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once again J-MEN!!!

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  • once again J-MEN!!!

    It might sound very naked..but it is just plain truth..
    I've found japanese men the most sexual guys in the world and best in bed indeed!!~~
    had been to japan couple of times, anyways had lots of nice friends and pleasant aquintances living in taiwan..
    really dying of comin back to japan just because of this Jboy-cuties heaven!!
    ,,and keep wondering is this really that difficult (as this seems from this forum) to find a Jboyfriend or to become a wife of Jman???

    Why is this combination of Gajingirl&Jmen is so difficult to find whilst Gaijinman&Jboy is so common and well approved in this society??????!!!!!!


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    Re: once again J-MEN!!!

    yuki, I agree with everthing you've said re. jboys!
    But I'd be careful, if I were you. Don't come here simply because of the men, because living here will be a real drag if you don't like the country itself. You sound a bit like those 23 yr old just graduated from college horny boys who come here just to boff Jgirls...and end up _____ing about Japan in every gaijin bar in Roppongi.


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      Re: once again J-MEN!!!

      Why is this combination of Gajingirl&Jmen is so difficult to find whilst Gaijinman&Jboy is so common and well approved in this society??????!!!!!!

      Please rephrase this question.

      Last I heard homosexuality was a sin in Japan.


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        Re: once again J-MEN!!!

        "Last I heard homosexuality was a sin in Japan."

        Do you mean a crime, as in against the law? A sin is whatever the church decides is against Jeebus. But I didn't think homosexuality was a crime in Japan. Wouldn't be too surprised if it was though, it's not exactly the most homo-friendly country out there.


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          Re: once again J-MEN!!!

          Bluedog - There are, in fact, no legal proscriptions of homosexuality in Japan, nor any laws concerning the practice of sodomyccthe absence of legal codes forbidding homosexuality is somewhat illusory, because societal rather than statutory regulations are preeminent.
          Homosexual behaviours are neither forbidden not heavily stigmatized in modern Japan, provided they respect the prevailing framework of social and familial responsibilities....However, there remains no place in Japanese society for the exclusively gay or lesbian individual who is unwilling or unable to sublimate his or her sexual identity and pursue the charade of marriage" (From "Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality, Chapter on Japan by Steven D Pinkerton and Paul R Abramson).

          "It is very strange, but legally speaking, Japanese authorities don't recognize sexual conduct between same sex partners and thus, do not characterize it as true "sexual conduct." The law defines sexual conduct as that which occurs between partners of different sexes. Sexual conduct
          between persons of the same sex is defined as, "seikou-ruiji-koui" (this is conduct which is similar to sexual conduct)".

          "Furthermore, the age of consent in Japan is 13 years old under criminal law. Compared to other countries is quite low. But all prefectures have their own respective laws such as, "Youth Protection Law" which prohibit adults from having sex with youths who are under 17 years old. (like 18)."

          Lots of info here.

          Much harder if you are transgendered!



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            Re: once again J-MEN!!!

            That site had some interesting info, particularly the quote from the then foreign minister who thought that the "Liberal" Party of Japan might be mistaken for US-style drug and homo-loving liberals. What a classic quote. What a moron. It was ten years ago though...

            In Australia though, we have a little island called tasmania, a bushy little inverted triangle down south that, due to its appearance, has lent it's name to other bushy little inverted triangles down south, but I digress... The point was that Tasmania had a law against homosexual sex (between adults) until 1997, and sex de la rear is still banned until 18 years old, while normal sex is legal from 16. So Australia was one of the last "enlightened" countries to change the laws.

            Pretty funny, this is only a few years ago, and the law says that for penetrating the butt, we send you to jail, where you can enjoy a whole lot more butt action (although you won't necessarily be a willing participant). Didn't anyone think it was a bit ironic?

            Maybe Japan just never got a law on their books because of the bend-over boys that the Samurai were fond of. Was that true, or just a myth I picked up by reading too much James Clavell?

            PS: Sorry yuki, turned into a bit of a threadjack there.

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              Re: once again J-MEN!!!

              "about Japan in every gaijin bar in Roppongi."
              that is SO true

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                Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                TO jguylover

                i appreciate so much ur sincere answer and advice. You r absolutely right about my age (!!, -god, i thought it's past already,,i know it sounds very naive and adventurous,, u gotta had been gone through it as well, am i wrong?..
                BUT, i did lived in asia for 2.5yrs and BACK THEN it took me ages to get used to everything that is weird&unusual in asia, including asian looks as well) anyway, after call that adaptation period, i felt soo NORMAL living there. now, that im not there anymore, i can even tell "a big sin" that after i came back to europe i couldnt look at any male but asian,,even arab males were better for me and seemed closer to that darker look

                STILL though i see a green light for myself for goin to japan, its definitely true to expect smth that i wouldnt like.........

                but my biggest fear is if the society (meaning male part what im concerned about! does not see a white woman amongst them, particularly having in mind a serious relationship or marriage with non-asian girl in general.
                Anyone has comments about it???..........

                TO Ney&everyone

                Sorrrrrry, i meant couples of GaijinBoy&Jgirl and GaijinGirl&Jboy,, -everything's normal!))

                So once again why are there so many white guys with Jgirls and such a few couples of Jboys and white girls???!!!!!!!!............whats the problem there?!?.. is this really only the matter of Jboys' shyness (which for me seems unbelievable)?



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                  Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                  Blue dog - I didnt mean that literally.............obviously.

                  Yuki - It all boils down to Japanese guys. They dont want them and we dont want them. This ofcourse is on a general basis. Some do (like yourself)most dont. You should know the reasons why.......cheating, no housework whatsoever, nato breath, emperor like attitude. etc. etc.


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                    Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                    I think it`s about numbers. There seems to be a lot more caucasian men than women in Japan. Also, for some reason, J-men think that they`re not interesting. They buy into the `size difference` b.s. even more than G-guys, too.. The culture here is a lot like the 1950`s in the US; conservative. A difficult combo.

                    So, if you want a gorgeous, sensitive, hard-working Japanese man.. you just need to work a little harder.

                    When you are successful... remember the bit about the 1950`s...

                    shufu ni narima____a


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                      Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                      "I didnt mean that literally.............obviously"

                      I guess you've never had the pleasure of meeting one of the people who does say that kind of thing, and means it. People get really crazy about sinners, and damnation, and whatnot. Especially online, I've seen a lot of it, people going nuts about all the sinners, and the second coming etc etc.

                      No offense to the people who have their own personal beliefs, just so long as you let me have mine ; )


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                        Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                        I agree about the numbers thing. Way more caucasian guys than girls where I am.

                        And young guys do tend to be alot less conservative than those stinky over-40 salary slave types. There are tons of cool guys here, but you do have to work harder because many of them are shy.

                        I've had no problems finding hot guys here per se, marriage however is another issue considering everything it involves. A lot of guys like the idea of a gaijin girlfriend, but when it comes to things getting serious, there is alot more apprehension.

                        I haven't given up yet though. I'd like to marry one of these guys, but now I'm in the country and it seems like every guy around here who is over 25 is already married. Time to move to the city.

                        Yuki, if you come to Japan make sure you end up in a city!


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                          Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                          i would for sure only come to TOKYO!! ..until my man is ready to take me to some quiet area))

                          >>A lot of guys like the idea of a gaijin girlfriend, but when it comes to things getting serious, there is alot more apprehension.<<

                          so here follows another question,,
                          how come Jwomen usually dont give themselves any second thoughts when marrying a foreigner and hell Jmen (yep, damn those 40y.o. slaves!! so unsure and, i would even say, SCARED to do this??.. do they afraid that a foreign woman wouldnt feed them properly or wouldnt wash their feet and drink the water afterwards??!! maybe yes, maybe not,,it goes equaly the same for foreign AND japanese girl! anyway that's ridiculous,- society is changing!!! ..and those young Jgirls in their twenties changing too!!...
                          im really so frustrated about all this..


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                            Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                            Bluedog - Fair enough


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                              Re: once again J-MEN!!!

                              Traditional role of husband in japan:
                              1. Brings home the salary.
                              2. Takes a bath with the kids.
                              3. Sleeps

                              Traditional role of wife in japan:
                              1. Does all of the cooking (japanese food ability a must) and shopping
                              2. Does all of the cleaning and washing
                              3. Does all of the other house-related jobs such as gardening, mending, separating the trash into 13 categories and taking it out, etc
                              4. Manages the finances, pays the bills.
                              5. 90 percent of child-rearing duties
                              6. Oversees child's education, meeting with teachers, etc.
                              7. wakes up early to make the bentos
                              8. if husband is the oldest son, the wife takes care of his parents when they get old. That includes changing grandpa's diaper!
                              9. Takes care of husband's sexual needs, until they're done having kids. Then, for some mysterious reason they stop having sex, and the husband goes off to nanpa a new lover at the 100 yen store. (OK, maybe that's just one I know about) J-people are always really shocked to hear that I have a sister who is fifteen years younger than me, mostly because they can't imagine a couple having sex after 16 years of marriage!

                              Of course things are not all like this for everyone and they are changing, but I think it's pretty clear that a gaijin man has fewer responsibilities to live up to than females. Of course lots of J-girls also say no to this kind of life as well. And, many parents are not too pleased to hear that their daughter's gaijin fiance works on a contract basis for some Eikaiwa and doesn't even get bonuses.

                              Young men seem to be more open to a balance of responsibilities, where both the man and woman work and share household duties. Personally, I'd like to get married and stay home and have babies, though I'd go crazy if I had to live with in-laws or my husband started sleeping around.

                              Good luck in Tokyo, Yuki!