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  • Jukujo!

    Does anyone have any advice as to where I can go to meet
    Japanese ladies 40 or over ! married or single okay !
    I love older Japanese women ! (mother play ) etc,.

    I have two now ! I need more !

    Young Japanese women lack content and emotion.

    I appreciate any advice !


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    Re: Jukujo !

    try takashimaya
    or the super market
    the audience of day-time tv shows are full of them

    you could also try the odakyu-sen, since they are always many of them shoving me to the side to get a seat. i agree that they have emotion... as for content, the contents of your bank account are of the upmost importance.


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      Re: Jukujo !

      Thanks for the advice but you know how it goes in this culture.
      If you go up and try an talk to them they scurry away like shy scared dogs.
      There is no special "rule" for getting them either, you are either lucky enough to
      be in the right place at the right time or in the right situation.

      I think they are full of content. I have never been used for money; just fun and talking !
      Are there any special clubs to join ? I know Motomachi has many !
      I heard the Sugamo has many too !


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        Older Japanese ladies !

        Does anyone know where I can meet J women over 40 ?
        lonely housewives ; widows..hehe...
        This is more of a fetish I guess. Does anyone have any experience or any interesting stories that they can share with me ?
        Any advice would be appreciated !



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          Re: Older Japanese ladies !

          in what city?


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            Re: Older Japanese ladies !

            Tokyo or yokohama.


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              Re: Older Japanese ladies !

              keep talkin,..good topic.


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                Re: Older Japanese ladies !

                Nice idea, wrong tactics! From the stories of my more adventurous neighbours and friends, and borrowing a soccer analogy; they play away, not at home. So start checking out Japan's active adventure playground - the "onsen" or hot spring. Closest to Tokyo and Yokohama is Atami, or more further afield, Sakunami in Tohoku and Wakura in Ishikawa. Good Japanese, discrete attention and courteous behaviour are recommended, along with some karaoke and kaiseki ryouri; these are ladies, not girls.



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                  Re: Older Japanese ladies !

                  how do you know trip hop? POST EDITED


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                    Re: Older Japanese ladies !

                    First of all I am a dude !

                    Second of all I am talking from my own personal experience; I am not generalizing !

                    This is a simple post for older Japanese women ! I worship and love the Japanese Jukujo !

                    I think they are the greatest !

                    I need advice on how to meet more ! They to me are the most difficult to get !


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                      Re: Jukujo !

                      Well you say you have two did you end up with those? Maybe that's your answer. Or maybe they have friends to move on to.


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                        Re: Jukujo !

                        Teach an "Eikawa for Mommies"

                        You know it's bad when you have to start fetishizing Japanese women even more than usual, in terms of moving on to new categories like older women. Live and let live, I say...


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                          Re: Older Japanese ladies !

                          You must be charming and considerate...older women don't just hop in the sack like the younger lassies, you know!

                          If you "romance" them with nice compliments, a sense of humor and slow, patient dinner and karaoke, etc, they will warm up to you well enough.

                          Good luck, ne!


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                            Re: Older Japanese ladies !

                            Interesting question.
                            While I'm living in France.
                            One intelligent internaute in Japan adviced me to go to


                            With many message women looking for men we might found your happiness with someone.

                            Good luck

                            If so, I'd be happy for your report

                            Regards-Jean-Pierre from France


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                              Re: Jukujo !

                              lots of bored housewives take classes to keep themselves busy.

                              For instance, you can try finding a dance school. You might be
                              surprised that many of the students are older housewives.