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Visa clarification for coming from UK to Japan for TEFL jobs

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  • Visa clarification for coming from UK to Japan for TEFL jobs

    I really need an update on the current tourist/working visa situation for coming from the UK to Japan to find work in the TEFL sector (I'm British citizen, with degree and TEFL qualification with 8 years business/marketing experience). Please don't think i'm being lazy asking these questions as I have been researching this area thoroughly but all the info either seems to contradict each other or the info seems to be out of date.

    From what I can gather (and please correct me if i'm wrong) - I can't get a working visa from the UK unless a company sponsors me first. The only other visa option would be a temp tourist visa (for UK citizens this is 3 months with a possible further 3 months possible). I can change my visa status while in Japan if I find a job and they supply the paperwork but this apparently can take up to 3 months and this time I can't legally work in the country. In addition to this most jobs on Gaijin Pot are asking for 'Japan residents' only and forums suggest this is because they already want you to have work status and they don't want to offers sponsorship as companies want you to start work immediately.

    Gaba, incidentally are doing a recruitment seminar/drive in London in June and holding interviews. I'm a bit suspicious about applying and accepting a job from the UK without seeing their centres/schools first (and forums suggest this is a good idea not to take a job while still in the UK - rather to go and look at areas i'd like to teach and see schools/language centres myself before accepting jobs).

    Am i right in thinking my only option is to seek sponsorship from a language school or government school while still in the UK (and risk the fact that i've not seen the school/areas etc) or enter Japan on a tourist visa and change it's status once i've been offered a job who can supply the relevant paperwork (and in the meantime not work for up to 3 months while i'm waiting for the paperwork to go through? The latter option is also dependent on me finding a job that isn't already requiring 'Japanese residents only' which is all I seem to find advertised.

    Are these really my only options? Is it really this complex?

    Any advice would be great

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    Your grasp on the situation is pretty accurate.


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      Ok, thanks for clarifying that - onwards and upwards with looking for a school to sponsor me.