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    Can anyone tell me why the frig it takes 2-6 weeks to get hooked up to the internet?
    When I went back to my backward armpit of a country town in Australia it took less than 10 mins. after I faxed my application.What gives???
    Last edited by reepo; 2012-11-05, 03:21 AM. Reason: Valtrex bell's palsy treatment

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    Re: Internet

    Who did you apply to? With someone like Global Online (ISP) it takes an hour or so with a credit card, as long as you have the phone line and modem. Did you want CATV, ADSL or fibre, they need infrastructure modifications? With some other broadband or wireless services, you can walk into PC shops and be on in 24 hours. Provide a bit more background please.


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      Re: Internet

      If you want cable TV or a new phone in the USA, you have to wait just as long. If you live in Japan, you have to learn patience. You may not like to hear this, but it's a fact of life.


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        Re: Internet

        Well...I didn't wait that long for cable in any of the US cities I lived in, but we did sit on our hands for about a YEAR waiting for one internet company to get back to us re. when they would be going ahead and installing all the stuff...needless to say we did not go with them. Yahoo took about about 2 weeks to set up, mainly because we did not have a land line so had to wait for that to be processed (which Yahoo did for us). We were told it would take about a month because they were so busy, but as I said took about two weeks(maybe less).

        Also, The IP company has to ask for permission to install stuff from your landlord, as it may require some "construction" work (ie a hole drilled somewhere), and that can take time. That should only happen if you are the first person in ypour apartment to get an internet service though.


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          Re: Internet

          Thanks Glensky but still didn`t answer my question.I hear you but as a guy called "Kent" said that to accept something that is stupid just because it is the way it is,is not a valid arguement.I didn`t need any work done to have the connection.The guy I took the apt. over from had internet.My buddy and I went around a few companies to enquire and we were told 2 weeks from some and anything up to six from others.I haven`t applied yet because I am waiting for my computer to be delivered.My buddy waited about 3 weeks all up,no drilling etc. was done.When we asked why it would take so long we were just given the brush off.