you bring up the whole fat..ugly thing...well I have to say I have seen alot of overweight white gals out here...I mean really really overweight...also seen lots who can't be arsed with make-up and all that...that is fine... but it is quite obvious that the guys out here like the made up, well turned out ladies..

                    Bluedog...why is skinny nice to look at.?....what about curves and boobs and hips?

                    Markos...heh heh! funny guy..obviously sowing all your oats! bring up Porn...well I have heard that the "oh this is so painful and the no... no(but really yes yes but I can't show that I am really enjoying this)" squeaky pips of the Japanese girls
                    is not half as appealing as the world shattering screaming grunting yes! yes! of the Westerners...just what I heard..and maybe saw...

                    Dude...darling.. well your offer is very tempting...where are you located?


                    Welesley...mangive me strength...did I say all Japanese girls are airheads or skinny!! I said GYARU...obviously pointing to a TYPE of Japanese girl that ALOT of
                    Gboys are seen out with.
                    Obviously there are also lots of skinny gaijin girls too!
                    I am very happy for you that your wife is a Doctor...I too have many great intelligent Japanese girl-friends including Doctors...but there is a type here that deserves to be it's own species in this country and it is fascinating to see them in action...were they in the west we all know how they would be seen and viewed...and thus..they are interesting to observe.

                    Bud: "seriously?.."'re just too cool mate...heh!heh!

                    The EE girls are new to kids they were part of a different world..the enemy..we didn't know them and we stereotyped them ala babushkas and all. Turns out they are major hotties and again they come here and hang around with old Japanese men...and well yes they take real care of themselves and look bloody gorgeous..and when they walk into a bar...heads turn and it is great...don't get me wrong...I'm happy for them....tis just a little hard to compete with them though....

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                      Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                      hahaha here goes the dude again and his OFF THE CHART WIFE.

                      Get over yourself, dude.


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                        Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                        Yo, new member and all, wassup people? Anyways, on with the questions.
                        1)Depends on your definition of skinny really. Stick thin ain't cool. But neither is fat ass. I like a girl who is well proportioned. It really depends on what the girl looks like. I've had girlfriends who've weighed everything from 98lbs to 150lbs. So, it's really an objective thing and not a hard and fast rule.
                        2)Why? Do you know any decent ones available? Most seem to be taken, at least the ones I'd go for. The single ones seem to be unattractive or have attitude issues. I've nothing against non-japanese women, they are just typically less available.
                        3)I've only been here for two weeks, so I really haven't come across any "airheads" not only that but I don't speak japanese so i really wouldn't know an airhead anyways. As far as Eastern European women go, I tend to avoid them as they typically have poor attitudes. Typically _____y and concieted.[sic]
                        4)I'm not japanese, I'm American. I tend to be attracted to girls I have chemistry with. My last girlfriend back home was an average looking girl. Not hot, not ugly, but cute. The thing was, we had chemistry. There was that spark that kept us interested in each other no matter what. That's what I look for. Do we work together? Do we have something intangible? Not just "is she hot and will she suck my ____."
                        So, in conclusion, all I want is a girl that I hit it off with, and has an intangible quality that makes us attracted to each other.

                        Hmmm....what kind of hypertags does this board use?

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                          Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                          Actually, I think all the non-airhead Japanese girls are over here, in the States. Out of five Japanese women I know who are married to Americans, none are the subservient type. All have sharp tongues and are quite quick-witted. One works as a waitress and oft-times makes the payroll for the employees of her n'e'er-do-well surfer California "contractor" husband. Another was forced to move from Hawaii (not too far out of her comfort zone) to rural Missouri (quite far out, I would imagine); she has left with the child to return to Japan. Her husband, a good friend of mine, is an unrepentant and unrelenting, controlling, manipulative ass. A third is my ex-girlfriend/mistress, who got into marathon-running and got tired of bailing out her get-rich-quick-with-stupid-ideas husband, a former ESL teacher in Japan whose greatest goal is to retire and "learn." She broke it off with me and stayed with her husband out of some sort of maternal instinct, I can only imagine. Keep him fed and bathed and all.

                          A fourth took hold of an ex-Navy Ala Moana playboy and promptly snipped his 'nads. He is indeed a pitiable sight. The fifth, well, is a B.S. in Marine Biology (Hawaii-Hilo) and married some sort of backstage technician who works in the burgeoning and wildly popular Honolulu theatre scene (Broadway-look out!). She is possessed of the sweetest smile, long, slim legs, huge breasts (well, maybe 34-C), massively huge and gorgeous brown eyes, and carries herself with more grace and poise than Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn ever did. Still shiver when I think about her.

                          We see your giggly, irritating j-girls here; love 'em all, God bless 'em. F***-me shoes and all. (With those platforms, one need only rush up, knock the wearer down, and she's helpless, so the joke goes.)

                          I love j-girls because they are not the subservient, submissive caricatures I thought they were. Sure, some are idiots. Go to any mall or club in Houston, Chicago, Seattle or Charlotte, however. American women exhibit the penultimate in stupidity, vapidness, ignorance, sloth, greed, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, materialism, idol-worship, selfishness and vanity. All other women (aside from the hairy French) emulate their American sisters. To their detriment. Give me a foreigner, even a Canadianne, any day. American men love asiatic women simply because they're not American. Think about it. Simple logic.


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                            Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                            Hello there fellow party animals, Thierry Lamule, male gigolo here...

                            1. Is skinny, ala Japanese girls, the most preferred body shape? Why?
                            2. Why are so many of you NOT interested in Gaijin girls out here?
                            3. What is it about Japanese/EE airheads that so so interest you?
                            4. Japanese guys: what type of Gaijin women are you most attracted to?

                            Well, well, I guess someone is in need for some professional advice....
                            Never fear...............

                            answer to question 1)

                            I sense a good taste for probably meant................ "tight"...........I agree!

                            answer to question 2)

                            Not true, Gaijin women are very frequent customers of mine in japan. They usually pay well and are usually full of energy.

                            answer to question 3)

                            They are rather adventurous and always up for new performance....

                            answer to question 4)

                            I am unable to divulgue my preferences (professional reasons). Thierry Lamule is open to all sorts of customers.

                            Thierry Lamule, male gigolo (all right reserved)
                            Terms & Conditions apply


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                              Re: Sexy Gaijin Women

                              So Michael...
                              I saw some of your other posts too...and you REALLY got a thing for the J-Lady..and I wonder how did it start and do you appreciate other nationalities except for asiatic women, hispanic, Indian, etc.

                              Of course it is all a question of personal taste...I know that...I have friends who are madly into black girls or mediteranean girls or chinese girls etc,

                              Saying you fancy Chinese or Korean girls in the same obsessive way you fancy the J-lady.

                              and erm...ouch...that was a pretty harsh attack on the American woman...well I am not from the I cannot imagine them to be so awful...or is it your past speaking...

                              I have never seen a hairy french women..ever..but the Germans... well...

                              Hi Bugboy
                              Nah..I'm definately not in need of pro advice...but thanks anyway heh heh! I am getting a sense that J-girls (j-lady to Michael) are liked very much for their er...sexual habits...whats
                              the difference?"tightness" aside...