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recommend me some language schools

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  • recommend me some language schools

    hi there.

    i finished 3 years on JET last august. i miss japan and wanna go back and take my language learning seriously. i passed N3 after 18 months but my studying was somewhat inconsistent. my goal is to be N2/N1 academically but mostly i just need to work on my speaking.

    i'd like to go to kansai (seems like most of the language schools are there) and would be up for studying 6 months/1 year. i'm not afraid of hard work.

    i've heard good things about the following options:

    - YMCA in osaka
    - YWCA in osaka
    - ryukoku in kansai

    does anybody have experience with these schools or suggestions based on my previous experience? thanks in advance.

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    i have a friend that currently attends kansai college in osaka. compared to other language schools, they give you the most bang for you buck since you study more than the usual 4 hours a day. and they offer elective classes in stuff you want to take.


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      I know YMCA is one of the oldest language schools out there. But personally I wouldn't want to put that name on my resume for obvious reasons.

      Here knock yourself out:


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        thanks for the replies and sorry it's taken me so long to come back here.

        due to other stuff happening i'm no closer to choosing a place to study. i still need to plunge into those links you guys posted. i realise i'm looking at at least $10,000 for one year's worth of tuition, plus the usual living expenses. a bit off topic, but does anybody know if it's possible to say, study for 6 months on a student visa and then get a working holiday visa? is a student visa a minimum of one year (ie. are you obligated to study for a whole year on a student visa)?

        like i said, i'm willing to front up the cash and study hard, but i'd rather not be broke/in debt at the end of it all. so mixing it in with some work would be good. a friend of mine on a student visa told me he's allowed to work 28 hours per week on that visa.

        i'd also be keen to study in tokyo, fwiw. the japanese i do know is NOT kansai-ben so i might be at a disadvantage if i were to start studying down there. and i know my way around tokyo by now, it would be easier for me to get settled.

        thanks again, keep the suggestions coming.