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Best things about Osaka?

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  • Best things about Osaka?

    It's Osaka that seems less overwhelming than the big 'T'.

    It's Osaka where my mate Momoko lives, an impossible to dislike J girl whom I used to work with on a funfair touring Asia.

    It's Osaka that I have been told is foreigner friendly.

    It's Osaka where the girl I've been seeing here in Bangkok is from.

    It's Osaka where I've been put in contact with a friend of a friend.

    Those are my five reasons for choosing the place, for those of you that live there or can recommend it - what are your reasons?

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    Frankly I dont like Osaka.
    Dont get me wrong, the place is nice to go, do something and return by the end of the day. But even then I didnt like it so much.

    Now, before I went to tokyo I thought it was ok. and yeah maybe some places... but in the whole is kinda of dirty.

    Tokyo is not spotless of course but I like it much better.

    In Kansai, Kyoto, although more quiet is more beautiful.

    Now the people. definitely Osaka people are more open.. sometimes friendly and sometimes overwhelming.

    On the other hand, riding the train I hardly see a cute girl in Osaka. In Tokyo it is eye candy!!!!! you see hotties everywhere!!!

    I wouldnt live in Osaka but it is ok to go and have some fun...

    for that it is a great city!!
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      Can't be dirtier than Bangkok!


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        Is her boyfriend from Osaka as well?


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          No, but that's irrelevant!

          This chick I've been harping on about on my other threads is not the reason I am going to Japan, funnily enough I had been considering Japan for a while, and it was my excuse to chat her up in the first place.


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            Originally posted by ひさしぶり View Post
            Is her boyfriend from Osaka as well?
            Which one?


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              Originally posted by RonBurgundy View Post
              Which one?
              The girl's boyfriend. The one he's been seeing there in Bangkok.

              Pay attention, Ron.


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                Best things about Osaka?

                Osakans would probably say... "It's not Tokyo."


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                  Check out the free mag of the Kansai area, called Kansai Scene


                  The free mag of the Tokyo area is called Metropolis



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                    the best thing about osaka is the train/airplane that leaves that shithole!

                    op, wake up already...and stop talking out of your azz.


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                      Originally posted by ひさしぶり View Post
                      Pay attention, Ron.
                      Oh I am.

                      Japanese girl living in Bangkok.

                      A "work" friend.

                      Thai fellow inquiring about Osakan's.

                      He needs to know this information, why? Get on a plane and find out for yourself.

                      Before he leaves though he should make sure he double checks with her as to not overlap with any other guys traveling around the same time.


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                        I lived in Osaka for two years. On the whole, inferior to Tokyo. Lots of concrete, limited cultural activities. Some of the areas have a real sense of desolation about them. It's hard to explain, but you feel like you're nowhere, despite the huge population and crowds.


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                          Cheers for the link Spinning Wheels.

                          Originally posted by RonBurgundy
                          Get on a plane and find out for yourself.
                          I will, I'm going to Japan to work and live without having a holiday there first to see if I like it.

                          Nothing wrong with a bit of homework to prep myself.


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                            Originally posted by CameraOn View Post
                            Best things about Osaka?
                            YOU are not there!


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                              I am sure some people don't like Osaka as the people here are more likely to be frank !!

                              Food here is cheaper than Tokyo.

                              My western mates love the kansai region more than Tokyo even if many Japanese don't like the region lol