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So, where did you two meet?

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  • So, where did you two meet?

    A fairly regular visitor to our little cyber-world here has recently disclosed that he has had sex with 1,000 women. Now, even applying the ages old formula first devised by the Israelite mathematician Bendem Overnramitin:
    "Men will exaggerate their conquests, women will under-report; therefore, to arrive at an accurate figure, one must, in the case of men, divide by two and take the square root. In the case of women, well, any slut that has slept with anyone but myself is already defiled, so forget her."

    Even given the resulting reduction in numbers upon application of this so-called Stuffitin Theorem, that leaves a certain young man, whose handle itself implies moral dissolution, with a hell of a lot of ruined futons (even assuming that not all were gushers, despite the notable Native Tendency towards that strange and exotic custom).

    The question of the day is, where are such proudly proclaiming prodigiously promiscuous prodrockers meeting this bountiful bevy of fleshy folds?

    What I want to know is, where is everyone meeting their units of significant interpersonal and physical interaction? Details and contact information for any particularly memorable ones is most welcome.

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    Re: So, where did you two meet?

    K, sorry Im@not posting answer to your question, but merely a thank you for making me laugh, your posts are hilarious, and although Im down with a bad cold, you have once again managed to me me laugh out loud.

    BTW, I didnt realize that was a Native Tendency, I thought my partner was just like that...interesting.

    Thanks again K, keep em coming...


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      Re: So, where did you two meet?

      When I came to Japan a couple of years ago, I decided to take a slow leisurely route, and one of the places I paused at was Sumatra, Indonesia. I was on the ferry from Singapore to Medan, and I was feeling uneasy about being an Australian only a year after Australia had virtually declared war on Indonesia and stolen East Timor from the Indonesian Empire. And the ferry was huge -- level after level of families sleeping on communal bunks ,it was easy to get lost in the place. I was worried at the beginning that I was going to get lynched because I was a white Australian, but in the end, as usual in East Asia, I became a mini celebrity. Nobody cared about the war in East Timor, or the pro-American stance of the Australian government. People were easy to fogive that. The only thing they cared about, was enjoying the strrangeness of the exotic stranger.

      Anyway (approaching the point of my story) while I was on this Indonesian ship, I met a man who proudly pronoucned: "I have had sex with 1000 women!" Initally, I thought he was ssuper stud. But, gradually, I realised, that in Indonesia, his statement had a different connotation. Indoensian women don't have sex before they are married, unless they are prostitutes. So, he was saying he had sex with 1000 prostitutes, which is a totally different thing from saying that he had 1000 girlfriends. It is a totally different thing indeed.


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        Ii amoko,
        Thanks. Glad to hear that I am aiding in the relief of the ill. As for that Native Tendency, it may be universal, but I never came face to face with it (as in literally) until I got here. Maybe I wasn't properly fulfilling my duties back at home.

        1000 hookers?? Yuk. Good story.


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          What are the odds of not contracting an STD after sleeping with 1000 girls? And me not being the type of person who fully understands this behavior, what's the advante to sleeping with 1000 girls, as opposed to sleeping with maybe 10 girls 100 times? Everyone brags about their exploits, but if someone told me they slept with 1000 women, I'd think that they must have some major personality defects.

          And I guess I'll actually be the first to answer the original question of this post. I actually met her at a pretty lame internation friends party. I only really went because it was my second day in the country and I was too burned out to think of anything to do on my own. Of course, this is the same girl whom my 'advice needed' post is about.


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            i mostly look under wet, moldy rocks in the forest..

            but when home, in Tokyo (which is rare these days) i go to DA CLUUUUB to pick up da chicks. where else is there?


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              Show me yours...

              Perhaps you'd like to tell us about how many chicks you've plundered and reduced to notches on your belt? It will give the rest of us some idea of where to start one-up'ing you. While we're at it, how many times have you cheated on your girlfriends/wives?
              Anyway, who could possibly keep track of 1,000, much less 100 women that they slept with. I have a hard time counting past 10, much less remembering what I ate for breakfast this morning.


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                Interesting question...

                -This is my third year in Japan now and I have come across a few foreigners that say out loud their so-called `scores.` My flatmate boasted about this but it was pretty obvious that he was just a compulsive liar, about this and other things. Has a person got a point to prove when he boasts continuously?

                -The point is that these people have nothing to prove by boasting unless it`s with another boaster, so be it. Are they exagerating, probably.


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                  I agree full-heartedly with Ageless:

                  - People who boast about their 'conquests' have absolutely no class and always exaggerate quite a bit to hide some form of insecurity or failed love life; or it is a way for them to manifest their sexual phantasms as if they were real.

                  - On another note, the fact that one sleeps with many women is not something to be proud about, IMHO. It merely shows how shallow he is. Something to be proud about, is when one could stay faithful to his girlfriend/wife, even through troubled times; when one puts the well-being and happiness of his wife and children above all else and who lives for and with his family / loved one(s).

                  I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that in my life, I have only had one girlfriend. We met when I was 23.5, started dating when I was 25 and now we have been together for over 3 years. Our relationship hasn't been easy on times, due to practical issues, but we both keep working at it to slowly but surely make our dream come true of being happily married together. We share a love that is true and strong, that goes far beyond the mere physical and I can safely say I would put her life over mine, as she would do the same.
                  That is, I must admit, something I'm proud of.
                  If I would be a womenizer, then I would crawl under a rock and never get out of it, out of pure shame.

                  But hey, each has his own values and views...
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                    Realistic Harem Building

                    I agree with madmaxxam that sleeping with 10 women 100 times is better than sleeping with 1000 women 1 time each. Maybe I am different from the norm, but I think having a small rather than huge harem is the best way to go. I have to agree with a lot of people here, the guys who brag about how many girls they have slept with, are obviously suffering from some kind of insecurity problem. When they say they have slept with 1000 women, what they are really saying is: "I slept with 1000 women, but still I didn't commit to any of them." Because that, I think, is the main motivation with these guys -- it is not the sex but the avoidance of commitment that really counts. The final step of this behavior pattern is that they have to aggressively publicise how many women they have slept with. If they didn't publicise their exploits, then their friends and family would be asking: "Well, I notice you don't have a partner at the moment. Why is that?" But if the guy has built up the image of being a super-stud, nobody would ask him that. They would just say: "You're such a stud -- you must have a million girlfriends." But in reality they have zero girlfriends. Because they don't want to have a girlfriend, to begin with. They want to be alone.


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                      10,000 ladies

                      I think it was Wilt Chamberlin who proclaimed that he had sex with 10,000 women, or some other insanely high amount... I for one have known one or two guys in my life who have indeed had sex with over 100 or 200 different women but they were shallow people devoid of any real depth. In fact they had only one true hobby and that was trying to sleep with more ladies. I suspect the ladies they had sex with quickly discoved how shallow and vain they were since within a short period of time they were once again single and on the prowl.
                      I suppose some men dream of such prowess.
                      Think of sex with your partner as wine. You have to sample enough wine in life to know when you are truly tasting a master Petit Sirah or a run of the mill Rioja. Perhaps ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to this subject... I for one am quite satisfied to have my "list" and to have had the experiences both good and bad with the various partners I have had in life. I think women should feel the same way. Taste the food, sample the cuisine before you choose a life partner you will be glad you did.
                      1000 partners simply means you are obsessive compulsive, egotistical and quite likely in need of a visit to the doctor for an STD
                      100, 50, 30, 10 ... its a personal choice but how else are you gonna know how good your selection is unless you can compare the experience ?


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                        For the Record,
                        Kurogane has never "plundered", nor reduced women to the level of "notches on his belt". I do not have a head count, which would amount to little more than the above. What I have had, as with many, I am sure, is a healthy mixture of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (the relationships, not the women, eh). And not too many of them, I think. Living a peripatetic existence makes it hard to keep things going. AND YES, I know that's just another F'in excuse.

                        FYI, (Morning Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The goofy bit was intended as satire. Those who didn't pick up on it, get a sense of humour, or, if you have one, READ MORE CLOSELY THAT WHICH YOU CRITICISE. You should know by now that however much of an Idiot I like to be, the dehumanisation of fellow homo sapiens is not one of my tendencies (except for attacking trolls who attack those that don't deserve it. That's my inner Batman speaking)

                        As for those who made thoughtful, insightful comments: YES. Kurogane agrees. Esp. the bits about quality over quantity, both in numbers and in frequency. That bit about making love more often to a lesser number of women was truly beautiful. Once you know what each other wants, you can truly slip the surly bonds of this sordid earth, and ride like Icarus into the light. Maybe I, like Icarus, always get too confident about how close I can fly to the sun. ?


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                          So what are you saying, you date fungi?


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                            ... and worms, and maggots, and other burrowing, no-brain lifeforms.


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                              I took the original question of the thread to to mean that you wanted to discuss where the self-proclaimed studs meet the chicks, not the ins and outs of the male psyche. nobody seems to want to answer the original question.. whats the dilly yo