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  • constipation

    the point is, each time i'm coming to japan my belly seems stop to working... some time i must wait more than a week... i feel that quite long and any help will be welcome, i dont think so to have a different nutrition here because in switzerland i eat the same things as in japan and i use to drink a lot of water too.
    when i'm back home the problem seems to be resolved... but this tiime i stay here for more than three month so...

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    Re: constipation

    eat oranges!! or drink milk with brown sugar in it.....or trying drinking beer...


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      Re: constipation

      A leisurely apple in the morning with your beverage of choice will likely help. Everyone's system is different, but apples (and Japanese "nashi") seem to be good at getting things moving. My wife recommends prunes and apples in yogurt, which has worked for her the last few months (for some reason pregnancy causes constipation). Good luck!


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        Re: constipation

        That is interesting, Yashka, because the same happens to me every single time I go to Japan. Nothing works for about a week and I never know why, since I drink lots of water etc.


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          Re: constipation

          You need more than water. You must eat vegetables and fruit. (with skin= fiber) You can also try bran cereals or granola cereals. Also inactivity or stress can cause constipation. Exercise regularly as this I find helps both stress and the inactivity problem. A doctor told my mom to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and have a cigarette years ago. Cigarette smoking isn't really recommended but I would say have a cup of strong coffee in the morning. These tricks work for me.

          If the problem persists for long period of time and you have:
          severe stomache pain
          blood in your stool

          GET your self to the doctor. This can be a sign of a blockage in your intestines.


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            Re: constipation

            Getting up to digestive speed can really knock you around while in to Japan
            due the wide range in ph values and rice. Yes good old rice.
            Rice is a great carbohydrate but it really needs lots of water to be digested
            effectively. It can be a bit of a shock to system

            Hit the fruits that are high in what is called Senna. It is a natural laxative compound. Pears, apple, grapes, raisins.
            That is probably the most expensive option in Japan considering the price of fruit, So next option is copious amounts of water
            Or go buy some Senykot at the chemist/drug store

            It could be just a case travel constipation, where sitting in cattle class seats on a aircraft for a prolonged period of time is just enough to
            bind the bowels up for a while. Along with a huge dietary change.excitment/stress is all you need to screw up the plumbing.

            Gentle exercise, not intense.
            You should go to the doc if you see blood or a current jelly type stool or
            sudden fevers.


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              Re: constipation

              Hey ,could it be stress ? thats causing the p@roblem?

              anyways ,try a book shop with lots of magazines ,( make sure they have a toilet ) .it always works for me .
              good luck ,if it does not work at least you `ll have something to read


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                Re: constipation

                Almost EVERYBODY gets constipated in Japan. Even the Japanese, which is why there are so many commercials and ads for laxitives. (Don't try them, by the way, unless you are a masochist!)

                Do you really eat exactly the same things in Switzerland and Japan? I find that hard to believe. Stress can cause constipation, and travelling is certainly stressful. But you've been here for three months so it's likely that your diet is playing a part.

                Up your water intake and do what My Yen and Raceace said above. You're lucky that now is a great season for fruit- plums are especially cheap and good now, and grapes will be soon. So buy lots and eat lots!

                Good luck!


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                  Re: constipation

                  thank's all of u! the problem seems not totaly resolved but i feel already better, i drink a lot, eat much more kudamonos and move by bike since i feel a bit more confident with the topography of osaka... also i boycott the metro since few days... unfortunately i guess i feel always a lot of stress maibe (probably) due of relationship and (un)ability to stay&work in japan (i'm affraid to be hopeless) if somebody ca give me any advice i drop a message on the health forum this evening, so any advice will be highly apreciate... all the best! yashka


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                    Re: constipation

                    Dear Yashka..

                    Ok, the good nutrition tips are really good, but If you are comfortable with some home, tried and true remedies there are some natural ways to get your stomach moving if you check out these things:

                    - Replace processed white sugar with honey.

                    - Drink one to two teaspoons of olive oil in the morning before eating. This helps stimulate your intestines. Do this for 7 to 9 days

                    - Once to three times a week have Oatmeal for breakfast or dinner. But NOT cooked oatmeal like they do it in america, eat UNCOOKED oatmeal with milk and sugar as if it were cornflakes or any other cereal. If you eat a small bowl (half a cup of oatmeal) right before going to bed, you should be functioning regularly in the morning in two to three days.

                    Good luck with your problem, and your personal stress situation!


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                      Re: constipation

                      You know what the accountant did when he was constipated?
                      Tried to work it out with a pencil and paper but couldn`t budget.
                      Oh I crack me up.!!!


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                        Re: constipation

                        ha ha! crazy guy!!! ok, i let u try first... no doubt it 'll give u a lot of pleasure...


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                          Re: constipation

                          Peanuts always seem to get me moving.Well,any kind of nut for that matter.And don't forget the musical fruit:Beans.


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                            Re: constipation

                            this site is AMAZING with all the knowledge here (sometimes incorrect tho)

                            I dont think water will deal with constipation.
                            It is fiber. It is allways fiber... or stress... but it comes down to fiber.

                            For immediate releif try an enema (insist that your partner deliver this)
                            and in the meantime eat fiber.


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                              Re: constipation

                              Mate,forget the pencil and paper `cause I have found a brillo remedy.Pick up an aloe vera plant somewhere(can be found for 2-300yen)and break off a piece and eat it.Tastes like crap but it works very well so be careful not to eat too much.