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J-pop with elements of traditional Japanese music

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  • J-pop with elements of traditional Japanese music

    I was listening to some Chinese pop music. Most of it is pretty boring copies of Western "easy listening" (*yawn* - personally the Chinese easy listening always send me straight to sleep, and I really do mean that. It's really *that* boring). However, sometimes the pop stars (and I do mean big pop stars, not the equivalent of country music singers) sing songs that combine elements of traditional Chinese melodies e.g. instruments, melodies, rhthyms, sometimes just tonal structure and in my opinion, that's when they really shine instead of being (really really bland) carbon copies of American pop music. Not to mention the lyrics are far, far, far more interesting and more closely resembles traditional poetry. In fact some of them can even sing the "traditional" way e.g. Faye Wong, Andy Lau, Roman Lam when they want to. So, I was thinking is there any J-pop music like that? I would really like to listen to it. I have a temple next door that plays some music sometimes (at 7am in the morning...) that I find quite enthralling. It's simple but there's something about it...I'd like to see how these sort of rhthyms combine with Western pop music. Anyone want to recommend any J-pop stars with songs that combine elements of traditional Japanese music? Hey maybe even with haiku-style lyrics as well. Now, *that* would be fun
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    Shiina Ringo (the only Japanese music I've ever been able to stand--not that I've searched) blends all sorts of music styles, including Japanese. Tsumiki Asobi comes to mind, where there is a fun koto in the background as she sings some archaic-sounding Japanese.