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Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

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  • Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

    TEPCO Spills 4 Tons of Radiocative Water

    Yesterday while transfering contaminated water from one storage tank to another, somebody fell asleep at the spigot and allowed 4 tons of the stuff to spill out onto the ground. Of course, it was an accident because who in their right mind would spill 4 tons of contaminated water onto the ground. Apparently, the cause of the accident wras trying to put too much of the (square) water into the (round) tank. I can just hear TEPCO now, "We're so sorry Uncle Albert, our tank runneth over, but there's really no sense in crying over spilled radioactive water now, is there?"

    Yesterday was also supposed to be Abe's big day to announce the raising of the consumption tax as well as some of the other good stuff he has in his Abenomics bag of tricks. Seem such a long time ago, but it was actually only a couple of weeks ago, when Abe and Inose et al were on tour in Rio trying to assure the IOC (and the rest of the world) that the worst has passed and everything was being handled by the good hands people (and I'm not talking about the people at All State). Well, oops there goes another rubber tree plant.

    Everybody sing along with the TEPCO company song. A one, a two, a three, We've spilled it before and we can spill it again and we will spill it again. We've got a heck of a job to do, but you can bet we'll scew the pooch all the way thru. We've did it before and we'll do it again.

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    Two part post.

    Part 1: The Song Remains the Same or "More Fun with Contaminated Water"

    Yesterday, even though they had hoped all of their troubles seemed so far away, TEPCO announced that they discovered a new leaky storage tank. They believe that more contaminated water escaped its confines accidentlally like a martyr confines and found its way to the freedom of open water via a conveniently located drainage ditch.

    Silly question, but why not block or redirect these conveniently located drainage ditches to cut off any possible escape to the open sea and safety. After all, didn't such an approach work for the Royal Navy in 1939 outside of Monteivideo.

    Another example of ‘z’èŠO perhaps? "These are Japanese storage tanks. They don't leak. Why worry about something that can't possibly happen?"

    Second verse, same as the first....We've spilled it before and we can spill it again and we will spill it again....

    Part 2: "Before/After" or "Blame it on Rio"

    Tokyo Governor talked about his new favorite game, Before/After, at his 9/20 official press conference. The rules are amazing simple. You just say one thing one day, then say the exact opposite the next.

    Inose criticizes the media for being too negative about the Fukushima thingy during his press conferences in Rio before the IOC delegates meet to select the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics. He assures everyone who will listen that everything is under control and everything will be fine and dandy. He stands there and nods in agreement when PM Abe steps up to bat and gives the same "Don't Worry Be Happy" speech. Tokyo gets selected which Inose claims is proof of the goodness of the Japanese people: people who stick together in a pinch to fight for truth, justice and the Japanese way in a manner not duplicated anywhere else in the world.

    At his 9/20 press conference, Inose reverses course and throws Abe under the bus. He says that nobody has control of the situation and that nobody has ever had control of the situation. He besically contradicts everything Abe said in Rio, as in "he lied". Of course, now that Tokyo has been awarded the Games, Inose feels free to speak his mind and has no problem blaming it all on Abe. Surprisingly, Inose didn't request that the IOC hold a revote for the 2020 Games. No need for him to do so really because somebody else will some time soon.


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      Still can't edit posts or make new paragraphs. So annoying.

      Have to type everything in as a comment just to make paragraphs so that it's somewhat readable. Then cut and paste what I have dribbled into the post window. Holy time consuming, Batman. Maybe GP Media and TEPCO should switch places and see if they can figure out the other's mess better than they are figuring out their own.

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    Excellent post! The trouble is the Royal Navy had the advantage that the Germans were reasonably easily bluffed about the strength of the defences. I'm not sure that freedom loving water of theirs is as easily fooled. On the other hand, it can't actually fight its way out with 11 inch guns or anything like that.


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      It's amazing how insecure the Germans were back then even though they were packing 11 inches. I guess for some peoples size has always been an issue.

      My guess is that that TEPCO water can't really tell the difference between one tank or another, but being exposed to all of that radiation might have caused it to mutate into some type of "smart water".Just thinking outside of the box (or tank if you like), but maybe TEPCO should try tricking the water into staying put by painting the insides of the tanks: a nice Oceania theme with islands, palm trees, sea gulls just might get the job done. Couldn't hurt since nothing else they've tried has seemed to work. After all, some people believe placing pet bottles filled with water all around their property will keep stray cats and dogs away. Maybe painting the inside of the tanks will keep the water where it belongs.


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        Jesus ! Reading this is sad, frightening, and funny as heck, all at the same time! Why is TEPCO still allowed to fack things up more and more ?


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          Saw a very brief but good report about this latest leaky tank this morning on the NHK news (before you ask, yes I pay my subscription fee ). It wasn't so much what the reporter said, rather it was the visual aid (cartoon) he used. I wish I had a screen shot of it so I could post it here. So, I'll do my best to describe it.

          It showed a tank was not of an integral construction, rather it was built out of steel plates bolted together. The tank was not built on level ground; it was built on an incline (the side of a hill perhaps), so one end was higher than the other. 2 TEPCO workers standing on the top of the tank (at the high end) holding a hose, filling the tank up with water while at the same time at the other end of the tank (the low end) water was leaking out through a gap between the top plate an the side plate which had not been properly sealed. The water was heading to the ocean, naturally flowing that way because of gravity. There was an arrow on the grown pointing to the ocean that said "ŠC‚Ö". Standing on the ground watching the water leak out was a man dressed in a suit called "­•{".

          As TEPCO explains it, they were in a hurry and, therefore, had no choice to build the tanks this way and there was no other place where they could build them. They also didn't expect that bolts would loosen, allowing gaps to be created between the plates. Also, in their haste they forgot that the water levels at the high and low ends of the tank built on a slope wouldn't be the same, so only the water level at the high end was being monitored. Finally, they didn't consider that any water flowing out of a tank built on a slopel might (due to gravity) decide to not stay put, but would flow down the slope instead.

          The NHK reporter did a great Captain Obvious impersonation at the end of his report when asked what can TEPCO do in the future to prevent this, He said, "First thing, assume that water is eventually going to somehow leak out regardless of how good the tank is and then work from there."

          This is not the same visual the NHK news but it gives the basic idea.

          This NNN news video is also interesting and give a better representation of what happened but its long. You can skip to the 2 minute mark if you don't want to watch a row of white shirt wearing TEPCO people bowing in front of the media.


          • cucashopboy
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            I watched that too on the news, it really was astounding. Thanks for posting it. Even the cucashopgirl (who isn't the sharpest card in the pack when it comes to things of an engineering nature) did a facepalm.

          • Shimi
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            Glad somebody else saw it. I wish I could find that cartoon somewhere online. It was a classic example of a "picture being worth more than a 1000 words."

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          LOL, that has TEPCO written alloever it.


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            At his press conference on 10/3, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga was asked about this recent leak and whether it meant that Abe's statement to the IOC in Rio about everything being under control was really still valid. Suga's reply was basically "Overall things are still felt to be under control so there's been no change in the Government's (Abe's) feeling on the matter. This leak from the other day was due to the typhoon that recently hit the area. The Government and TEPCO are going to do their best to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen again."

            Typhoons in the early fall. How unexpected. Another example of ‘z’èŠO perhaps?

            So in other words, ♫All the same, we take our chances. Laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. The more that things change, the more they stay the same.