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SAT for G30 Program

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  • SAT for G30 Program

    I was wondering what kind of SAT score do I need if I want to apply for the G30 program.

    Specifically the environmental science or engineering related courses.

    Also, which SAT(II) papers should I take and how many do I need?
    What kind of scores do I need on those to get a good chance of getting a placing?

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    To find out the score info you first have to look at which universities out of the 13 who are involved in the G30 offers the program you are looking for. After, take a look at the universities websites, I notice some of them ask for a TOEFL examination as well. Once you go on their website choose the option for admission and they will usually have a pdf link with all the requirements necessary for application, including the type of SAT scores they are looking for.

    Hope this helps, good luck!


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      well, I actually called up some of the universities and all of them said that they cannot give any information on what kind of SAT scores have they accepted nor what they are looking for; only what papers they expect the applicant to take.


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        I am also interested in this information!