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AEON apartment situation - can I turn down the apartment they offer?

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  • AEON apartment situation - can I turn down the apartment they offer?

    I've applied to Aeon and I've gotten as far as the group interview stage which will be on the 23rd of June. My boyfriend is half Japanese (he has Japanese citizenship) and we were planning to go to Japan together, albeit for different career reasons (he won't be working as an English teacher, that is!). I would really like to work with Aeon, as out of the options I have so far, this one seems the best to me. However, I heard (and also read on their website) that they're pretty adamant that English teachers travel alone, and it seems that staying in the apartments they provide is somewhat compulsory, yet we would very much like to live together and these apartments are only suitable for one person (and even so, I can imagine there would be a problem with the landlord etc. if we tried to live there together). Not that I expect Aeon to help us find an apartment for two or anything, but has anyone had any similar experiences where they had to turn down the apartment offered by Aeon? Also, from other similar interviews I've done, it seems to be a pretty regular that they ask if I will be traveling alone or with someone else. Any recommendations about how I should answer this if it comes up in the interview with Aeon? Should I lie and explain it later, if I get the position with them? Are they less likely to hire me if they know beforehand that I don't plan to travel alone? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!