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Just a little reminder...

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  • Just a little reminder...

    Something that I came across today. I've been reading a lot of posts about promiscuous activity lately!

    *Don't forget, condoms DO break*

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    Re: Just a little reminder...

    Actually....I was going to make a post about this....referring specifically to Japan. Japan, as I understand it, is one of the few "1st world" nations that has an increasing rate of HIV/AIDS. However, the government seems to be doing very little to bring awareness or combat the Japanese friends knowledge of various STD`s/STI`s is shockingly low.......

    Can someone who works in a public school (with a sex-ed program) chime in on the issue?? What are the sex-ed programs like here?

    Any other comments on the Japan AIDs/HIV issue? I really can see the rate climbing here.....with lack of public knowledge and the governments inability to produce an honest and effective public awareness campaign etc.

    "Jackie....all models in my movies are of age....Treehorn"


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      Re: Just a little reminder...

      Here's another...

      I also can't believe that no steps are being made to prevent this kind of thing. Ignoring the issue will not make this problem go away. In fact, it will feed it! Does the ministry of health/education not care about the welfare of its own children and grandchildren? I just can't believe it.

      Yes, condoms can break... but at least it's an attempt to be safe (if you decide to be promiscuous.) And if used properly, condoms are very effective (something like 99%) in preventing the transfrer is diseases.


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        Re: Just a little reminder...

        Old people in Japan must hate their kids and wish they would sex-ed, no seat belts in cars, etc.


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          Re: Just a little reminder...


          I think that what Japan needs a cleansweep: replace all of these elderly politicians with modern, open-minded young ones. Is this just some sh*tty impossible dream? If not, when will it happen? When everyone who is old dies?


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            Re: Just a little reminder...

            People with power do everything they can to keep their power. Just because a previous prime minister resigned doesn't mean they aren't pulling the strings anymore. Take a look at Hashimoto- he's still the head of one of the largest LDP factions.

            If you want to read about a clean sweep, take a look at "Executive Orders" by Tom Clancy. He's ridiculously idealistic in the book, but it's still interesting to read. Or Voyage from Yesteryear by James P Hogan, if you're more into science fiction.