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Cute or cool?

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  • Cute or cool?

    Which team do you bat for? (that`s the cute team or the cool team (sorry, poorly phrased)). I came across an advertisement of the train the other day for An-An magazine, in which one of the topics was "Kako Ii Onna vs Kawaii Onna", and that got me thinking. Both of these species have their pros and cons, and I would like to hear from the guys here about your opinions and / or experiences.
    Basically : Cutie or Beauty - which do you prefer and why?
    I`m sure all of our girlfriends fall into one of these categories, so please, speak up! But sorry Kurogane, "dirty, dirty, dirty girl" lovers are exluded from making any recommendations, but feel free to divulge some of that splendid vocabularly that only a sensei of your prestige can do.
    Anyway people, what are your thoughts?

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    Is this for boys only or can girls play too? If so, I imagine beautiful would have to be replaced with handsome...though I've been known to say a man is beautiful on occasion.

    Just wondering -


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      usually cool=cute (+style) too


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        Girls can definitely be ugly, but cool to the point where they're attractive. My japanese ain't perfect, but I wouldn't equate kako ii with beautiful. I thought it had more to do with attitide and style. I'd have to say cool ugly girl will probably remain interesting longer than a cute dull girl. Probably more fun in bed too -- If you can convince her to wear a bad over her head... sorry, that wasn't very nice, was it?
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          OK, let`s just say cool = beauty.

          Yeah, sure girls can join in, Person!
          I wouldn`t equate kako ii with beautiful either, but the magazine was implying that, and I usually take Japanese fashion magazines as being the gospel truth (note: cryptically inserted sarcasm). For the benefit of this forum, let`s just say cool = beauty.
          Of course, what category your girl or your type of girl falls under, is your interpretation. But what it it about that genre (cutie or beauty) that made you interpret her that way?
          Interesting theories, bring forth more, I say!


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            Cutie or beauty has almost no bearing on whether or not I find a chick attractive. Some of the girls I've gone out with probably couldn't be put into either of those categories. There has to be a certain amount of attraction, but how well you get along with someone is more important.

            This is probably similar to Cosmopolitan or Elle where they talk incessantly about what kind of nail polish and shampoo gets the guys. Girls like obsessing about this stuff, but most guys I know couldn't give a rat's ass.


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              In regards to that, Morning Star -

              I'm always amazed to hear the things men (as well as women) comment on/find appealing (about myself or others). While I'm sure all the "exterior" things don't hurt (clothes, makeup, etc.), it's usually the things we can't change so much that people...respond to (maybe someone's eyes, smile, etc.). Certainly, we can play up those features; however, with a girl like me (I don't wear a lot of makeup), people either like those features or they don't (standing on their own merit so to speak).

              I've often heard it said/been told that men (maybe women too) look at the "whole package". Therefore, maybe it's difficult to pinpoint one thing that makes someone "cute" or "cool" or "beautiful" or "handsome" or whatever. For some people, though, there can be one thing that really catches your eye about the opposite sex (for example, part of their body).

              Not really any helpful info. here in terms of defining any of the adjectives. But then, tastes vary...we know that. As for my personal taste in men - smart, successful, kind, funny, interested, interesting............not ugly (notice where this falls). More so than appearance, the other qualities make someone "attractive", in my opinion.

              Cheers -

              P.S. Given the nature of some of my other posts recently, I can't believe I forgot to add - HONEST/TRUSTWORTHY. I must be settling...
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                Speaking of cute.....
                I cant stand this Japanese overemphasis on cute girls. The have to be so damm cute in everything they do. Their stupid little hand gestures and the ear splitting high pitched voices and of course the clothes they wear. Actually not many women are really like that here I dont think, but when I turn on the TV thats all I see. Of course to qualify to be cute they have to be as thick as sh!t. And J-guys love it.

                By the way cute and beautiful are definitely distinguished here. When talking about this girl at work with these Japanese guys I said this girl was nice looking and they were like "beautiful or cute". After I pointed the girl out everyone said she was cute not beautiful. Guys I know here often choose cute over sexy. To me a girl who plays the cute role does so at the detriment of sexiness.
                I guess the same could be said for guys but in different ways.

                Lets start a revolution and have anti-cute protests. Only cool, pretty, sexy, and beautiful will remain, with "nasty" to fill the void of what was once cute. The cute culture must die and with your help we can thrust a blade deep into the heart of this hello kitty accessory era.


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                  Originally posted by Da Gster
                  Lets start a revolution and have anti-cute protests. Only cool, pretty, sexy, and beautiful will remain, with "nasty" to fill the void of what was once cute.
                  hey, now... some of us like "nasty" girls...
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                    There is something strangely attractive about a woman that turns her panties inside out so she can wear them for two days.

                    Can I get a witness?!


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                      This is NOT the Fetish thread, dammit.
                      You need to go get a beer REALLY soon
                      Thanks for the laugh.


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                        My brother always said that drowning in beer would be like heaven. Well, my brother's not here and I have 2 soakers... This isn't heaven, THIS SUCKS!

                        Almost beer time. Hey, where did the fetish thread go anyway,... I thought this was it.


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                          Well, it is now, I guess.
                          At least it hasn't been hijacked by all that political mumbo jumbo. Maybe now we can roll up our sleeves and get down to some serious fetish fun. No rubber, though. Too sweaty.


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                            How about the Otaku team? Any takers there? But seriously, I really go on a case by case basis, and don't think about the distinction between cute vs. cool. Although I find that I am more often put off by the personalities of the 'cool' crowd.


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                              The 'cool' peole here always kind of remind me of the In Crowd at home. Vapid Posers, always looking for The New Kid in Town. I have dated a few Cool Girls, but I always felt like a bit of Arm Candy. Now, when we say Cute, do we mean Kawaii, or those annoying Cutesie girls. In that case, cool is a bit easier to take.