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who had a wedding party?

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  • who had a wedding party?

    out of all the people who married a Japanese woman, how many of you had a wedding party???

    let's hear about your experiances for those who did or why you didn't have a wedding party.

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    Re: who had a wedding party?

    French restaurant. 10,000 yen/person. Speeches all around. No change of clothing by me or my wife, though. Gifts to the in-laws and to 2 special friends. My wife and I split the cost of everything.

    Everything was followed by a casual get-together in a bar for whomever wanted to go.


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      Re: who had a wedding party?

      If we can change this to `Japanese person` it would be better.

      We had 2 formal weddings; 1 Catholic Cathedral wedding in my home country, 1 Shinto wedding at a big shrine here. Big parties after both. We spent about 5 million yen just on the ceremonies, parties and gifts. Add a few more yen for jetting various relatives around.

      (We saved a ton by buying dresses/wedding kimonos from ebay.. it`s MUCH cheaper to buy than rent.) We also skipped the omiai party/gift exchange, as the parties couldn`t meet.

      I think it was worth it. We now have 600-700 happy friends and relatives. As we are both `first` children, it was important to fulfill ALL requirements of both cultures and religions. (As much as possible...)

      Oh, and we had the cash...


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        Re: who had a wedding party?

        Married in New Zealand at university chapel. Small reception of about 30 people at local caterers.

        Reception/party and get-to-know-her relatives at a Nara hotel.


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          Re: who had a wedding party?

          Got married in a court house on Saipan. Only had 4 friends attend the ceremony and nice relaxed champagne brunch afterwards. Both of us wanted to avoid the gross waste of money that goes with a wedding held in Japan. Spent a little of the pile of money we saved on a great honeymoon in Bali.

          On our next trip back to Japan, the in-laws paid for a photo session at a studio where we dressed up in kimonos and had portraits taken. Excellent keep sakes for us, and both our parents. Mother in law was a little disappointed about no having a large formal wedding in Japan, but it was our choice and she went a long with it.

          Another part was a gift exchange with my wife's close relatives and friends.

          Call us cheap, but it is want we both wanted.


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            Re: who had a wedding party?

            I didn't want a big wedding or anything flash as it is so costly and I'm not really into big parties. However, my wife said it wasn't really our choice as a wedding is for the parents and relatives; it is a big occassion for them. I was also told it would be rude not to have a wedding party. In the end we got married in a hotel in Makuhari and there were about 100 guests. It all went very well and I was glad I had a wedding with all the works in the end. We had a two hour video taken as well so it can be watched many times. It is something show the kids as well.


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              Re: who had a wedding party?

              I had a regular English wedding then a crazy Shinto one in Tokyo.
              I couldn't speak much Japanese at the time so everyone was having trouble explaining what I had to do.
              Eventually my mother in law tuned up and said she would translate, great except for the fact she couldn't speak a word of English.
              My favorite bits apart form the crazy get up and music were the three times sake thing and the priest singing my name in a Japanese chant.


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                Re: who had a wedding party?

                I married my Japanese wife in a small wedding chapel in her hometown. Between 75 and 100 people present. The ceremony was as much for the parents who paid for the whole thing (about 3 million yen). It was a great opportunity for my in-laws to introduce me to their friends. I have had a few job offers from these same friends since the ceremony. Practice your Japanese, just to be polite.