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A difficult question

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  • A difficult question


    Sorry if this question is a little raunchy.

    My current girlfriend and I have a little bit of a "physical incompatability". Basically, she is a little bit "too small", which makes things more than a little difficult when it comes to the bedroom.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal with problems like this??

    Thanks in advance.

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    As a baby can potentially negotiate its exit via that route, size is not really an issue.

    Reasons for "tightness": lack of preparation (foreplay), inability to relax, lack of lubrication, previous physical trauma and lesions, etc.. It may be the first two that are the issue here.

    So.....spend more time with her, improve the foreplay, use internal digital stimulation to relax and expand the vaginal tract, use lots of lubricant - even as part of your foreplay, and encourage her to take more control of you, i.e. pull you in as opposed to you pushing. Sometimes pain can cause reflex constriction, which causes in turn more pain, a vicious circle.

    Be patient with her, but if it does persist, a physical check would not hurt, just to eliminate any physicial trauma.


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      My new advice for all situations: DUMP HER!!! Get a looser chick!

      Seriously though, I'd have to agree with Trip_hop. Most likely it's not a problem of physical incompatibility, but a 'bad approach' that's causing the problems. Plenty of well hung gaijin have been having sex with tons of 'tight' Japanese girls.

      And too raunchy? You obviously haven't read enough threads here.
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        Make her "bigger." Or try finding a girlfriend over the age of 13.

        Anyway, nice to know you found a girlfriend


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          Thanks for the advice.

          Believe me, foreplay isn't the problem... The foreplay has tended to go into the "hours" range(and I do all the friggin' work, too... but that's a different issue...) Maybe she couldn't relax, I don't know.... But I'll try the lubricant thing for sure, thanks...

          As for letting her take control, I've tried to convince her, but she doesn't exactly have much initiative... it really isn't in her personality, I think... Of course, some people might just call it "maguro", I guess...

          The thing is it is more than just being "tight", she said it hurts. She says it doesn't hurt a lot, but she was walking kinda funny afterwards. She says it's allright, but I can tell it really isn't.

          Thanks for your reply...

          P.S. On the topic of "internal digital stimulation"
          But are these digital bits good enough for her naughty bits?? "10111010101010"


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            Originally posted by encephalon
            But are these digital bits good enough for her naughty bits?? "10111010101010"
            Well, I find that the 1's are easy enough... but my girl usually complains when I try the 0's.


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              You should try, "1000101" instead. That way you don't have to worry about size.

              Encephalon, are you scrambling her guts or is the girth of your member so impressive that it has a hard time fitting in? Luckily, I have the opposite problem, in both respects.


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                Most guys just wanna be bigger, etc., and then someone comes along with a problem like this. Just goes to show that we guys don't really know what we want.


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                  Encephalon, my friend!
                  Glad to hear you found yourself a girlfriend. Is it the girl from Osaka you met at the International Party in Shibuya by any chance? Or maybe, someone closer to Ibaraki? Anyway, share your secrets with us! We all want to know how you met.



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                    Originally posted by trip_hop
                    As a baby can potentially negotiate its exit via that route, size is not really an issue.
                    Not without incredible pain.
                    A _____ is supposed to feel good. Whether caused by a baby or extra-wide _____, having one's vagina stretched out tends to hurt.

                    Anyway, the baby comparison may make (a bit) of sense if you're talking about width, but considering a baby goes out out and a _____ goes in, it makes no sense if you're talking about length.

                    It's true. A too-long _____ hammering away at the cervix can really hurt. No amount of lubrication can help there.

                    That being said, it could also be that Encephalon is exaggerating his "physical incompatability". His problem probably has a lot to do with his technique and her attitude.
                    Or his girl could have a gynecological disorder. Plenty of possibilities, besides the physical trauma Trip Hop mentioned: endometriosis, a yeast or bacterial infection, an STD, the list goes on. None of these are uncommon, and since Japanese women don't tend to visit the gynocologist until they're pregnant, she might not even know if she has a problem.

                    Encephalon, you need to find out when it hurts- during penetration, deep thrusting, in certain positions? And where- on the walls of the vagina, near the opening? deep inside, near the cervix? to the back? to the front? everywhere?

                    Until you find out what's wrong, be gentle. Hours of foreplay shouldn't be necessary- quality counts over quantity.


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                      two words

                      K-y Jelly.


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                        Thanks for your replies, everyone.

                        Morning Star, to answer your question, she said it is both.

                        madmaxxam, I was having exactly the same thought...

                        Nozomi, glad to answer your question. The girls from Osaka, though incredibly fun, are simply too busy... I figured I was being blown off at first, and then realized that we got along too well for that... a real pity... but we might get together again sometime just to have fun.

                        I turned 24 on September 25, so I went to Tokyo, went to Shinjuku and ended up in Shibuya with a couple of friends. We ended up at a pub maybe 45 minutes before closing time, the place was pretty empty. There were two women by themselves, and three of us. One of us went and invited them over, and we started to talk. The girl found out it was my birthday, asked me if I was seeing anyone(no), and said "I'll be your birthday present!" A happy birthday indeed. Turns out she's a real sweetheart, too =)

                        smallworld, I hear what you're saying. I haven't ever had this problem before, though, so I really don't think it's my "technique". Yes, I do need to get a more detailed description, for sure. "Hours of foreplay shouldn't be necessary" No $%&#. Believe me, that's not because of me... Gonna get friggin' carpal tunnel syndrome...

                        Again, thanks...


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                          It happens. Unless its true love, it will probably always be an issue. I, errr, a Very Good and Close Friend found that a few concerted efforts resulted in substantial improvement in the situation, but His GF wasn't very happy for a while, and she walked pretty funny for a couple of weeks. After that, everything was hunky dory. Adjustment seems to be required. AND YES, I know how that sounds. The question is, are both of you interested enough to try?

                          As for the having babies argument, I'm with smallworld. I have never heard a woman say that the actual labour event was anything other than very painful. Physical Luuv, on the other hand, is supposed to be pleasurable, if not down right mind blowing.

                          Anyhoo, You are not alone, my obscurely handled friend.


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                            2 days ago bluedog had the experience of watching his new son do his exit manouver. Pretty tricky stuff. It's a bit like the Tardis from Dr Who. If I was a religious man, I'd be thinking that the exit port was just about the best invention on earth. Good for so many things.


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                              Thanks, Kurogane.

                              Adjustment, huh?

                              Yes, I think we're up to trying. I am, at least. It is the most "comfortable" relationship I've ever been in. Surprisingly, I think she is up to trying as well. Who knows, maybe deep down, she's a masochist or something... It wouldn't surprise me, given her reaction to this whole thing...

                              She said it hurt, but wasn't angry... she seemed, in some strange, subtle way that seemed very alien to me, to be kind of "satisfied"... but maybe that was just because she hadn't gotten any at all for a while, I don't know...