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Best (English speaking) estate agent / landlords

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  • Best (English speaking) estate agent / landlords

    I have only been in Japan for 2 weeks and I am looking to find an apartment nearer to where I work (Nishi Tokyo). I'm looking for an apartment, not a guesthouse and I want to make sure I speak to someone who isn't going to royally shaft me for key money, signing fees etc etc.

    I know this is probably a really old question but I'd be grateful of any help you may be able to give. My company have placed my girlfriend and I in Kawagoe and the commute to work is about 90 mins each way!

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    try this:
    without key money, etc.
    Really very friendly and helpful staff.


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      Thanks for the link, will check it out


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        I second that.

        Very reasonable rents, minimal deposits, English speakers, furnishings available ... I've used Tokyo Rent twice and both have been good experiences.


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          Hikari homes are pretty good.

          If you go to their office in Omotesando they can search their database using your specifications.....i.e. no key money , train line etc.


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            Ichii Corp

            A little on the pricy side but apartments are a lot newer and better furnished than some other agents on GP. Used them for 6 months.


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              Thanks for the links everyone, they all look worth pursuing...


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                I have used and recommend both tokyo rent and hikari home. Depends what your looking for.

                Tokyo rent is better for a short term place. I've moved 4 times and tokyo rent was the cheapest and most painless. No hurdles to jump over or strict background checks. Also they have an option for unfurnished, fully, or partially furnished apartments. They were good about returning my deposit. However tokyo rent is a bit overpriced for what your getting because of lack of move in fees and higher vacancies from short term tenates, so if your going to be here for awhile your better off with a "normal" apartment at real market value. Also the apartments are clean but on the older side. Because they only offer the apartments they own, there is little selection and not the best locations. So if you want to live in a certain area, tokyo rent may only have one building there, if any. They are much nicer than sakura house though, and not nearly as overpriced.

                Hikari home is basically an english speaking "real" real estate agent and can find you any sort of apartment in any location. They're not limited to their own stock like tokyo rent. They were quick about responding to phone calls and emails even ones that were after their working hours (I had Seiya Kato, nice guy). Better for 2+ year stays, as you'll have a normal japanese apartment with 2 year contract and likely have high move in fees. They can find you apartments on free rent or no keymoney campaigns though. As another poster said, you can go into their office and search the database in person with them, so no more sending an inquiry and being sent listings for apartments not even close to what your looking for (which has happened with many other agents....). They'll really work with any sort of situation too. I went in there with a specific building I wanted to live in, the building just had an open house and everything was applied for. It took 2 months to get into the building but hikari home kept me updated on all new vacancies until a unit I wanted opened. I'm also a student with no job, and it wasn't a problem.
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                  option a)

                  NO KEY MONEY - NO DEPOSIT !
                  70.000 yen/month

                  1 month for company.

                  (12 month = 910000 yen / year)

                  option b)

                  key money = 60.000
                  deposit = 60.000

                  60.000 yen/month

                  1 month for company.

                  (840.000 yen)

                  most amazing... all gaijin go to option a) because dont wanna pay key money.

                  buy a calculator. it pays off.

                  best company house -> one close the place you want rent.
                  best way not to pay key money -> sorry sir, i dont want pay key money. discount?


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                    Aloevera is right. Always pays to look at how much it'll cost in the long run. Speaking of companies, AVOID at all costs "mini-mini" (ƒ~ƒjƒ~ƒj). Terrible company to deal with.