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  • Gotcha. My concerns are more with that general nasty attitude you described, and this new safety concern over their training and professionalism. I just wish everybody had made it. We could have had a field day.

    Plus, I am boycotting Korea, along with France and Luxembourg, though all for different reasons.

    I will actually pay up to a $500 premium to fly when I want with whom I want, so we have different priorities.


    • Originally posted by twelvedown View Post
      Pilot error, helped along by firetruck-driver error. I can't believe that could happen.
      It won't hurt Asiana for long. Most people, myself included, search kayak etc for the cheapest, most convenient flight.
      Everyone knows that flying is the safest form of transport around mile for mile. I'd get on an Asiana flight tomorrow. Especially because, hey, what's the chances of 2 crashes in a week? (and I bet they have some great deals at the moment)
      Ok, the good news regarding Asiana is that there are survivors when they crash. JAL crashes invariably leave no survivors.


      • Originally posted by edin日本 View Post
        Ok, the good news regarding Asiana is that there are survivors when they crash. JAL crashes invariably leave no survivors.
        That's not much of an endorsement!


        • What happens to Captain Lee Kang-kook and his co-pilot Lee Jeong-min?
          What are the procedures for pilots involved in accidents?


          • Pilots listed on KTVU as:

            Sum Ting Wong;

            Wi Tu Lo;

            Ho Lee ___;

            Bang Ding Ow.

            So wrong but very funny!



            • That's my local news station. The blank is the letter f, then the letter u, then the letter k. She really put a lot of effort into getting the names right. "confirmed by the ntsb." Turns out it was 'confirmed' by a summer intern at the NTSB.

              KTVU: Can you confirm the names?
              Intern: Umm, yea.
              KTVU: Great, thanks! (click)

              Now Asiana intends to sue the TV station.

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              • "Japan to let carriers remove 787 emergency beacons"

                That's a headline in Japan Today, but can anyone tell me if this is safe?
                It seems like cutting corners rather than fixing the real issue of smoking batteries.

                TOKYO —
                Aviation regulators will allow Boeing 787 Dreamliners to operate in Japan without locator beacons which have been identified by British investigators as a likely source of a fire on board one of the aircraft in London last week, two aviation sources said Saturday.

                ANA Holdings, which has 20 Dreamliners, and Japan Airlines Co, which has eight, need fly only with their portable emergency transmitters, said the sources, who had knowledge of the rule change.

                Britain’s Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the locator beacon made by Honeywell International Inc and its lithium-based battery was the only equipment on the Ethiopian Airlines plane parked at Heathrow Airport that had the power to start a fire and called on regulators to review its use.


                • Easiest fix is to replace the Honeywell beacons with a more reliable product. There are a lot of companies out there that make this product, I'm sure that Elon Musk or Bert Rutan could help out Boeing by advising on a safer product.


                  • Originally posted by thefg
                    not necessarily. The additional problem now is qualification/certification. Its often preferential (faster) to make changes to certified part, to fix issues, that doesn't necessitate a full recertification/re qualification than it is to replace that part with totally new one that does.
                    The locator beacons are easily swapped out. As they are essential safety equipment the size, shape and configuration is standardized and certification requirements are standardized.


                    • Originally posted by thefg
                      but i agree swapping out an ELT should be a lot less involved than most
                      Shouldn't be an issue as these units are self powered and portable. Airbus and Canadair had issues with a similar Honeywell system and were able to swap them all out within a few months.


                      • Still not getting any better and confidence is at an all time low.

                        Qatar grounds a 787 as glitches pile up on Boeing jet:

                        DUBAI (Reuters) - Qatar Airways said on Friday it had taken one of its Boeing 787 Dreamliners out of service following what it described as a "minor" technical issue, as pressure mounted on the plane maker over possible new electrical problems with the advanced jet.

                        The airline and Boeing Co declined to give further details but industry sources said they were treating seriously reports that the aircraft had been grounded for days after smoke was seen near an electrical panel.

                        The 787 has suffered a spate of mishaps in recent weeks, including a spontaneous fire on an Ethiopian Airlines-owned 787 that broke out while the plane was parked at a remote stand at London's Heathrow airport for eight hours on July 12.


                        • It seems a Korean Airline Boeing 763 has overrun the runway at Niigata Airport at 7:40pm tonight.

                          At the moment, there have been no injuries reported.
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                          • Don't you mean 737-900? The cameras just show the rollout, doesn't show where the plane originally touched down on the runway. Let's see what the investigators say. Fortunately there were no fatalities.


                            • Mooing Boeing?

                              Sorry Mr Brown Cow.



                              • Originally posted by theBrokenMonkey View Post
                                The gives road kill a whole new meaning.