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  • Regional Women

    I'm just wondering what people have to say about women from different regions of Japan.

    I know the stereotypical image of people in general from, for example, Kanto, Osaka, and Kyoto. Tokyo has the culture of the bushi, Osaka has the culture of the merchants, and Kyoto has the culture of the aristocracy. So Osaka women(and men, I guess) are supposed to be more colorful, direct, and open. Kanto people are supposed to be brisker. And Kyoto people are supposed to be aloof and a bit snobbish.

    Supposedly, a man from Tokyo and a woman fom Kyoto are considered an ideal match. A somewhat masculine man, and a somewhat refined, aloof, slightly snobbish woman.

    I'm just wondering if anyone who has lived in multiple areas has some insight into this. I'm thinking of issues particular to relationships, but any general insights are of course welcome.

    Ladies(if you are out there), feel free to comment on male partners as well, I guess.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Kyushu Women

    I have heard similar things regarding regions in Japan. After all, ANYWHERE you go in Japan, even the smallest "Higashi-Inaka-Yama" town, has SOME kind of regional Omiyage or obscure food/dialect/characteristic, etc. The same holds true for Japanese women, at least in popular theory.

    That said, most women in Kyushu are known to be like the Country Girls back home in Small-town, USA. Definitely rural-minded (outside of Fukuoka City), deferential to their (somewhat uncouth at times) Men, and very much interested in marriage and child-rearing. They make good homesteadin' wives, much like our good ole Southern belles.

    Now, these are stereotypes, but like all stereotypes, have some bearing in truth!!


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      Wow. Everything I've ever heard about Kyushu makes me not want to go there. Kind of like Mississippi or Texas.


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        Originally posted by encephalon
        Wow. Everything I've ever heard about Kyushu makes me not want to go there. Kind of like Mississippi or Texas.
        I don't know about Kyushu, but Yamaguchi definitely reminds me of small town America. The people here could give people from Oklahoma a run for their money in the friendliness sweepstakes. I've been here four months and have had exactly ONE encounter with a J man (and a very old man at that) who was a bit rude to me. Everybody loves you here. I can stop anyone on the street and ask them for directions, or to practice Japanese with me, and they will act like it is fun for them. I haven't travelled to any of the other regions, but I doubt I'd have it this good in Tokyo.