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fluoride in asian toothpaste?

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  • fluoride in asian toothpaste?

    i lived in south korea for a year and used korean toothpaste the whole time. when i returned to canada i had 7 cavities! i was later told that asian toothpastes dont have fluoride and that was probably why i had so many cavities

    is that true? do any brands have fluoride?

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    Thats a good question, I was actually wondering the same thing. I just use good old colgate to be on the safe side.


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      ah i dont want 13 posts it unlucky!!! sorry for that


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        Its true. Asain toothpaste has no fluoride. Thats why no many of them have silver capped teeth.

        Im going to buy a whole lot of cologate when I go home.


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          I don't know about the toothpaste but I would guess that it would be a good explanation for the absolutely horendous teeth you see here. I think the water also lacks fluoride. If I were going to raise kids here I'd make sure I gave them a fluoride tablet every morning before brekky.

          When I first came here, I was absolutely shocked at the state of people's teeth. I found that when teaching them my eyes would always (against my will) be drawn to theIr mouths. Ewwwww. Just thinking about some of those teeth makes me cringe.

          There was one really nice lady called Kikue. She was lovely but she had this horrible collection of brown and grey tombstones jutting haphazardly out of her mouth. I always used to wonder how she could breathe through those things.


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            there is fluoride in japanese toothpaste...
            its called fusso or フッ素
            just look for that on the label.


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              Some toothpaste does have floride but I think that the majority dont and I remember being told that there was no floride in the water either.

              Yea Japanese teeth are really bad. Its like looking at brown ugly grey teeth surrounded by silver. and I see this on kids teeth with their baby teeth. not their adult teeth yet.

              It's just sad that they dont know any better.

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                we buy loads of toothpaste when we go to New York. The wifey loves Tom's natural toothpaste, especially the gingermint but other flavors too.
                Last I checked we still have at least 5 tubes left


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                  The absence of a remedy is not the cause of a problem. My guess about the deterioration of my own teeth and gums is that it's mainly due to the stickiness of rice starch and the prevelance of sugar in Japanese food. Yes, I know, I should brush more often.



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                    it is possible to get US style toothpaste in japan.

                    i definitely noticed that japanese produced toothpaste was lacking something and seemed bunk.


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                      This reminds me,

                      I have some of that medicated G.U.M. toothpaste.
                      It don't taste or feel clean enough compared to the ones back home. Good point.

                      I think constant seafood diet, o-cha everyday deterioates j-ppl's teeth. Maybe?

                      I'd be interested in more of this toothpaste stuff man, rock on!



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                        I don't know how true this is but it is what I the Japanese dentist told me. There is some flouride in Japanese toothpaste but according to government specifications the level is much lower than say American specifications. The dentist recommended me to buy toothpaste at home and use it all the time. I have stuck to this and the only toothpaste that goes in my mouth is stuff I have bought at home. My kids have no cavities, and I have had only 1 in the 12 years I have been living here.
                        It is definitely worth having it sent over or buying it in bulk when you are home. There are 2 things I buy in bulk, one is toothpaste and the other deodorant!! You can buy toothpaste through FBC too, I don't know if there are any limitations on the amount?? I give it as presents to my nieces and nephews sometimes, I am doing my bit for their teeth, after looking at their parents teeth, they need all the help they can get!!!


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                          I happen to know a bit about this, as I've studied the oral care industry here for work. To clarify/confirm:

                          -Most toothpastes in Japan now have flouride. Major brands such as PC Clinica, Clear Clean, GUM, Aquafresh, etc. all have flouride.
                          -The flouride levels are lower in Japan compared to US due to MHHW regulations, but should be sufficient for normal cavity protection (unless you eat a lot of sugar, are pregnant, drink a lot of sodas, or are otherwise prone to cavities). You could simply brush more often if needed.
                          -No flouride in the water. Japan tested flouridation many years ago but screwed it up by putting too much in the water, resulting in lots of problems in the test area (black teeth, etc.).
                          -Some US brands are sold via 'parallel importing' (unregulated/unofficial) in select stores such as Sony Plaza, Kinokuniya, American Pharmacy, etc. Colgate is relatively easy to find in these places.
                          -Stocking up at home is a good idea, but check expiration dates. Toothpaste becomes 'unstable' after a while.
                          -If you have sensitive teeth, you can buy Sensodyne in Japan. It's called 'Shumitect' here.
                          -For importing on your own, try FCB or ExpatExpress (

                          Hope that helps!


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                            muuushi muuushi

                            wow thanks for the info swordfishtrombone.

                            i also remember reading somewhere that the japanese diet consists largely of soft foods thus contributing to the many factors of a lower frequency of bright and sparkley smiles in japan. remember the old thing about if you can't brush your teeth, eat an apple? crunchy foods such as raw veggies, apples, etc are also known for keeping teeth in good shape.


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                              What about american toothpaste

                              On a silier note, whice type of toothpaste does everyone bring with them. I use to think they were all the same but have recently fell in love with mentadent, but the bulk for the disspenser is a little much

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