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keep getting someone else's mail

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  • keep getting someone else's mail

    So, the previous tennant left, didn't forward his mail, and some got delivered here. I know his new address. Can I just go to the post office, say this isn't mine, point out the name and hand them his address? Will they forward those envelopes to him? And, short of dragging the guy to the post office myself to have him fill out the change of address form, how can I get the post office to stop sending me his mail?

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    1) Go to the post office
    2) Ask them to stop sending you his mail

    Takes about five minutes if you are able to speak Japanese well enough to convey your point.


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        There is a form you can fill out at the PO to forward mail@iusually when you move and want mail sent to new address), no idea if a third party can do it

        its called a tenkyo-moshikomisho. (“]‹\‚µž‚ݏ‘j

        write the old address (yours) his new address and the PO should send it on.

        Good luck


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          When we moved into our last place, we also got a lot of post for the previous tenant. My wife stuck a label with the following message on the postbox

          ZZ—lˆ¶‚Ì—X•Ö•¨‚ð“Š”Ÿ µ‚È‚¢‚悤‚¨Šè‚¢‚µ‚Ü‚ ·B

          ZZ is the surname of the previous tenant.

          We didn't get any more post after that.