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Juvenile Diabetes / Insulin / Endocrinologists in Tokyo?

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  • Juvenile Diabetes / Insulin / Endocrinologists in Tokyo?

    So I'm moving to Japan in about two months. I've had juvenile diabetes since I was three years old (I'm 22 now), and I've been on the insulin pump since I was seven. Since I'm planning on living long term in Japan, I'll be bringing a few months of supplies with me, but after that, I'm planning on getting all my supplies in Japan. I'll be on Љی, and I hear that you need to go in monthly for checkups since they don't write more than a month's prescription at a time in Japan. I know that Medtronic/Minimed is used widely in Japan, so I don't have concerns about obtaining the supplies I need... however, I'd really like to calculate costs.

    I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on finding out how much supplies (humalog, infusion sets, test strips, lancets, etc), will cost me in Japan? Also, if anybody has any suggestions for endocrinologist in Tokyo? (I'll be living in either Taito-ku or Sumida-ku). I can speak N2 Japanese, but I'd prefer an English-capable endocrinologist if possible.