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English Teacher sues Right Wing Group for Non-Payment

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  • English Teacher sues Right Wing Group for Non-Payment

    nglish teacher sues right wing group for non-payment (Kyodo News)

    At the time it sounded like easy money for an American permanent resident of Japan, accepting money from a right wing anti-immigration group to discourage foreigners from coming to Japan. This played out on numerous Japan related internet message boards. 'The game was quite easy. Some poor sap would post about wanting to come to Japan to teach, and we would just ____ on their ambitions. I also let others have their say, but it's fair to say we discouraged heaps of people from coming'

    'The funny thing was that some posters actually worked out what we were up to', said the Obihiro resident, an English teacher and turnip farmer. Thankfully my sidekick and I were able to get away with it by claiming that we were giving advice'

    The non-payment had however continued for some time, and eventually the other poster, a New Zealander based in Nara, eventually quit. He no longer posts on any of the message boards. The Obihiro man however decided to take matters to court. When asked if it was arrogant for him to be doing this given the fact he was once a newbie in Japan himself, he unrepentantly retorted 'You can take any sign of arrogance and shove it. I continue to side with immigration, but they let in too many people who all compete for English teaching jobs.'

    The right wing group itself has declined to comment, but is believed to be reconsidering their strategy to focus on the increase in Chinese immigration.

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    sounds like the kind of guy experienced at planting his tulips....


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      Hang on...a New Zealander based in Nara?! I wonder...


      • cucashopboy
        cucashopboy commented
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        Nice! You had me fooled until I tried to find the article on Kyodo news!

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      Ah, humour. Naruhodo.


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        I have it on good authority that the NZer in this report was doing an intensive course in sarcasm at Temple University Japan, but failed and can now be found trawling the Nara City UniQlo looking for students for his new English School - Kansai Benglish.


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          Oh wow, The Onion spoofing. Well at least it's more entertaining than the rest of the psuedo-intellectual-old-man-to-the-young-man-circle-jerk that passes for advice around here. Well done, B-.


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            OP...........quality post............thumbs up!!


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              Good one, too bad the Kiwi in question is MIA