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Do Yakuza own the rental market?

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  • Do Yakuza own the rental market?

    Japanese accommodation agencies Leo Palace, mia houses etc you pay all those unnecessary fees like key money, non-refundable deposit, agency fee because it's a corrupt market. Yakuza own the rental accommodation market and you’re paying a slice of it in useless fees.
    The telltale sign of corruption is an uncompetitive market place, where there are factors which inhibit competition. Why do all the Japanese rental agencies charge the same ridiculously high fees? What's stopping a new business from charging reasonable fees and taking the market share?
    I chose to avoid this by renting from a foreigner who didn't subscribe to the rental market norms. And saved a bundle!

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    Who is this foreigner you rent from and does he have spare rooms now?


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      I thought the Yaks were just in charge of building the apartments.

      Moving into my reasonably priced 1LDK in an older building here cost me more than the down payment and closing costs when I bought my house in the US!

      I don't think the owner is Yakuza. She is a handwringing, know-nothing money-pincher though.
      oh wait.....


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        Only decent one I know

        Most fudo san are real SOB's the only exception would be Yoshi at Welcome Home in Soka. I wish I had met the guy when I was looking for my apartment 6yrs ago.


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          When you know more about Japan you will understand

          That the static rental market still engaging in institutionalised and acceptable dishonesty by charging fees because they can and not refunding fees when they should, is really all about the Japanese suck it all up and eat sh&t because we're told to attitude.

          In my country you can only charge a 'bond' of one month. There are very sensible rules governing landlord-tenant obligations, These vary from state to state but they are probably the best laws in the world governing the landlord-tenant relationship because they are fair.

          Many arse-kissing Japanese do everything because they don't think about why exactly it is a natural part of life that they get screwed by their system. They have a feudal mindset even now - they know their place. Their place is to bend over for the powers that be without any real organised opposition. Their constant "Rich country, poor people" whinge takes no account of the fact that some other countries have fair laws about these things because their people wanted them.

          They blame their politicians continually for everything as I found out in my 7 years there. Then they say 'Shikata ga nai'. Even given the feudal realities still at work in Japan, people who don't express their outrage over various things to their local politicians, then the national ones, don't put in any effort at organising opposition, don't start a media campaign, don't do what they can do really don't want change because they are not used to taking responsibility.

          It's the same mindset that sees Iceland drastically pare down their whaling industry because there's no demand for whale meat anymore.

          Do you think Japan will ever do that unless they are forced kicking and screaming by international bans on trade or other countries' navy ships turning back their illegal hunting in non Japanese waters? No, they blatantly kill whales that tourists are watching. They would rather keep killing whales even though there is no purpose because apparently it's the Japanese way.

          Their mindset indeed about many negative things in Japan.