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breakup suru

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  • breakup suru

    i wrote some about our life in this thread few month before:

    so actualy we are back in switzerland and my japanese girlfriend really push me to marry her to get a spouse visa and complain because i'm not keen on having a baby soon... whatever i was told she does'nt like switzerland at all and geneva was a boring city (that was is partialy true) she dont wanna meet new people except swiss-japanese couples we met (who seems not working perfectly as well...)

    the situation getting worse and worse, and in this way i'm not in love anymore but i don't know how to breakup with her, she seems not accept the fact, we tried for two years to build a strong relashionship based on love, truth & tutti quanti but it just not worked.

    that hard to say, we both involved so much energy for nothing, i learned japanese, she learned some french, we don't speak english anymore. but actualy i have to support financialy our couple and i should say this is a pain in the ***. i feel manipulated and just want my celibatery life back.

    in another hand i realised how far from her country she is and how hard may be the landing for her, especialy if she's going back on her family house based in the middle of nowhere close from fukuoka at 26year old...

    i just feel miserable

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    Re: breakup suru

    i am kind of in a similar situation. the best thing would be to be honest and break up with her, sooner rather than later. it is really difficult to break up with japanese really have to stop all communication. 26 is not too old for her to start anew back in japan. there are a lot of young japanese girls who want to live abroad but not really understand it is not always perfect.



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      Re: breakup suru

      If she doesn't like your country than I doubt she'd ever be happy there!

      She's also being anti-social!! Not a god sign.

      If she's just got there than it might be culture shock which might go away.

      But if this after a few years in country it might be a permanent disdain for the place.

      The way things are as you've described them this situation it's clearly not working out!

      you can always tell when things aren't going to work out when you are lving with a chick. The home life is hell. That means it's time to get out!!

      I know form experience..

      I'd say you might need to send her back home!


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        Re: breakup suru

        brother didn't listen the last time they gave advice... why ask again? not going to listen to us...
        alll i see in the last part of the thread is some good advice -- to not fool around with that girl
        but look now, six months later!
        hard head make a soft behind!
        well, as one man to another, wishing the best of luck. peace!


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          Re: breakup suru

          thank for the advice,

          things seems to getting faster, but i dont know, finaly she felt by herself the relationship doesnt work and suddently decided to breakup, recently i'm really depressed due of the situation and she thought it may be better to stay in good therm.
          so we just ended the conversation without big argument or something like this, it was during the lunch at the trainstation... it gonna be hard, the problem his she''s late wit her period, that pretty hard to believe but not impossible... we used condoms and whatever this month i was'nt feeling like aving any sex with her everyday, so i just hope she's just late... o my god, this life will turn into a hell if we are stucked together to feed te kusogakki, amazing because two years ago i was dreaming of that with her, but now...


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            Re: breakup suru

            Funny how now shes "late". Seems that J-women tend to use that quite often. Things will get better just don`t let her get to you.


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              Re: breakup suru

              A lot of people tend to say that Switzerland is a boring country.
              Just like they say that Canada is a really boring country!
              The funny thing is, all of the Swiss people I have met have been really cool, spontaneous, incredibly friendly, warm and interesting people.
              Most of the Canadians I have met fit the same bill.
              My comments have no relation to this thread.
              I will go now.


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                Re: breakup suru

                She's leeching off you mate. Kick her *** out the door and bill her folks for all the money she's been sponging off ya'

                There are too many Japanese girls like that, so don't have no sympathy for her....and definitely a baby will make things worse.

                Post Edited (07-19-04 13:19)


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                  Re: breakup suru

                  Man shes a leech and your not getting anything out of the relationship. Wanna get rid of her go back with her to japan for a visit. Go out to a nice restraunt and go to the bathroom. Then just walk out and leave, find a hotel, and some jgirl entertainment and then get on with your life. Girls like here are everywhere why scoop the bottom of the barrel.