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Gaijin Bars What not

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  • Gaijin Bars What not

    So whats the deal with foriegners working at bars and places like that? Do you really need to have a 4 year degree even just for that?

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    Re: Gaijin Bars What not

    No, and you don`t really need a four year degree for anything in this country. You just can`t be ugly, and a work visa helps.


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      Re: Gaijin Bars What not

      yeah but you still need the 4 year degree just to get your workers visa or am i wrong


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        Re: Gaijin Bars What not

        Only if your American, otherwise get a working holiday visa. They`ll hand those out to circus roadies.


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          Re: Gaijin Bars What not

          I hate being american this hurts... but just wondering how long are working holiday visas good for?


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            Re: Gaijin Bars What not

            you might ask first if americans can get "working holiday visas" can they? anybody?
            or just canucks, brits, a-z, that have reciprocal programs with Japan, does the US give japanese wh visas?


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              Re: Gaijin Bars What not

              No you cant get a working holiday visa if your american. You have to have a 4 year degree or join the special forces if you want to work in Japan. The US doesn`t issue working holiday visas to Japanese people and vice versa. It sucks to be american on this one.


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                Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                hello guys,
                i'd like to ask you to sympathise with people from other countries (other than the US) who can't get a working holiday visa. it's even more difficult for non english native speakers to get a sponsorship for a work visa.
                i've a 5 (!) years degree and a post graduate, i'm desperately looking for a job as italian teacher and i'm finding loads of closed doors.

                hope all of you and me can soon find what we're looking for in this country



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                  Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                  Why not find out where Japanese actually learn Italian? Then apply to those places. The hard questions to answer might be, do Japanese want to learn Italian? How many each year? And where do they want to learn it? You might have to market yourself a little more than just writing here, or face the hard fact that maybe it is not possible to work here as an Italian teacher.
                  Sympathy is fine, but regret it won't get you a job.


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                    Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                    sorry...the last thing i wanted was to provoke touchy replies.
                    it just wanted to be a nice comment not a bad one.
                    i'm motivated to write here because gaijin means foreigner...from any country.
                    of course i'm trying all the things you suggest. i just come here in my spare time to get hints and tips.
                    you're right, there are many more english language students than italian ones but italian is still one of the most studied languages in japan (by far behind english). that's why i still hope,
                    i think i can get students for private lessons but my goal is the sponsorship from a school and i hope (i think) there is not such a hard fact to face, not yet.
                    finally i think i can say that sometimes people ask for sympathy just to get sympathy not to get jobs.

                    good luck to all of you (and me). in bocca al lupo!



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                      Teaching other languages


                      I taught German in Japan for more than 4 years so I know what it is like to teach a language other than English and how difficult it is to get sponsored. Actually, teachers of other languages - including Italian - are very high in demand but hardly ever get full-time positions which include sponsorship.

                      I started with NOVA, they seem to be the only company that offers full-time positions. They don`t teach Italian at their branch schools but at their Multimedia-Center in Osaka. Try them.

                      The second possibility is an official institution like the Istituto Italiano, in your case. Their URL is

                      I think these are the only possibilities to get a working visa for teaching a foreign language apart from teaching at a college or university, which you might try as well but these jobs are difficult to get.

                      Once you have got a visa you can change jobs and work part-time for different companies and when it is time to renew your visa there are many possibilities.

                      Good luck!


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                        Re: Teaching other languages

                        Danke Kit!

                        I hope I can come back to this site with some good news and info for the non native english speakers.
                        I read a forum about 'our minority' in the working/teaching area and it seems there are many people looking for jobs who are not from the 'usual' countries, and some of them had good luck.

                        Auf wiedersen.


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                          Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                          Hi, definititely try NOVA in Osaka. You never need to turn up there, just get your visa.


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                            Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                            please only sympathy, never reality. Reality is automatically nasty maliciousness . . .

                            you could get a job shaving your body on national Teribi ! Sugay!


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                              Re: Gaijin Bars What not

                              ok, i'm trying with nova in osaka. thanks.

                              maybe sympathy was not the most appropriate word.
                              however i was referring to the following sentence: "Only if your American, otherwise get a working holiday visa", (copied from the 4th post of this thread).
                              what i was trying to say is that maybe it's better to say: "Only if your American, Spanish, Turkish, Brazilian, Philipino, etc...". The wolrd is not only US, UK, Canada, Australia.

                              Just this.

                              I was not talking about reality or illusions.
                              it was more about...geography
                              (please, take this as a joke).