Student abducts 12-yr-old girl, confines her in travel bag in taxi trunk in Hiroshima

"HIROSHIMA \ Police said Wednesday they have arrested a 20-year-old university student for allegedly kidnapping a 12-year-old elementary school girl in Hiroshima on Tuesday night.
Police said the suspect, identified as Tomohiro Kodama from Setagaya in Tokyo, is accused of forcing the girl to get into a large travel bag at knifepoint and then placing it in the trunk of a taxi.
According to police, Kodama asked the taxi driver to help him put the bag in the trunk at about 8:50 p.m. Tuesday. The driver was quoted by NHK as saying he felt something warm and soft. He drove along for about four kilometer and could hear cries coming from the trunk. When he asked Kodama if there was a dog in the bag, Kodama said nothing. When they stopped at a traffic light, Kodama asked to get out. However, the driver restrained him and asked a passerby to call police.
Police rushed to the scene and found the girl, unharmed."

Excellent job Mr Taxi driver, I hope you get a reward!

News clip...Japanese 2 min