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Second hand bookshops in Kansai

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  • Second hand bookshops in Kansai

    I recently moved to country Kyoto and running out of books in English. the local library doesn't have any.

    anyone know any place I could pick up used books, or a library that has a stock?

    thanks for your help.

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    Re: Second hand bookshops in Kansai

    Well not in Kansai, but check out
    really good selection and they are real nice and helpful.
    but I don`t know how they are.


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      Re: Second hand bookshops in Kansai

      Where in Kyoto?

      There is a shop called Green Books at the corner of Marutamachi-Kawabata. The only problem is a lot of the stock is that sort of "Discover the wonders of your own navel while revelling in the spritiual discoveries of another over-privileged white kid travelling through India, and thinking he is the first to ever think up this self-indulgent drivel" stuff. The regular novels are a little overpriced, but it is all there is for now. I am looking for second hand row in Osaka. If I find anything, Ill let you know.


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        Re: Second hand bookshops in Kansai

        Wantage Books, near shin-Kobe station is pretty good. I believe they advertsie in KTO. Fiction, non-fiction, travel guides, japanese language books and other stuff. Good prices and it's a charitable organisation.