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can you trust the STD clinics

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  • can you trust the STD clinics

    I'm going to a free STD clinic in Tokyo, they will test you but won't give you any treatment. Will I get infected from the test ? Will they use clean not previously used swabs etc ? @I'm sure they will but I've so many horror storys about people getting infected with hepatitis B or C from unsterilized equipment, they weren't infected from doing STD tests though just using some kind of a machine. Just a bit scared about it all.

    I also heard from a doctor that the gonorrohear test isn't accurate as many doctors are connected with other hospitals and send the bacteria to separate lab in their connected hospital. Because of this, the bacteria often dies and the result is negative despite the patient actually being infected. The chlamidiya test of urine is supposed to be ok though!

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    Re: can you trust the STD clinics

    Your being paranoid this insn't rhural China in the late nineties with black trucks spreading HIV and other ailments!!

    These clinics are clean!

    The information disclosed from these tests is confidential!

    Many doctors even speak English in Japan well enough to answer many of your questions!

    Just go and be done with it and get it off your mind!!!


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      Get immunized...

      You knowc you can be immunized for both Hepatitous A and B. It's a shame that anyone would contract it in this day and age. I would highly recommend it to anyone staying more than a few weeks in *any* Asian country, and if you're sleeping with the locals... jeez. You should have been immunized before you ever came over. Even in America, it's become a standard part of the boosters.