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Yoshinoya to Grow their Rice and Vegetables in Fukushima Ken

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  • Yoshinoya to Grow their Rice and Vegetables in Fukushima Ken

    Here's the English article:

    I understand that not every square centimetre of Fukushima ken is contaminated, but I believe the problem lies in trusting whether the food that will be grown and sold has been thoroughly checked, and whether there is the attitude of "a little radioactivity won't hurt".

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    Not every square centimetre. More like about a quarter of it.

    I don't think the 'a little radioactivity won't hurt' is relevant here. The official limits for radioactivity in food in Japan are strict - they were strict before the disaster, then they were made even stricter to try and promote public confidence. So if the rice has been checked, its level of radioactivity will be negligible.
    Regarding the first problem, I'd be more confident with a high-profile company such as Yoshinoya making a public announcement about where their rice is sourced. Mind, plenty of high-profile names in Japan have been found to be quietly doing the dirty!


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      Plenty of high-profile names in Japan have been found to be quiety doing the nasty as well!

      As for Yoshinoya, the market will quickly determine their trustworthiness. This is not really all that different, in principle, for the BSE scare they dealt with a few years ago when they switched from US to Aussie beef. Most of their customers didn't want to eat US beef so they switched. So, if customers switch to other gyudon chains because of this then Yoshinoya will quickly reverse course and look for other suppliers. If these items become the new rage, then other gyudon chains will follow Yoshinoya's lead.

      A bit of a gamble by Yoshinoya perhaps, but my guess is that they are getting a really good price from the farmers in Fukushima to take the risk. If it pays off, they come off looking really good because they are helping Fukushima and that rice and those vegetables probably don't cost them all that much. If it doesn't pay off, they still come out OK because they tried to help Fukushima and that rice and those vegetables probably didn't cost them all that much.


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        Who eats at Yoshinoya anyway?


        • Since1990
          Since1990 commented
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          All the millions of salary men living off their allocated pocket money.

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        yeah, the dreaded allowance. Poisoning their hubbies with a tight fist. I've had salary men tell me their favorite restaurant is YN... Why? How? When? Even sober surely nobody could make such claims!?!?


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          Oh comon, YN aint THAT bad. its the Macdo of Japan, surely it must be a little bit healthier than MD


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            Yeah, what wernst said.

            Ohhhh...PUNCHtoTHEguts, you're to blame.
            Stop givin' Yoshinoya a bad name. (bad name)
            Millions of gyudons sold, yet you flame their fame.
            Stop givin' Yoshinoya a bad name (bad name).