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  • Cheap love hotels

    Where are the cheap (but not nasty) love hotels in Tokyo? I`ve got a huge date planned tomorrow, and due to logistical reasons, we`ll have to use one. Problem is, my financial situation is a bit tight until I get my next pay check (due to overspending on Pocky, purikura and Men`s Egg magazine). I don`t want the clerks to give me a 12000 yen slap in the face again. That was up the hill in Shibuya.

    Are there any hotels on the Yamanote line where the rest rate is less than 5000 yen? If you know of any, give me names! and adresses!! Please, help a young man in need!!!

    Thank you!!

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    YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You've got to the Third Date Level, I see. Proceed with caution, young Skywalker. May your Force be strong within her.

    As for the hotels, sorry man, no details. What about Shin-Okubo area? That whole area does seem a little, err, Greasy, though.

    Have fun.


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      Love Hotel Hill

      Try Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya. Can`t get a bigger selection anywhere else on the planet.
      In general, 12000 Yen should not be necessary, no matter where you go.


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        I actually did a little research on this. By research I really do mean just walking around looking at several hotels and comparing prices, so I can't tell you about the interiors of more than a few. I think Shibuya tends to be the most expensive and fastest to fill up. There were some hotels in Shinjuku back by one of those big movie theatres in Kabukicho. The cheapest one I saw (I've actually use this one) was 4000 for 3 hours, even on a friday night. It was a little dumpy -- no music, no complementary rubbers, but served its function well enough. I also scouted around Ikebukuro a little as it's the closest big station to me. There were a few hotels near the Tobu exit in the 4-5000 range for a rest (2-3 hours) that didn't appear to change on the weekends. From the outside, they seemed nicer than the one in Shinjuku, but I didn't go inside. One advertised Karaoke if you're into that sort of thing....


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          shib and shinjuku hotels are expensive. go to uguisudani. its the f#%kin' cheapskate love hotel tengoku. enjoy peeling yourselves off the sheets in the morning.


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            Love hotels are so pedestrian...If you want a real kick, try the outdoors, do it in the road, or while sitting on the can. While you're doing it, whisper in her ear how much money you're saving. Drives 'em wild!

            At Yoyogi park, the trouser snakes only come out at night.


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              Having a go outside sounds hot...

     the toliet sounds a bit seedy.


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                Yoyogi is grim. Hibiya Koen is the accepted No Rules Apply Zone for younger couples. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the homeless. Apparently some of them like to try and join in. That happened to me, errr, a good friend, once. Yucky. Really freaked out my girl.

                Toilets are strictly porno manga material. Those public toilets smell foul.


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                  hibiya park has all the hentai gay bums i hear tho. they are notorious about staring at salaryman willies in the public toilet on the corner of the park nearest to ginza..

                  i had a friend who managed to do it in an alley in Akihabara.. very romantic.

                  .. i myself have managed to get busy in a construction site next to the Sumida river near Ryogoku once. its good for the view, and there's nobody around at night.

                  also, if youre brave and the weather's good, take her up to a roof of some random apartment building and get freaky★


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                    My goodness, a park? construction site? a toilet? Come on guys, this young grasshopper just wanted some good simple romance for under 5000 yen! You dirty, dirty people!
                    ____agiDorobo, thanks for that. I was greatly moved that you actually did some research on this topic. I would like to fold that up and put in my pocket for later use, if I may.
                    Kurogane, this young grasshopper is truly appreciative of your wise relationship advice, with a healthy sprinkling of indecipherable vocabulary.
                    But here`s a word that will haunt me for the days until the next date: せいり. Alas, my blue ball syndrome continues. But thanks for the info anyway. I hope to put it to good and just use next time!



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                      you may. I know my directions weren't specific, but you can probably ask somebody at a convenience store if you get lost. Some girls here seem to be shy about that sorta thing, though...


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                        Sorry to hear that James. Every girl has her own pace though. And if she's young and hasn't had many bf before... good luck. Or maybe she just needs to do some more yoga before she can handle the gaijin monster. 頑張って。 The best part about a slightly older woman is that the lead time is usually small to non-existent. (After our first go it was 'are we dating now?')


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                          Point me to the nearest tub

                          You really are a sweetie...Or does the sight of blood make you swoon?

                          Women, my boy, are horniest just before and during their period. So why wait?

                          Of course it's a bloody horrorshow, but if you scoop her in the bathtub with the shower running all of that purple eggnog will harmlessly flow out between your legs...


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                              Can point you to an absolute shocker in the Kich if you're interested.
                              This one would beat others hands down in the seediness stakes and as to why this is being offered is it would make other love hotels and even back alleys in Akihabara and hentai homeless bums looking at your willy in public loos look pleasant.

                              This one had the most gross threadbare turquoise (and sticky in parts) carpet ,wallpaper curling off the walls at all angles,a cracked mirror on the ceiling above the bed and the coup de grace would've been the stain glass window illuminating light in from the bathroom .The window showed an image of a naked woman pulling a rubber out it's packet using her teeth.

                              It was our finest hour.

                              Self edit.

                              This post is one of pure fabrication. It does in no way reflect upon the fine upstanding character of the poster.

                              Did I beat you home, mate?
                              Last edited by pigpen; 2006-06-04, 05:00 PM.