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Was Fukushima Preventable ?

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    Originally posted by Deathblob View Post
    I've got no idea if he does it intentionally, but it's kind of his thing, isn't it?

    I suppose it's possible he's dyslexic, but he clearly just does not give a f*ck about spelling or grammar.

    So: +1, for not giving a f*ck.
    If this were a 20dumbthings only site, maybe.

    TheFckedGuy's biggest problem is that whenever he tries to prove his superiority, mental, moral, or otherwise, he comes across as a retarded spastic hillbilly. More than dyselxia, I'm thinking dipsomania.

    And he has actually been making occasional contributions of late.

    Anybody else remember when we used to call each other Loosers, and a few of the spastics back then (Clownpuncher comes to mind) used to either get sucked in or miss the sarcasm???


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      It's too bad we can't return to the days of print. When letters of that caliber were received by my boss he used to just tear them up, roundfile them and publish something by Rudolph Voll.


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        " Tokyo Electric Power Co. has acknowledged for the first time that the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant could have been avoided. "

        And now, the question that has been on the minds of everyone living in Japan has been answered by TEPCO themselves.........kind of.

        They said that they knew they needed to improve conditions before the qukae, but "...failed to act because it feared the political, economic and legal consequences of implementing new measures."

        I'm not so sure what that means, but shouldn't the safety of the public take precedence over politics ?

        Have a look yourself and would love to hear others feedback