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Furniture - Experience with Nissen

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    I've gotten tons of stuff at nissen over the years, including clothes. Easy to order, easy to send back, big selection. I have a nissen bed frame and mattress, kotatsu, tv stand, floor sofa, blanket sets, kitchen storage rack, rugs. Many of their items come in a variety of sizes and colors too. You get what you pay for. I got one of the more expensive beds and kotatsus on the site,and both of them are of decent quality. The bed is exceptionally comfortable for japan. The other stuff was not bad for the price. But yes, do check the measurements carefully, alot of the stuff does look bigger in pics. But one thing I liked alot about nissen instead of ikea, it is made to fit in japanese sizes apartments. I second the short back issue on the sofas. I had a sofa bed with a short back. It was really uncomfortable and I didn't use it much. I ended up selling up for a floor sofa, and this time i checked carefully how high the back was, and its much better. I'm even shorter than most japanese though, so the small furniture is mostly okay, but if you're tall, be careful. In general, I like nissen alot for its prices and convenience, but quality is hit or miss. As far as I know, they are mail order only and have no show rooms or anything. So it sucks to not be able to check the stuff in person before buying, but this is probably a big reason for their cheap prices, no need to keep actual stores.
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