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Meeting Women (Under 28)

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  • Meeting Women (Under 28)

    My apologies if this is a stupid question.

    The Cliff's Notes:

    Basically, I'm having trouble meeting women around my age(23) or younger.

    I live a little out of the way (an hour down the Joban) from Tokyo.

    There seem to be two possibilities: find a (relatively) local girlfriend, or find a girlfriend in Tokyo.

    The place I live is definitely not Tokyo(no clubs, no bars with an environment suitable for talking to strangers), so I have had essentially *zero* luck where I live.

    I work as an ALT in a Junior High School, and not at an Eikaiwa, so I can't really meet women through work.

    I've asked myself this question many times: "What do the (18-24 year-old) girls that live here do on the weekends?" The answer, I believe, is "They go to Tokyo."

    I've met a few women at international parties in Tokyo, but they all seem to be A) 28-35, and B) (mostly) looking for potentially marriageable boyfriends.

    I get the impression that it would be *a lot* easier if I lived in Tokyo, but I can't do anything about that at the moment.

    My question is: What is a good way to meet younger (18-24 year-old) women when I'm only in Tokyo occasionally? I wouldn't mind going to Tokyo often if I had a girlfriend there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

    Where do you live?? There is something going on everywhere.
    Worst case scenario... go to where the brazilians hang out.


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      Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

      Ushiku. Total suburbia.

      There is a Shirokiya by the station. There are a few bars around.

      Maybe there is something a few stations closer to Tokyo. Maybe Toride or Kashiwa has something. But if so, I don't know what.


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        Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

        Man, that's pretty far out. What do people in Tsukuba usually do? Unfortunately, Ueno or Kita-Senji (nearest terminals) aren't a hot spot for young women... you have to go all the way to the west side of the city, like Shinjuku or Shibuya.

        Maybe try church if you're religious, or if there's a university around, find out where they hang out.


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          Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

          Well, you probably won't believe me, but Tsukuba *does not have a station*. They are building one, and (I hear) it will be operational in the fall. They're building a whole new line actually.

          Of course, once the station is put in, all the girls will probably go to Tokyo, too.

          I can go to Tsukuba, because I have a car. There is a gaijin bar/cafe in Tsukuba called crowd9. Run by a really nice Canadian guy.

          But if I go there and drink, because of the car thing, I have to stay there all night. I got pulled over one night; talk about a close call. Won't do that again. $%&#!$@ zero limit! Very inconvenient. I've tried to make the place work for me a few times, but the only time anything happened was with a 27 year-old. Good fun in terms of bedroom gymnastics, but I'm looking for a girl I'll see regularly.

          But so far, it's the best place around. I guess I might just have to work the place hard...


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            Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

            Yeah, Tsukuba is a hellhole if you have no car. And never ever ever ever ever drink and drive- the penalties here are REALLY REALLY REALLY severe. And don't even think about speeding either.

            If you go to Tokyo to meet a girlfriend, it'll take up a lot of your time and money just to get there. Go local or move into the city. There has to be young Japanese women at the universities in Tsukuba or somewhere on the Joban line...


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              Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

              Well, I hadn't drank for two hours or so. I had only had two guinesses. I was fine. The question is, how long does it take to get back to a true *zero*? So I think I'm going to have to self-enforce a rule: stop drinking by three, never leave until 6am no matter what.

              I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I need to ask one of the young female bartenders at crowd9 where a good place to go is.

              Hmm... I already get enough excercise, but maybe I can find a gym to join or something. Do younger Japanese women go to gyms?

              Thanks for the advice.


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                Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                I live in Tsukuba and have done for 14 years if you want to hook up with girls in Tokyo just put and ad in the pen friend section of

                Say you live near Tokyo weed out the leeches and go meet a few for a lunch date.

                Thats what I do all the time. Mind you I'm a bit of a man whore !!

                Give it a try enjoy.


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                  Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                  Yeah, the train is great. It is just a numbers game. The more girls you talk to and make laugh, the more "good luck" you will have.

                  There is a brazilian bar in Ishioka I know of. you will probably be better off there.
                  Also those country girls use the various single services because they are looking for the same thing you are.

                  Tsukuba has some clubs and often you can cruise around them and pull alongside cars with girls in it and pick some up in that manner.

                  The school campus sounds like a good option too.


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                    Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                    "Basically, I'm having trouble meeting women around my age(23) or younger."
                    make friends with japanese guys 23 or younger.


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                      Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                      Hey Encephelon,
                      I'm living in Kandatsu, so if you find out where all the young hotties are, let me know. I'm convinced that there's something in the water in Ibaraki that makes everybody ugly and stupid. No offense to anybody in Ibaraki, but I don't drink the water just to be on the safe side.


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                        Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                        Basically, you gotta do the all nighter. That's what it takes.
                        Get your a*ss to roppongi if needed. At least half the hos are from out of town anyway so you're bound to meet someone from chiba, ibaraki or wherever sooner or later.

                        I've had chicks from tochigi, ibaraki (toride and abiko) and chiba, all met in roppongi (years ago when i was single, of course). funny thing is i lived in tokyo, and they all took the big train ride to tokyo (pun intended).


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                          Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                          Join and look through their's pretty good, and you can search all Japan!!


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                            Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                            Thanks to everyone for their advice.

                            I've tried the internet thing(including asoboo) and haven't had that much success... There aren't enough locals signed up, and the Tokyo girls seem to back off when they hear how far I live. The successes I have are all over 27.

                            FYI, I've heard that and are great. Unfortunately, I have no method to pay the premium.

                            I have a couple of younger Japanese male friends, but they live in Tokyo. But I'm working it. A 30 year-old woman I befriended at an international party works at a department store. So if she doesn't want to go the ecchi/relationship route, she might be able to hook me up.

                            By the way, has anyone been to the international parties in Shibuya? How are the gender/age ratios there? Any different?

                            Morning Star, you're actually on to something about the water here... (I've been told that) The water in southern Ibaraki all comes from Kasumigaura Lake. And a student of a friend of mine says his mother (who works in Tsukuba) studies the water problems here. And his family STILL drinks the tap water. There's the stupid part for you. But as far as ugly goes, when crowd9 is at it's peak, there are some *hot* women there. Where is Kandatsu, by the way? Tsuchiura or something?

                            Tried the all-nighter thing in Roppongi once. Didn't have much luck. Maybe I just don't know "the method". And I can't really dance, which doesn't help much. I just spent way too much money.

                            Thanks again


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                              Re: Meeting Women (Under 28)

                              Go to Kashiwa.....u wont be disappointed.