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How to get a teaching job in Japan?

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  • How to get a teaching job in Japan?

    Hi all,
    Since returning home to New Zealand from Korea last July I've been interested in teaching in Japan. At present I'm waiting for my JET program verdict (had the interview last month). I'm reasonably confident about getting on JET, but you never can tell can you? If JET falls through what other options are there? I've got almost two years esl teaching experience both in Korea and New Zealand plus a 4 month TESOL cert from university. I really don't want to teach little kids (working with Korean kids can put you off children for life), but almost every position I see advertised in Japan involves teaching really young kids. At a pinch I could cope with teaching a few kiddie classes, needless to say It's not the path I really wanna go down. Ages 10 and up are fine for me, but anything younger I wanna miss. Anyway, the point is 95% of Japanese teaching jobs I see advertised involve teaching little kiddies plus they always want an applicant who's already in Japan. Is it possible to get a teaching job from outside Japan that doesn't involve teaching littlies? I've tried Interac but they require that you have a small fortune to get a job with them. I'm looking at NOVA too, but all the negative press about them scares me sometimes. Any suggestions?


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    Re: How to get a teaching job in Japan?

    It partly depends on what your own requirements are. You might want to try using NOVA as a stepping stone for the visa and the initial few months in Japan. Once you're there, you can explore other employment options. I've heard a few good things about But, they, like Interac, probably recommend that you arrive with several thousand US dollars to get started. I'd recommend your applying to all of the companies that hire from outside of Japan, and see what comes of it. Otherwise, you can take the risk of traveling to Japan and hanging out in a gaijinhouse for a month or two while you job hunt. Good luck.


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      Re: How to get a teaching job in Japan?

      be alive or have a bachelor's degree or both


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        Re: How to get a teaching job in Japan?

        The alive part is only half right. Brain death does not disqualify one. In fact, it may be an advantage. If you aren't brain dead within the first year, you will be anyway, if you do that stuff full time.