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  • Which city?

    Hello all,

    Well I've decided to come to Japan next spring. Right now I've been doing tons of research about where to live. Before I decided to come here I had always wanted to check out Japan because it just seemed so different and interesting to me. I came to this site and learned quite quickly that gaijin men (and women to of course) are considered quite the novelty item and can get quite a bit of action in Japan. I'm from Toronto, Canada, and I am a good looking guy who is quite personable. However if any of you know anything about Toronto it is that women (and men here too probably) can be quite cold. So now that my disclaimer has been said, where is the best city in Japan to live for a 23 year old male gaijin that wouldn't mind sowing his oates for at least a couple months, and then wouldn't mind meeting a nice girl after that. One city I'm not really interested in living in is Tokyo, but I'm open to all suggestions. I'm researching where I want to live based on various things, but I figured I'd just get an opinion on this aspect from the people who frequent the relationship section. All sorts of girls, good girls, bad girls, it's all fun, so long as they are not COLD. Don't worry though, I don't plan on being an arrogant ******* mr. charisma when I arrive there, but I don't mind playing the Gaijin card if it is advantageous for everyone involved. Also, if anyone can specify where NOT to go (because gaijin are not desireable there, women are cold, but not because you just don't want the competition) then that would be appreciated to. Cheers and thanks for any advice.

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    stay at home

    Do everyone in Japan and yourself a favour and stay in Toronto filling your bin with tissues you
    brainless monster.
    So you want to come to Japan and "sow your oates". Why not just put that on your landing form at customs ? I`m sure they`ll love you for that.


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      Oooh, quick Kurogane, it's Maki's mom, get your fill of eye candy.

      And you say you've decided to come to Japan next Spring. Do you actually have a certificate or a sure fire way over here so the rest of us have to dread another gaijin that makes us look bad as a group? Stay away from Kansai, that stomping ground is already taken by Kurogane, Bluedog, myself and others. I think if there's one more gaijin in the Kansai region you're bound to see some race riots.


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        I put "Mercenary" on my landing form at customs, so I'm sure that they wouldn't mind if he put, "Farmer" or "Sower of Oats." I'll try that next time.

        Emulator, stay in Toronto, find where the Japanese women are and try plowing their cornholes instead of coming all the way over here to do it / them / us.

        However, it is true that Japan takes social outcasts from the West, like yourself, and deifies them. Perhaps you'll find even better treatment in Thailand, Phillipines, and Indonesia. Yes, that's it, go have a sex tour in Thailand, sow your oates, marry Bangkok Betty, and live happily ever after.


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          Some help

          Emulator, as you proport to like easy women and are looking for a place to go, I suggest the Japanese city of 番刻 or `Bankoku` as it is known over here. It is situated in western japan, some people call it a different country but let us not get concerned with trivial matters such as that.
          A loser such as yourself will be right at home there.
          Here are some websites to make it even easier for you. I know you are good looking and personable and all but I thought that as this is the internet you just might be telling a lie.
          Hope this helps bro.
          Bring on the coffee-colored good times.
          And rememer dude, in Asia, guys come first !!!!


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            Ouch - harshness all around...

            I don't really have a problem with you, my friend... because you don't seem arrogant. Just PLEASE try not to view Japan as some sex tourist stop. Too (too, too, too) many men are like that. Japan is a country, not a brothel. Try to show respect; it's all about the respect. Anyway... I don't mean to lecture you. If you go to any big city, you will be able to find a casual sex relationship, I imagine. Bigger cities mean more women who sleep around (Be careful! You know what's going on with STD's in Japan, eh?)

            In my opinion, I'd stay away from the foreigner-obsessed type of women if you want a meaningful relationship. Either way, good luck and stay humble!


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              Maki's Mum,

              LOL - those links are f*cking ridiculous. I can't believe anyone would actually order a bride. Very funny.


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                Thanks ImTony, and thank you everyone else.

                Unfortunately I won't be staying in Toronto, and I won't be going to another country just because you say there is more tourist sex there. In fact I will be going to Japan because I always wanted to go to Japan.

                Damn, now I see how flame wars happen.

                I apologize for sarcasm not crossing the internet easily (with regards to the "sowing of oates" and "competition" comments) as I honestly forgot to insert a sideways tongue sticking out little guy.

                I suppose I did touch a nerve though, and either certain people on this board are very judgemental, or there is a negative stigma with young foreigners that I'm not aware of. I apologize for not wording my post more sensitively.

                I promise when I come to Japan I will act appropriately and respect everyone whom I meet. I will learn the Japanese language as best I can, and act as politely as I can.


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                  thanks again ImTony

                  Your response was not rude and actually helpful and I appreciate it.


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                    And I will not, and never viewed Japan as a tourist sex brothel. It interests me for it's history first and foremost, and then it's culture and just the fact that it's a different way of life than what I'm used to. The sex aspect was only something I read about after visiting this site while looking for information on living in Japan. It just seemed like a nice little bonus. Apparently it's an abused bonus that creates nasty people who judge harshly both the japanese and the gaijin.


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                      ha ha

                      So you don`t view Japan as a brothel.....just a place to "sow your oates" for a couple of months.
                      I see the difference now, how stupid of me. There was I thinking you had some image of a place where you can get easy girls left right and centre.

                      And by the way there is no need to worry about STDs here they are practically non-existent.
                      Leave your condom at home and go bareback !

                      The town ____ jars are waiting for you. Just don`t get in her eyes OK ?
                      Incidentally why did you not mention history, culture etc in your initial post ?

                      You have learned the hard way, but there is an ugly bunch of foreigners in Japan,
                      dicking around, giving decent foreigners a bad name, acting like alcoholics released from rehab into a brewery with a blank cheque. Don`t be one of them.
                      That`s all. Sorry to be harsh .


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                        You're penitant, good. Now we can invite you into the fold and tell you all the secrets of Japan that most foreigners aren't privvy to. I hope the other Gaijinpotters don't get mad at me for telling you this.

                        Get ready to have your pipes cleaned six ways to Sunday. Every day IS a sex festival in Japan, you'll probably even get a little HJ on the way over here from a stewardess.

                        As you step off the plane start asking people where the fabled "onsens" are located. Onsens are the places where people go to have a hot-tub orgy. If you need more booty, go to the "Izakaya" where people enjoy libations and anonymous sex. Still not satisfied? Try attending some "Hanabi" in the spring. This is the festival of cherry blossoms, and I'm not talking about the trees. In the late summer you have "Matsuri" which is another drunken orgy where each town has their own perverse ceremony celebrating purity and debauchery.

                        Welcome, Welcome, Irashaimussi !


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                          "Incidentally why did you not mention history, culture etc in your initial post ?

                          You have learned the hard way, but there is an ugly bunch of foreigners in Japan,
                          dicking around, giving decent foreigners a bad name, acting like alcoholics released from rehab into a brewery with a blank cheque. Don`t be one of them.
                          That`s all. Sorry to be harsh ."

                          I probably should have mentioned those things, but I didn't assume that everyone would automatically label me moronic. When I reread my post I realize it was quickly written with little or no tact, in a way that would be fine if it came from a friend you knew was not a jerk, but read as if from generic anonymous gaijinpot man and it comes across as if from a low-life horndog.

                          I have learned the hard way indeed.

                          Thank you Morning Star, but is there not the groping on the trains? I've been told that not only is this accepted, it's encouraged, but only if it is followed up by talking quite loudly (almost yelling even) about all your previous conquest to other gaijin on the train, all the while assuming no one else understands you. :P


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                            Ah yes!!! You've done your homework, too!

                            Groping trains are what you take to get to the onsens. The schoolgirls pack into them with their ultra-short skirts and you just wander around grabbing them. If you find one you like you can even give her a little "pencil rub," using the parlance of our times. Yelling is never appropriate, you can high-five, though... or "ハイ・ターチ!"


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                              good, good. I'm writing this all down.

                              I've also heard the japanese are Magically Immune to STD's. Does this immunity pass on to foreigners they interact with, or are the STD's lying dormant specifically waiting for English teachers?