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Coming To Japan For Marriage

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  • Coming To Japan For Marriage

    I just discovered this board. Great!
    I'm Jimmy, 36 a mech engineer in Austin texas. I am coming to Tokyo July 1 for marriage. To help me with this can you advise me?

    1, What area are the "Singles Bars" located.
    2, Can Japanese women speak english?
    3, Can we get married in Japan?

    I will apply her wife visa at the USA embassy and hopefully she will travel with me to Texas in mid July.

    Am I allowing enough time or do I need 2 months?

    Any recommended english speaking hotels near the single bar areas?

    Thank you and drop in if you go to Austin.


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    Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

    Sorry folks, I forgot to ask the name and address of these bars and will a taxi know them?


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      Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

      Let's see if I get this (trolling?) query straight.

      You are coming to Japan on July 1st and expect to find a bride to go back to Texas with you in mid-July. Is that about right?

      You intend to find such a woman in a singles bar. Hmm. Quality woman. Well, at least you are asking about hotels near the bars. Might as well get comfortable before you pop the question, eh?

      This has to rank up there as one of the oddest posts in a while.


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        Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage


        Sorry for saying but What happend to Austin WOMAN!!!!????? Do they become man or America doesn't have enough woman due to gay and lasbian.....

        Than why you don't check your luck in Canada or any other English speaking country.

        Plus you can get lots of Chines American in USA. They are beatiful, sexy and not act like most Amercian woman do.

        Or are you just want to get marry with Japanese woman because their great sex....or some problem having down under....

        Get real boy! In 21.Centry no one will marry you in 2 months specialy in Japan. But if you are old fashined boy than Saudi Arabia is suitable place for you))))

        Great! Then enjoy it.



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          Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

          Me thinks Jimmy should join that mail order bride matching service (TMA?) before coming over to Tokyo. Will save him a lot of time.

          Having lived in both Hong Kong and Japan and having dated both Japanese & Chinese women I can tell you, while both are often knockouts in both beauty and sexyness there is no comparison beyond that.

          I would never get serious with a Chinese woman. I can't afford it!

          Another problem for Jimmy is finding a Japanese woman who would agree to move to Austin with him. Texas? Yuck..

          Anyway good luck Jimmy!


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            Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

            May I suggest you sell tickets to watch you in action in the above mentioned 'singles bars', you could make some serious dough from the proceeds. Better than Big Brother anyday.
            Sign me up for a ring side seat.


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              Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

              My god... this post is ridiculous.


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                Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage


                in my experience HK women, yes, are very materialistic and care primarily about money. This could be said about HK people in general - that seems to be the culture there. On the other hand, you may find many mainlind chinese who are not like this.

                Jimmy - you are ridiculous. Get a life. If you can't pull a girl at home, what makes you think you can do it in Japan? How arrogant are you? It's not even like you can offer a significantly better life in Texas. Have you ever been to Japan? It's not 3rd world you know.


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                  Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                  you are joking aren't you?

                  Someone please tell him that we have seen this joke before! Unless he mistook Japan for some kind of 3rd world developing Asian country where you can get a bride within a day flat.

                  If that is the case then WTF!


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                    Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                    jimbo, you're the man. best of luck in your endeavor. 2 months! as you can see above, blatant honesty might not be the best policy in seeking out mrs. texas talbert. stick to the pick-up bar lingo and other tangibles--visas, marriage steps et al. they won't frown nearly as much if you're merely talking about getting your rocks off (half our posters share their exploits and puerile dreams almost daily). however, unveiling the entire scope of your quest is unlikely to be met with kind regard.

                    but seriously, i hope it works out for you. as for the potential missus, she may be out there, just waiting for you. stranger things have happened. if my wife can handle the locals in south florida yours will definitely be able to deal in austin, which, by the way is a killer freakin' town my sibling gaikoku wanks.

                    then again, perhaps in the 3-day period since your initial post you've already come to the honesty-is-bad conclusion. or maybe you sobered up? you know, from this post you surfed over to, spanked the little cherub (can you still see the manhood over the tacos-are-my-friends gut), slammed a few more shots. the rest was vomit and more self-loathing? but i'm pulling for you jim. post again once you've got the little nookie slave in tow come july. and please post photos somewhere for us--that would be the ultimate vicarious joy.


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                      Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                      I agree with everything people have said so far. You will never find a bride in 2 months no girl would marry you that fast and the parents probaly wouldnt let it happen!! it's sad that so many gaijin men go to Japan just for a bride or girlfriend these days!!


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                        Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                        i know a guy who got engaged after a couple of months of being here (not sure exactly how many but less than 6 i think). maybe there is hope for you jimmy after all, but i still think youd have more luck with those philipino or russian mail order brides. at least you know they are after marriage (and a visa and divorce...)


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                          Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                          i agree japanese have taste
                          i e business men with money not ..............well......


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                            Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage


                            I wish people like you would start having respect for Japanese women rather than treating them as playthings that you can "pull" in a few weeks and marry. What a bottomless marriage! Japanese women are among the most beautiful, feminine, sophisticated ladies in the world. Try a Texan.

                            But I suppose you're already there now. Oh well, happy hunting.


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                              Re: Coming To Japan For Marriage

                              me too i m agreed with many foreigners especially american canadian australian came to japan only to enjoy and have sex with japanese girls....only play boy!! just to find a japanese girl or get marry just to get visa and living in japan but after got married maybe will enjoy with others japanese girls..because japan is full of japanese girls...there are more woman then man in japan so of course many american came in japan...i think that japan is very good country and people can study japanese and japanese culture...and japan is a great country...really kind people the japanese. Its so sad to read always many message on BBS and message board about american or canadian etc....that say to find japanese girl to have sex or some american just came to japan to find a girl i cant believe that....but remember that japanese girls are not american girls...japanese girls are very smart and serious...not joking...of course there will be playgirl japanese too but the great popolation japanese is normal people not playboys or playgirls.

                              Anyway if you want marry you must be really sure to love only your wife japanese and not enjoy or have fun or sex with others japanese girls in japan...because if you came to japan for it its better that you marry in texas with your japanese woman. why want came in japan to get marry ?

                              anyway remember that not all japanese girl will marry and go another country....there are many troubles about life and about parents too.