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koizumi apology

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  • koizumi apology

    well the government of Japan has once again publically made an apology for its past mistakes. This time it was Mr Koizumi at the regional asia conference. Good move Junichiro !
    I wonder if China will find a different excuse to bash Japanese now that they cannot claim a lack of sincere hope for the future from Nihon/Yamato.

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    They already have. Also in the news 80 Japanese politians visited that Yasukuni shrine, the very same day Koizumi apoligies. Hu then said "actions mean more than words".

    While I admit I'm siding more with the Japanese in this, the Japanese G-men keep doing and saying really stupid stuff that doesn't really help. They shouldn't be giving China any excuses to keep using it "victim card". Get rid of Ishihara for a start.


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      For as long as I have been in this country (30years), Japanese politician constantly screw up, as soon as they open their mouths. And the younger politicians coming up, are just as dumb. I have always wondered where they get these people from. Must be a special dumb gene pool. It is amazing, Prime Ministers insulting countries and their people (Nakasone & Take____a ), Foreign Minister Tanaka saying Pakistan is a dirtycountry ) and the list goes on and on. Now Shintaro Abe has decided to take Foreign policy into his hands, by sending a ship down to the disputed Islands. Doesn`t he know that Tokyo does not set the Foreign Policy for the nation? The politicians here need to undergo special sensitivity training, so that they will stop doing and saying dumb things.

      However, China does play that "victim card", as often as they can.


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        I think you all need your heads checked !

        Tokyo does set the foreign policy agenda for this country , Who else does it?

        No, Japanese politician should never have to stop visiting a shrine that honors its war dead no matter how ugly its past was; and please don't throw that stupid Germany crap at me, I don't want to hear it !

        Chang Kai shek and Mao Dumb combined murdered far more people and yet no one cries or points there finger at them. Poor Tibetans, Where did their apology go ?

        You Japan lifers disgust me (30 years) how can you be so un-nationalistic ? How can you even think about even rationalizing with China , the most hyprocrital country in the whole World ??

        Koizumi didn't have to apologize; he should've continued to visit the Shrine and follow the old ways. We don't need to change Japan into some soft obsequeious, apologetic nation...
        Militarism is good for this country ! We need a backbone ! We need a strong young generation that can tell countries like China and Korea where to shove it ! !

        McTojo !
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