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    A renowned jazz guitarist ...(insert favourite chordal player here).... was the star attraction at a clinic in Japan. The students were all eager, and after playing many standards on request, he asked if anyone wanted to hear some other tune. A timid voice requested...'Prease pray jazz chord'... The request was a little unusual, but our virtuoso deftly fingered an exotic chord that he thought would make the punters gasp in rapt admiration..which most did, except the requester. 'No,no...nice, but pray jazz chord..prease...' Several mind-boggling finger stretches followed, and as the shimmering notes faded, the obviously unimpressed student said...' this'....and he sang...'I jazz chord to say I rove you.....'

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    i dunno whether to laugh or cry...........................


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      Originally posted by eku
      i dunno whether to laugh or cry...........................

      Do you need a picture of David Cassidy to help?


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        Reminds me of these others that finished....

        Rude Olf the Ted loathes train beer

        Donuts force acne on my darling

        etc., etc.......


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          A prominent team of scientists developed an experiment in which they would place three strangers on a completely uninhabited island. They chose an American man, a French man, and a Japanses man. The trio were placed on the island and told the scientists would return in a year.

          Well, the American took charge immediately, as all true Americans would ( :-) )
          He said "I'll take care of building shelter and a home." Turning to the
          French man, he said "You be in charge of food" and he nodded his head.
          He turned to the Japanese man and said "You take care of supplies." And he nodded his head in agreement.

          So a year goes by, and the scientists return to the island. As they approach the shore, they see a beautiful mansion made out of palm trees and the like.
          They reach the shore and are greeted by the American, who explains how he designed the house and built it from natural materials. Then the French man comes out of the kitchen, and a delicious aroma follows him. He tells
          the expedition that he's prepared a gourmet three-course meal as celebration for their return. Then one of the scientists asked "Where's the Japanese man?" And the American responded "Well, we haven't seen him since you
          left. He ran into the woods and disappeared." Well, they were all concerned, and they decided to organize a search party for him. No sooner than they had entered the woods, the Japanese man jumped out of a tree and shouted


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            Reminds me about how Yasuhiro nakasone used to pray for 'Ronald Reagan's erection'.


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              Originally posted by shatcho
              Can I ask you all to pray for my erection
              yes, may it rest in peace... :-)