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Am I the neighbour from hell?

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  • Am I the neighbour from hell?

    Well today is my 28th birthday so you may think I am celebrating....unfortunately not. I've had some trouble with my neighbours and ain't too sure what to do.

    It all started on Saturday the 21st. I had some friends round for ____tails at my appartment. We kicked off in the early evening and the last guest left at around 4:30am on Sunday. Admittedly I didn't tell any of my neighbours, except the ones I invited, that I was having a do. Anyway at 3:30am on Sunday one of them came round and said "ssssh!" so all the music was turned off (not that it was really that loud in the first place) and only 2 mates stayed round for one last drink.

    On Sunday my neighbour, Tomomi, (who was at the party and is the grand daughter in law of my landlord) came round and said one of the uninvited neighbours (my direct next door neighbour, I only have one as I am at one end of the building) had complained about the noise. So together we went round to say sorry. He gave her more s%*t than me saying she should have explained the ground rules when I moved in. The end of it, or so I thought.

    On Monday night when I was in bed (round about 10pm, I still felt pretty ill from the Saturday night) I heard a dog barking outside my back window and some shouting in jp. Fair enough I imagined that some of the others who were pissed off with me decided to cause me some irritation. Next, what sounded like stones hitting the window occured. Swiftly followed by the sound of smashing glass as someone's foot came busting through. Okay now it was my turn to be the wronged party. This guy who was standing on my back balcony (I'm on the ground floor) was a grandson of my landlord so in effect he was trashing his own property! He kept banging on about Saturday night (my jp ain't that good, I've only been here for 3 months) which I still thought it fair enough that I should be saying sorry for. I don't know how many times I said "sumimasen de____a" but he just seemed out for revenga.

    As things started to calm down and his brother who was holding him back was almost about to get him off my balcony he kicked out again and the whole window came crashing in, all over my lovely tatami. It was only then that I noticed the maverick was actually holding a baseball bat too. I can only assume that he hoped to do me an extreme physical discourtisy.

    Well they eventually left and then round 2 started outside. Me, Phill (my upstairs Aussie neighbour) and Tomomi on one side and the daughter of my landlord and her 2 sons on the other. They still wanted their appology for the Saturday night scenario. They were also pissed off that I hadn't gone round off my own back on the Sunday to say sorry. Fair point, but what about my window?!?

    Basically the advice I'm looking for is as follows:

    1. Do you think this will all blow over?

    2. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    3. Should I put up photos of my busted up window with an apology for the whole block to see. I'm thinking of trying to shame the crazy fool.

    4. Is going to the police an option I should consider. (He never laid a finger on me but I did feel threatened. And he did lay more than a finger on me window.)

    p.s. total party guests was only 14. Half gaijin, half jp.

    For anyone taking the time to read. My thanks.

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    Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

    You poor sausage.
    My advice is to get a big bad dog so if it happens again you can release the hound. You may have to set the stage like the hound of the baskervilles so they have no idea where the hound is coming from with mist, and muddy moores.

    <Marliyn singing>
    Happy birthday to youuuu
    Happy birthday to youuu
    Happy birthday Mr Cowan
    Happy birthdaty to youuuuuu



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      Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

      Don't bother with the cops unless you want to be painted as the bad guy.


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        Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

        You are the reason most landlords won't rent to GAIJIN. Ever stop to note that Japanese party outside because the houses are too small & not soundproof?

        I imagine it must have been some party with you still hung over on Monday.

        You are just lucky the police were not called on you on Saturday at 3:30AM.

        Finally, you must not be an english teacher, at least I hope not judging from your grammar & spelling. How could you get a job in Japan?


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          Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

          Come on guys give him the benefit of the doubt! Regardless if he is a "Gaijin" or not he has the same rights as anyone else! You should have called the police, they have no right breaking the window in etc, it seems sort of stupid they would damage their own property. He seems a bit off his rocker! How could you accomdate 14 people? Is your place soundproof? Are you the only renter in your house? ( example is anyone else on the lease)?

          I have parties and well, and I do play my music loud at times, but I tend to keep it at a reasonable level when it is after 11:00PM. (As the law states). Just use your best judgement and use common sense when throwing a party. Who cares if it last all through the night and long as your noise level is reasonalbe after 11:00PM You should take pictures, and document what happend, and yes go to the police, for goodness sake he broke your door! I know owning and renting can have different policies! Of course when we bought our place it was more soundproof, and it did not matter! Other nationalities have parties too, ( Japanese) but because he is different or not a resident here does not mean he should be treated differently!

          The neighboor handled the situation by complaint, and the owner should have responded in another manner then what occured! I would have called the police the minute it happend, and not wait! It is well known that they should not even be conducting a business if they plan to act in this manner, get out of there now ,and just move into a more reputable place!

          Some people come here to just vent ,and when venting some can not deliver their best grammar, give the guy a break!


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            Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

            Often foreigners do not really realize how unsoundproof apartment are. But now you do and you apoligized and that really shoul have been enough. That punk who broke your window is a disgrace to the Japanese race. (I am a Japanese). Your landlord should pay for the window replacement and apoligize to you for his misbehaved family member. Please do not hate Japan.


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              Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

              Definately talk to the landlord. Apologize to him, but explain that you feel you are not responsible for the window. And that you want to receive an apology too.


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                Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                Ritual disembowelment "Scottish style" is your only honourable option.

                You have brought enough shame upon your noble ancestors by not firing the intruder over the f__king balcony in the first place...

                I, Kent Brockman, am offering to be your assistant (Kaishakunin). My rates are quite reasonable. Payment IN ADVANCE please...

                1. Lay three (not four, good GOD, not 5) large white bedsheets on the floor.

                2. Invite the aggrieved to your apartment.

                3. Have a "Seppuku" book with large diagrams opened to the applicable page. With a funereal face of stone, show the guests this page. Sombrely explain in slow English that "Braveheart is Scottish Samurai".

                4. The last meal. Three slices of pickle should be served, "mikire" means both "three slices" and "cut flesh". Leave this to me.

                5. Immediately prior to The Act you will be offered a last cup of Drambuie by me. It will of course be served with the left hand poured to the left. Your cup will be filled in two pourings, you must drain the contents in two pairs of two sips. "Three" is taken to imply repetition, 2 X 2 is 4, or shi, which can be read as "death". DO NOT F__K THIS PART UP. You will lose face with the landlords family.

                6. A loose kimono should be worn with a Partick Thistle supporters patch on the LEFT breast (NOT on the pouring in step 5). As soon as the tray with the smashed half empty bottle of Drambuie is placed before you, allow the kimono to fall open, reach forward, pull the tray toward you, pick up the bottle and cut from left to right. The "jumonji", the crosswise cut, may be omitted by colonials but gentlemen will know better.

                7. Look to the heavens and start yelling in a guttural manner "SCOTLAND THE BRAAAAAAAVVE".

                8. Remove the bottle, replace it carefully on the tray and signal the Kaishakunin (me) to proceed.

                Oh, and Happy Birthday! For the other day!


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                  Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                  Dont forget the reward of the well endowed bosoms of the lass in the background who you will ravage.....


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                    Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                    Craplo, if I ever have another house party, which I somehow doubt, I hope you can make a guest appearance. We need more people like you dishing out the positive vibes! For all the other posters thanks for your suggestions. Although KB I'd much prefer a nice single malt to that Drambuie stuff.

                    To be honest the appartment is fairly well sound-proofed. Gaijin live upstairs and I never hear them, well unless they are literally jumping up and down. That game gets played most days. I didn't mention in the original post but the complaints weren't about the music, they were about 4 people chatting till 2am on my balcony (3 jp and 1 gaijin, not that this makes any difference). Incidentally 2 of the Japanese on the balcony are related to the thug who busted up my door.

                    With hind-sight I realise that I was out of order. However the whole smashing window affair seems outrageous. All I did was make a bit of noise with my friends. It's not like I ran his kid over or called his wife a slut. Friendly guy, I love it here but it could cause problems for both me and my neighbour if we can't come to some sort of resolution. Well, I've a few more apologies to make tonight then off to see the landlord.

                    As one poster enquired, I am an english teacher. Well ALT, is that teaching? Anyway with my students I place much more emphasis on communication that grammatical correctness. If a kid won't speak because they're afraid of making a mistake, how will this help them? And as many more respected posters on this site than Craplo advise, this is a forum for advice. I ain't sittin' no exam. So Craplo, check yo self before yo wreck yo self.



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                      Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                      Guess I can be the english teecher too. Just get me one of dem fake deegrees. What shoild I worry about? I'll have a job within days of my arrival in 2 weeks!

                      I nerer even hinted that breaking your window was ok. I would have called the police on that one especially if he was carrying a weapon. There is no excuse for that american style crap.

                      And yes, when I lived in my 1DK in Tokyo I did have some small "parties". We even drank beer & shochu.


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                        Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                        You guys are all missing the point here,
                        Regardless if people were talking till woteva time in the morning, and it upset 'someone', that gives no right to take the law into their own hands. You would all have different responces if the Scottish lad had been a Scottish lass wouldnt you?


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                          Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                          craplo, do you have a TEFL certicicate or something? no, wait. you probably majored in english education. what does it matter? there are plenty of people w/o teaching degrees that can teach quite well. and there are plenty of people with certificates that suck at teaching. the way english is taught in schools in japan is a joke anyway. no need to attack the scottsman about his spelling and grammar. id rather have students that make spelling and grammatical mistakes, but try, than to have students who know it all, but wont say a peep. communication should be the first goal.

                          he was seeking help about his situation, not asking you if you think you are superior.

                          and as for that situation... i have a feeling that all the appologizing in the world wont matter.
                          the damage has been done and youll never be viewed the same by your landlord again. you are now the dirty round eye son of a #$"%, troublemaker. say your appologies, then dont worry about it anymore.

                          but definitely get the window thing sorted. and i would go to the police. he attacked with a friggin baseball bat for gods sake!


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                            Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?


                            Is that you? That crazy Scott from London? Geez, if it is those parties you used to have back at your place were legendary! I can see you're still keeping it real even all the way over in jp. Sounds like you got yourself in a bit of a pickle there mate. You be careful buddy!

                            Party on!!


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                              Re: Am I the neighbour from hell?

                              what is you playing at fool?
                              This would never have happened when i was with you in Japan. You could get Momoko to breathe on them or maybe Kosuge san could "lose" them.

                              Remember the Sean maneuvre? That would have been my advice at the time. Now I reckon you should move out and don't get the window fixed either.

                              Console yourself with a Cheesu Burger & a Bekkamu doll.