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  • British???????????????????????

    Have lived in Brighton,
    I just miss there,,,and Brit.English...

    wanna be friends?

    EMI xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Last edited by Ueberuser; 2004-08-27, 04:15 PM.

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    maybe ....


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      Qu'est que c'est le rationale pour cette poste, s'il vous plait?


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        Is Emi hot?

        If she's a cutie, I can guess Emi will get many!


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          Can we be friends ?

          Lets enjoy. My daughter`s good for nothing boyfriend has festooned the house with
          spent french letters, what more is there to lose ?
          Why did you like Brigton by the way ?
          BTW I heard from Rodney, he is having some kind of identity crises but sends best wishes to Kuro and sinno


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            Hi Maki's Mum,
            Can I spend my french letters on your face, errr, I mean you next time?
            Give my best to Rodney, who is hurting his post count average by masquerading, BTW.


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              Brighton eh.....

              Why did you go to one of the worst places in UK ?

              To study? I wouldnt live there if i was paid........nice pier though....


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                you lived in Brighton, hey let me tell you this, Brighton has nothing going for itself, a dodgy council, dodgy property developers, homeless, drugs, flatland, rising crime and a pier which is falling into the sea ah! one other thing, confusion about a new football stadium..


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                  Comical isnt it.....detect my irony eh Henry!

                  Whose your footy team then......Rooneys off so im in a state of ____ Knight still the brighton chairman?


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                    Fat Boy Slim?

                    Brighton? THEDON This can only be one man! I claim my G&T from you and request you keep the noise down more at night.

                    I think Emi is looking decent English buddies in Tokyo. This is a rare thing. I only know 4 of my countrymen and 3 I wish I didn't.

                    Good luck Emi babe! You'll need it and I pray that you never encounter 'David Brent'. Anyone here seen the office? This guy is just like Jervais' character in looks an mannerisms only he doesn't know it...............ask THEDON.

                    The Professor (Evil Man of Science).


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                      Wanted:: Apartment share:: Flatmate:: Etc...........hmm that thread gave me a lot of info about you......however....WHO are you???

                      1 You think im similar to a famous comedian.....
                      2 Its Gervais
                      3 Im a celebrity boxing champion
                      4 Keep the noise down?! Im rarely at home-dont tell any burglars.....or in fact dont rob me.
                      5 David Brent is a fictional character......
                      6 Well Done.....Well Done

                      7 Im not English.....well done.
                      Last edited by THEDON; 2004-09-01, 12:52 AM.


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                        Originally posted by THEDON
                        Why did you go to one of the worst places in UK ?

                        To study? I wouldnt live there if i was paid........nice pier though....
                        Haha! It's not that bad, and is certainly not one of the worst places in the UK. I've lived here for 7ish years and haven't had any trouble. Certainly better than the hellhole that is Leeds.


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                          Couldnt argue with you there......then theres Oldham.


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                            The Lamest Mugging Ever happened to me while I lived in Leeds.

                            I was walking home at 3am, ludicrously stoned. An enormous drunk guy confronted me and yelled, 'Give me your phone!!'. Feeling more indestructible than perhaps I should have, I just carried on walking, saying, 'No, sorry!' , in the same way as you would say to a beggar asking for change.

                            The would-be mugger stopped for a second, then screamed 'GIVE ME YOUR PHONE YOU _______!!!!' . 'No!' I shouted, power-walking off into the distance. It was one of my best personal achievements, especially considering that I was also carrying my brand new 2500 laptop in a bag at the same time. I only wish it was something I could put on my CV.

                            Ah, Leeds. And this was just after I had moved house because I was burgled twice in two months. This is one of the reasons why I want to go to Japan! Stinkin' UK.


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                              Hyde Park's a lovely place. How dare you knock it. Now Woodhouse Road....