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  • Favorite YouTube japan blogger

    Because I'm a loser with too much time on my hands when I'm not trolling on this site I watch YouTube...
    Whose your favorite YouTube in japan blogger...
    Most of them are douches though...

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    Not much doubt the Youtubers and the Agropotters are a similar demographic.

    Similar mix of personality types - good and bad.


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      I'd say that I enjoy "TheJapanChannel" on youtube.


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        what about favorite japan blog?


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          Originally posted by thegreatoneo

 you're welcome ♪


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            ADA Takeshi Amano's page


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              Gaijin Douche vlogger Supreme

              99 percent of gaijin Japan vloggers are douchebags, losers and blokes who need some man-to-man action but remain closeted.

              The best example of gaijin doing anything for attention and affirmation from strangers is 'Tokyo Sam'. I don't know why posters on the pot are still warning newbies not to come as supposedly it's too difficult to find work etc because if this dropkick is anything to go by, it must still be easy to get a job in Japan.

              This bloke is dumber than 10 bags of rocks and counting. His latest video is a whinge about being sacked from his crappy ALT job with the usual trashy dispatch company. Not surprising that he was booted out - what is suprising at first is the fact he got a job at all but then we learn that he got that job post-earthquake when all the gaijin were leaving and a 'friend' told him about it. 'Tokyo Sam' didn't have to do an interview - he just was told he had to turn up to work.

              Anyway, we see 'Ten Bags of Rocks and Counting Sam' bleating to his camera in his classroom. His enormous head and face is crowned by dyed blonde hair with big wispy strands coming out the top of what looks like a grey towel wrapped around his head but turns out to be what he calls a 'headband'. He spends about 14 minutes whingeing about how he got fired because he spoke Japanese most of the time to his students and because he wears a headband, has blonde hair and doesn't wear a suit.

              'Rockhead Sam' doesn't understand that he could wear an Armani suit and it wouldn't make him any less of a douchebag. Arrogance and idiocy mixed in with a huge arsey-looking face and enormous sweaty body are an incredibly unattractive and depressing combination. Never mind, the moron received a 3 yr visa with his alt work visa so lucky Japan will have to host him for the next 3 years.


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                Originally posted by wernst View Post
       you're welcome ♪
                And I was just thinking ... what are Mr Daniels and I going to do to kill the time this afternoon?


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