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  • Big Bang Theory

    I've always seen these credits flash by at the end of the show, with really small text, that there is no possible way any human could possibly read. One time, out of the blue, I thought I saw an unsual word in the 'credits'. Thanks to the world of "rewind and pause live TV", I finally am able to read the whole thing, and it changes for every episode.

    This one caught my attention today:

    Chuck Lorre Productions, #239

    Live to see a highly educated, deeply thoughtful, articulate, cool, biracial President who is not overly crippled by childhood wounds and capable, in no particular order, of freeing the nation of its oil dependence, restoring its international standing, creating universal health care, resurrecting the economy, ending two wars, rebuilding the public education system, finally bringing about an end to the mindlessness of racism, encouraging science and technology, firmly addressing environmental issues and global warming, and uniting the nation - and the world - in a giant cultural, tipping point leap forward.

    Meet super-intelligent aliens who disarm the entire planet, cure every disease and take us all for rides across the galaxy.

    Play a round of par golf.

    Trade solos with Eric Clapton.

    Win an Emmy.

    Get married, stay married.

    One down, five to go.